Chapter 3:

Demon lord of the Snowy mountains (Part 2)

From Assassin to Demon lord

I woke up after few hours. It felt weird. It felt that way because I was in bed. Where did this bed came from?

As I stand up I realized that this must be the room where I left the Elvish girl.

I walked out of the room and entered the throne chamber.

"Ah! You finally woke up sleepy head?"

"Yeah, I'm awake now goddess. Where is that girl? I take it she's awake as well?"

"Yes. Right now she's preparing some food in kitchen."

"Where did we get kitchen?"

"You don't remember? You know it's YOU who created this place? There is everything you though about while creating dungeon. Kitchen, bath, five different bedrooms, dining room, alchemy room and much more."

"H-how much rooms is there?"

"About two hundread."


"Well, you had lot of mana, I just didn't think it would be that much."

"I-is that mister Demon lord?" a small voice ringed through the throne room.

And there she stand. The incarnation of beauty. Snow Elf girl. Her eyes where as blue as i imagine them to be. My nose almost started to bleed again.

"Yes, that's me. I killed all those frost giants. Are you okay?"

"Y-yesh. Thank you." The girl bowed deeply as she bit her tongue.

"It's okay, realy. I just wanted to create a base for myself in these mountains. But enough about me. Can you tell me your name?"

"Y-yes! My name is Yuraki, but in my village they called me Yuki."

Why don't you try to be little creative with names Elves?

"My name is Zaru. I used to be Adventurer but now I'm a demon lord, so you don't need to be polite with me okay?"

"Y-yes mister Demon lord! Now, if I can ask you to follow me, I prepared some food."

"Okay, right away. But can you drop that mister demon lord thing? Just Zaru is okay."

"Mister... Zaru."

"Close. Try harder."

"Z-zaru... Master! That's it! I will call you Master! Please take care of me Master!" Yuki bowed deeply.

"W-wait! That's not what I... Wait, take care of me? Are you planning to stay here?"

"Yes, Master!"


"That... that's because I'm unwanted in my village."

"W-what do you mean by that?"

This cute girl is unwanted? How is that possible?

"You see, the reason for me being here is that I was sacrifice for the Frost giants..."

"Come again?!"

"A sacrifice, to keep the village safe..." Yuki started crying.

Seem like I have a village to burn...

"Okay... I understand. You can stay here Yuki. I can't think of official position for now, but First Secretary or something like that would be okay? I think..."

"M-master... I-I will give you my best!"

"Okay you guys! Listen here for one minute. I went of my way and stuffed those giants into the Dungeon core for you so you have some DP to start. With that, I have to give you my Good bye. After all, I was here longer then I originaly planned. Zaru, Yuki, give it your best! See you soon!"

The goddess didn't even wait for our reply and left in whirling portal of black clouds.

Tony Raven