Chapter 6:

Chapter 3 📚 Library Girl (2)

✨ Nopan Mahou Shoujo ✨

Classes had ended for the day and she was on her way to the library meeting place on a splendid day in spring. The cold from winter quickly subsided and the weather became nice. The days have gotten longer and the plants are starting to bud again. It became green outside.

For a school library, it had a rather big collection of books. They covered every subject, even ones that are not taught regularly. The multiple aligned shelves formed corridors. It even had two separate floors with scientific text books on the bottom floor and literary books like novels on the top floor.

Kouhei would already be waiting on the top floor of the library at the big table, like on every other meeting day. He even skipped the last lesson in order to slack off a bit more but he would not let the opportunity to converse with Hanako slip by.

With her carefully prepared notes of what to discuss today, Hanako entered the library. Instead of directly going to Kouhei, she took her time to look for a specific book she had in mind that would help for one of her homework assignments.

After a quick search, she was able to spot the book in question. Since it is one of the less frequently requested ones, it was stored on the topmost row on the shelf she was standing in front of.

"No one can reach this..." She said to herself while stretching as far as she could. Her observation was correct. She would just barely reach the books on the rank below the one she was hoping to get. Stretching as far as she could proved not to be enough, so she was on the lookout for some students with a different stature, who might be able to reach it.

There was no one else on the bottom floor of the library she could ask for help - classes just ended and she got here as fast as she could. Then she spotted a little stool that would enable even her to get the book. She moved it to the front of the shelf but quickly paused.

"No one is here, right?" She made sure, this time not to ask for help but to be certain that no one would see her. Especially since she started wearing her skirt a little bit higher again according to what she learned from Kouhei.

With an elegant step she got onto the helping stool.

"Nnngh..." It still wasn't enough. She could almost get hold of the book, but not quite. She extended her arm as far as she could, stretching even more and standing on the tip of her toes.

"Yo, Shou, did you hear about the soccer clubs practice match yesterday? They said it was a nail biter!"

The voice of two students who just entered the library was heard right behind Hanako. On the hunt for their own research material, they passed Hanako in close proximity so that the quick step of them even swayed her skirt a little, which was now located on the shoulder-level of the two boys as she was standing on the stool.

The corridor of shelves didn't leave much room for more than two people. So the distance between Hanako and them was less than an arm's length.

Her eyes went wide out of surprise - or rather shock - and blood ran through her cheeks making for a healthy red blush. The far outstretched hand was quickly moved back to her skirt to make sure they wouldn't notice her not wearing panties.

But the two students were already gone, around the corner into the next corridor of shelves. Hanako was able to hear them from the other side of the corridor and let out a sigh of relief.

Once again she stretched as far as she could and miraculously she got hold of the book, not without standing on her toes again.

"Lucky!" She thought, but then lost her balance and fell to the carpeted library floor with a loud thump, buried in books from the shelf.

"Are you okay!?" one of the two male students rushed over from the next corridor just to find her in a position that was fair to be called problematic.

One foot still resting on the stool she lay with her back on the ground. Several books bumped onto her. One of them landing flipped open on top of her head and another one conveniently landing in front of her crotch. This book saved her from an even more embarrassing situation because otherwise her skirt would be completely open to the sight of the helpful student.

"...Oops", she said with her tongue slightly sticking out, trying to play down the situation. "Well, I got it", smilingly and proudly she presented the book she was eager to get.

"Let me help you get things in order. Shou, come here for a sec and give a hand!"

As a team of three people they managed to restore the original order the books were lined up in. They also collected all the notes Hanako brought on multiple pieces of paper for the magical girl meeting which were also scattered all over the floor.

"Thank you so, so much!" Hanako bowed down in front of her two helpers.

"Don't worry about it. Good luck with your task. When I got that book last year, it was a nightmare", one of the boys remarked while returning to the next corridor.

"Phew", another sigh. Hanako dodged two bullets in the span of a minute. How long would her luck last?

With the book and her notes collected, she finally could meet Kouhei who was wondering what the sound on the bottom floor could have been. Though it didn't raise his interest enough to go check.

Several minutes had passed since classes ended. So in the meantime, a handful of students gathered in the library room. Still happy that her secret wasn't revealed, she made her way up to the second floor by ascending the wooden staircase.

It really has become spring. Even the big window at the stairs could be left open all day now in order to circulate the air in the otherwise dusty room that reeked of old books.

At the platform in the middle of the stairs, they took a turn along the corner of the room. Just as Hanako reached this plateau, a sudden gust of wind was blowing from the window to the entrance door since another student just entered the room.

The wind got hold of Hanako's notes, sending them flying and scattering them through the library once again. What additionally got sent flying was Hanako's skirt. It got lifted generously for a few seconds by the unexpected wind.

Hanako turned around to look where the papers would fly to. But what met her eyes instead was Seiji, one of the boys from the classroom next to Hanako's. He was following her up the stairs with less than two meters distance.

Shock filled her eyes for the third time in a short period. Luckily or not, the eye contact with the student was over in an instant. His sight was rather attracted by the bare skin that was blatantly visible under her blowing skirt.

They stood across from each other silently for a moment until the wind would stop, letting the skirt fall back in place - as peaceful as if nothing ever happened. Both of them were left with their mouths open, trying to process what just happened.

Thanks to the height she was wearing her skirt at, thanks to the elevation she was standing at and to further help of the wind, there was not the slightest possibility in Seiji's mind that she could be wearing panties. It was obvious in plain sight.

"Uhm. Want me to help get your notes?" Was the best thing he came up with after the moment of silence.

"I can get them myself!!" Hanako rushed down the stairs, passing the still dumbfounded Seiji who will probably never forget this encounter.

"Guess I should come to the library more often if there are girls like this!?"

She quickly got on her knees and picked up the scattered notes while not looking in the direction of the stairs, so that he wouldn't be able to see her red face.

He spoke up from the first few steps of the stairs he was still standing on, "Are you here occasionally, any chance?"

"No!! Today is the only time!!" She replied without turning around to him. Even though she was aware that she actually is a regular at the library. But this person would just lead to more problems - especially considering her position in the student council. If word gets around that a girl of the student council is wearing no panties to school it would obviously be a horrible turn of events. So she wasn't really in the mood for talking to him.

Since it was a bit uncomfortable for Seiji as well, he soon continued up the stairs and left her alone with her sheets. He was not able to focus on his homework task for the rest of the day. But it wasn't bothering him. His mind was at a different place altogether.

A few moments passed and the notes were all gathered up again. She clapped her hot cheeks twice with both hands, thinking "Alright! This didn't happen! Just now. This didn't happen. This hasn't happened. Everything is good and normal".

A few breathers later, she climbed the stairs herself, not to let Kouhei wait for too long.

"What's going on? The library is especially noisy today. ...And why are you all blushing?"

"It's nothing, really! Someone just lost their notes downstairs. And also, I am not blushing. There wouldn't even be a reason for me to blush!"

She was evidently blushing.

"Ah, alright then." He accepted her explanation and the meeting was able to take place with a bit of delay.

Over the next few months, she was called in by the disciplinary teacher, Mashiba, multiple times, because people noticed her being in school pantiless on various occassions, despite her efforts of trying to hide it. Also about the length she wore her skirt at. If these admonishments were enforced because of what happened in the library or because of some other reason was something she couldn't be certain of.

Luckily she always got off without punishment because she was able to use excuses they prepared together in their mentor-meetings in case such a situation occurs. Being a member of the student council also played a major role of getting away time after time again.

At first, she took at least a day off from doing it right after a disciplinary meeting straight out of sheer shock. Of course it was scary to get called off by some teacher about this. What would happen if her parents got contacted by the school?

But she was aware that this should not stop her on her path to become a magical girl. So sometime later she just continued to do it right on the next day after getting called in. Even though she acted especially careful then and was trying to avoid Mashiba whenever possible.

Most of the time, he had his set spot in the break time when observing the students in the school yard, so it was easy to maneuver around him. But when she unexpectedly spotted him in the hallway once, she panicked and hid behind the corner leading to the stairs.

"Hanako, did you see a ghost?" Her friend Marin noticed the weird behaviour but couldn't make any sense of it.

"It is not hurting anyone and I can't afford to risk my progress now" is how she persuaded herself to fight the scare it gave. She was completely convinced that a possible contractor had to be already watching her efforts.

"I bet I will be contracted tonight if I can survive just another day!" Is what she told herself every morning.

However, nothing changed. Even though Hanako obediently followed all the advice Kouhei gave her as a mentor, she didn't get contracted.