Chapter 4:

Demon lord of the Snowy mountains (Part 3)

From Assassin to Demon lord

Right after Goddess left we moved to the dining room. Room is a not sufficent word for that. What I saw was a large hall. I could imagine ten thousand people sitting and eating here easily.

Yuki seated me in head of large table made from crystalic material. And than she bring the food. It was a steak. It smell so good my mouth let out a droll.

And it was amazing. The tender and juicy meat spread through my mouth. It was true moment of bliss. I looked at Yuki, she was standing next to me with happy smile.

"Yuki, if you want you can sit and eat with me you know? Actually I would prefer that."

"I cannot! Servant can't eat with master of house at one table!"

"I don't know how it worked in your village, but this is my dungeon so you should follow my rules no? And as Master of the house I wish to eat together. You understand?" I tried smiling with my last words, but I remembered that in the past every time I smiled everyone got scared and kids cried.

But now I was hit with something new. Yuki smiled and said "yes".

As she took place to my right hand she seemed very happy. She served herself a steak and started eating.

I got curious about Yuki and I secretly used Identify.

Name: Yuruki (Yuki)

Race: Snow Elf

Class: Chef Magician

Level: 12

HP: 50

MP: 200

Strenght: 30

Deffence: 45

Dexterity: 80

Magic: 1,000

Luck: 200

Skills: Master chef, Magic mastery, Disintegration, Ice magic, Fire magic, Complete comprehension


"I-is something wrong Master?"

"N-no! I was just suprised that the meat get tastier with every bite."

If I remember correctly Complete comprehension is skill that allows its user to quickly learn new things and it's skill that allows you to learn pretty much every skill there is. Realy valuable skill. With this she could one day be even stronger than me.

"I-is that so? Thank you master!" Yuki said with red cheeks and she immdiately stuff big portion of meat in her mouth.

"Well, I still have things to learn so I think that for the rest of the day I will try to figure things out. I would like to summon some monsters to protect the entery. After all I don't know how many Frost Giants there is... By the way what is this delicious meat?"

"It's Frost Giant. Miss goddess chop off one hand for me when I asked for some meat to prepare for you."

That shitty goddess! She know I don't like those humanoid things and she let her prepare meat from it! But... But it tastes so good... I can't leave now... she would definitely cry.

One look at Yukis face made me eat the rest of the steak. How can I be so weak to cute smile?

Later Yuki left for kitchen to wash the dishes and I went to the throne room.

As I sit on the Throne I felt great power flowing through me. That was power of the Dungeon. My magic recover from two thirds so I was sure I could summon some monsters.

A white board apeared next to my left hand. On this board was map of the dungeon. Second boar opend next to my right hand. There was list of monsters that I could acquire and their classes.

I looked through the map and find out that there was still some parts of cave that looked same as when I came here. My curent Demon points (DP) allow me to summon five or six monsters at most. And I know whitch ones I want.

For protection of cave entry I summon four Poison slimes. And their stats at level one were quite good.

Name: (None)

Race: Slime

Class: Poison specialist

Level: 1

HP: 100

MP: 100

Strenght: 10

Deffence: 20

Dexterity: 50

Magic: 300

Luck: 200

Skills: Poison magic, Hide presence

"At level one their luck is higher than mine? Realy? You too slimes?"

As I calmed down. I decided to send three slimes to the entry and one that was left I order to explore rest of the caves. But for that I must summon another monster.

That monster was Goblin.

As the goblin stand before me I decided to give it a name.

"From now on you shall be known as Gobura."

As I said that, the goblin had glown and evolved into Hobgoblin. Its stats also rise.

Name: Gobura

Race: Hobgoblin

Class: Miner

Level: 1

HP: 1,000

MP: 100

Strenght: 1,000

Deffence: 950

Dexterity: 500

Magic: 90

Luck: 900

Skills: Optimized mining, Body strengthening, Item box (unlimited).

"At this point I cannot be suprised..."

"About what my lord?" Gobura asked.

"What? You can talk?"

"Oh! Wow! I can talk! Master thank you for this gift you gave me! I will live to fulfill my duties!"

The goblin girl loudly declared so. And in that moment Yuki came back.

"Master! I am finnished! How's it looking at your... place... Master! Who is that girl?!"

"Eh? That is Gobura, a hobgoblin I just summoned."

"Such a cute girl?! Even though I'm here with you?"

I didn't get what was she talking about. We first met about six hours ago.

"Master who is this woman, that so boldly declared herself as yours?" said Gobura and I could see a lighting behind her.

"Ehmm... that is Yuruki, or Yuki. She was already in this cave when I took over. Now she serve me as Chef and secretary."

"Oh? Is that so? Then I will call you Yuruki from now on. And I will not give up."

"Oh, realy? Than I will also not give up. You can't defeat me Gobura, remember that."

"We will see Yuruki. We will see."

"Okay. Gobura, Yuki. Let's get into bussiness. I want you Gobura to explore cave under the dungeon, slime will escort you. Yuki you will create a list with all rooms on this floor understand?"

"Yes!" said both of them.

And I will go out to collect some meat. I don't want to eat any more Frost Giants.

Tony Raven