Chapter 1:

Built up Emotions - Chapter 1

My Smiling Boyfriend

                                                                              "Ugh"Bookmark here

                                       As I wake up to see that Hiro wasn't next to me.. again...
                                        I groan as I get up and see a note on my desk saying.Bookmark here

                                     "I'll be at my mom's house, she's sick be back at 6 -Hiro"Bookmark here

                                          Again.  it's like his mom is some virus or something
                                    that separates us more and more when she infects him.
                                 I chuckle at this thought yet I still feel like something's wrongBookmark here

                                                                       "He'll never cheat.." Bookmark here

                                           I doubted my own words but I just crumbled the note
                                                     and I went to the kitchen where I saw. Bookmark here

                                                                                "Nigiri?"Bookmark here

                                       I wondered who made it until I saw another note saying.Bookmark here

                             "Sorry I was in a hurry, made you breakfast though! your fav enjoy -Hiro"Bookmark here

                                                                     "At least he made me food" Bookmark here

                               I smile yet I still feel disappointed he wasn't here. I want him to be                                      here more, but I guess his mom is "sick" I groan but I couldn't resist Nigiri..                                  especially if it's by Hiro he always cooks good food, but I wish he could                                                be there to eat with me as we used too this is pointless Bookmark here

                                                           "Why do you have to be so distant"Bookmark here

                                           I sigh but I just finished eating and got ready for school 
        I wish I could get ready with him like we used to.. he would always help me with my tieBookmark here

                                                                                  "UGH!"  Bookmark here

                        I gave up on tying my tie and just started walking to school until Kiriyama
                           Walked with me  and asked where Hiro was, and why my tie was gone
                         I explained and she said she could do my tie but I declined by sayingBookmark here

                                                "Hiro just makes it more special now.."Bookmark here

                   She looked pissed yet she smiled and just wrapped her arms around my arm
           I ignored her then we entered the school and there I see Akoa so I ran towards him
                                          leaving Kiriyama alone at the front of the schoolBookmark here

                                                                     "Finally I'm free"Bookmark here

                                                I breathed heavily as Akoa patted my back Bookmark here

                     "why can't you just accept her man? she's kind and she's totally into you"Bookmark here

                          I laugh knowing that he's only saying that because she's his sisterBookmark here

                                                      "Oh sorry I'm not interested, and I'm loyal" Bookmark here

                      "no pressure I know how much you love Hiro-Kun so I won't say anything"Bookmark here

                                    I chuckled as we started walking to our classroomBookmark here

                              "By the way where's Hiro-kun anyways. I haven't seen him in weeks"Bookmark here

                                             Akoa suddenly blurted out  while we talkedBookmark here

                                 "His mom's been sick I don't know though I just...-"Bookmark here

                                           "W-w-wait- do you not trust him or something?"Bookmark here

                                       "i-i don't know I just feel like he's been distant lately.."Bookmark here

                       Akoa raised his eyebrow giving me a small frown but he still smiled at me
                         I felt terrible but I just continued walking until I heard the bell ring
                                      so I and Akoa separated and I entered my classroomBookmark here

                                            "Why does he have to be so distant nowadays.."  Bookmark here

                    I get lost in this thought not noticing sensei calling me asking if I was ok Bookmark here

                                                                         "Hikhoro Tutsaya!"Bookmark here

                                                               Startled I asked what he needed Bookmark here

                                                                              "Y-yes sensei?"Bookmark here

                                                  "Go to the nurse Muiko's office you look tired"Bookmark here

                                                                               "Yes, s-sensei!"Bookmark here

                    As I walked to the nurse's office I noticed Rokuku Walk into the nurse's office
                       so I wondered if she knew what Hiro's been doing so I walked in knowing
                                                     I was supposed to go there anywaysBookmark here

                                                                              "Rokuku-chan?"Bookmark here

                                                                  She turned around and wavedBookmark here

                                                        "Tutsaya senpai What are you doing here?"Bookmark here

                                                    I waved back and waved at the nurse miss MuikoBookmark here

                                             "Sensei told me to go here then I saw you walk in oh and-"Bookmark here

                                                      "you both should sit down, you'll get tired kids"Bookmark here

                                               Nurse Muiko Said, so we sat down on the infirmary bedBookmark here

                                                                    "Continue now Tutsaya senpai"Bookmark here

                                                 "Do you know what Hiro's been doing these past weeks?"Bookmark here

                                                                       "O-oh he didn't tell you?" Bookmark here

                                                  O got shocked at how her face changed and how 
                                                              she looked like she was about to cryBookmark here

                                                                        "Did something happen??"Bookmark here

                                                         "His brother Haroto d-died in a c-car accident-t"Bookmark here

                                    I was shocked at the fact that Hiro never told me.. but the fact that                                                                           Rokuku-Chan was crying.. got me confusedBookmark here

Bookmark here

                                                     "Rokuku-chan? did you know Hiro's brother?"Bookmark here

                                    "He was my boyfriend.. but I never thought it would end like this..."Bookmark here

                                                            "I am so sorry I said that rokuku-chan.."Bookmark here

                       I hugged her because she was crying so much, I told her to lay down and I told                                                    the nurse to take care of her for me as I left the room                                                                                                             it was already 7:54 pmBookmark here

                            I went home thinking about it as I walked home I saw Hiro doing something                                                           outside our door speaking to himself about somethingBookmark here

                                                               "Don't cry.. you don't want him to worry.."Bookmark here

                                              I just listened in shock as I hid behind the gate of our houseBookmark here

                                            "I wonder if he notices I'm distant.. does he even care.."Bookmark here

                     I just stood there as I hear the door open and I walked out from my hiding placeBookmark here

                                                                  "Is that really how he thinks.."Bookmark here

               I walk into the house and I finally see his face while he took off his mask and hoodieBookmark here

                                                                          "oh hey Saya-Kun"Bookmark here

                                      I just stood there not responding, he notices and walked
                                                       up towards me and asked if I was okBookmark here

                                                                                   "Saya-Kun?"Bookmark here

                                         I hugged him tightly and he dropped his hoodie on the floorBookmark here

                                                           "I know what happened to your brother"Bookmark here

                                                             "H-hah... what d-do you mean haha.."Bookmark here

                                      I hugged him tighter not letting go yet not too tight I felt water                                                                                                  dripping on my left shoulder Bookmark here

                                                                            "H-hah! I'm c-crying"Bookmark here

                                                                     "It's normal Hiro, just cry.."Bookmark here

                                    "I-i have too many emotions i-i don't know how to e-express"Bookmark here

                              I patted his back and hugged him tighter as I hear him sniffling on my                                                                   shoulder so I told him to rest in my bedroomBookmark here

                                                               "I'm gonna go sleep on the couch"Bookmark here

                                                             as I said that I felt a tug on my sleeveBookmark here

                               "S-stay... we haven't slept in the same bed in months it was my fault too.."Bookmark here

                                         I was shocked yet I smiled and kissed him on the foreheadBookmark here

                                                         "Sure I'm just gonna go get some pillows"Bookmark here

                                He nods and hugs a pillow covering his face as I went to get the pillowBookmark here

                                                                                           "bac-"Bookmark here

           He's asleep... I smiled and just cuddled up to him from the back and I hugged him tightBookmark here

                                                                                     "Goodnight..."Bookmark here

                                          And I fell asleep hugging him close for the first time in months
                                                           I hope he'll still be here with me tomorrow...Bookmark here

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