Chapter 2:

Cuts and Bruises that were made - Chapter 2

My Smiling Boyfriend

                                            I wake up to see Hiro hugging me tightly
                                  he looked like he was having a nightmare, but after
                                      a few minutes passed he stopped and relaxed
                                    a bit but it kinda shocked me to see him like that
                            though he was tugging on my shirt I still thought it was cute

                                    "aww how cute that you're still tugging on my shirt"

                                I say this to myself as I see Hiro moving and opening 
                                           his eyes while he was tugging on my shirt

                                                              "hmm..? Saya-Kun?"

                                                              "Hm, yes? Hiro-san"

                                                                  "Where am I..?"

                                               I look at him as he turns on his phone 

                                                               "What time i-is it?"

                                                  While rubbing his eyes he said this
                                                so I responded yawning and rubbing 
                                                                    my eyes too 

                                        "I don't know I just woke up a few minutes ago"

                                                    "hmm.. morning then Saya-kun"

                                        he checked his messages as I smile and hug him

                                 from behind, while doing so I saw his phone screen there
                              was a message notification saying something which I didn't
                                care about until Hiro stood up and started putting 
                                                      on a coat which was weird of him

                                                               "Hiro-san? you ok..?"

                              He kept quiet and continued to change in front of me without
                                hesitation which made me weirded out so I covered
                                                           my eyes and I turn around

                                                        "Hiro-san what's going on??"

                                             "My mother's at the hospital happy now?!"

                              I get shocked again, first, it was his brother's passing but
                                       now it was him shouting at me which made my
                        feelings get hurt so I just started changing behind him but then
                                            he turned around and I just ignored him 

                                                                "Sorry Tutsaya.."

                       "it's fine, this is kind of normal now.. you're never around nowadays..."

                                                       "Is that really how you feel.."

                         I look up and see Hiro looking guilty and it made me feel terrible

                                           "I-it's not! I'm sorry I wasn't thinking.. sorry"

                                                               "It's fine Saya-Kun!" 

                                          He smiled yet I feel like he was faking it for me,
                                                                    I feel terrible...

                                                   "If it's fine for you. then it is for me.."

                         He looked at me in shock yet I see a small smile appearing on his face
                      at the side of my eye, it looked real this time though and it made me smile

                                                   "I'm done... let's go to the hospital"

                                                                  - At the Hospital- 

                  Hiro was walking back and forth impatiently which made me feel even more
                            uneasy and it just made me even more uneasy when I saw akoa 
                 walking towards us with Kiriyama but before they were here Hiro went to the
                                                bathroom quickly so I just let him go there

                           Tutsaya! what happened? why are you and Hiro in the hospital"

                                     "Yeah Tutsaya-kun~ why is Hiro even here anyways"

                                                "Shut up sis- this is an important matter"

                                           I roll my eyes at Kiriyama and she just smirked

                                                              "Why bring her though-"

                                             "Mom told me to bring her, already regret it"

                                     "That reminds me.. Hiro's mom is the one sick, not me"

                                      Kiriyama gets annoyed and starts rolling her eye at me

                                                                "Hiro! long time no see"

                           I turn around to see, Hiro he looked happy to see Akoa and Kiriyama

                                                                         "H-hey guys"

                              A few hours passed we all talked about Hiro's mom and me and                                                 Akoa's college plans, but then Kiriyama started getting too touchy with
                        me so I moved to the other seat which was right next to Hiro so I laid 
                                           my head on Hiro's head which made Kiriyama
                                                                even more annoyed

                                               "Guys we should go back to the hospital"

                                                                     "Mhm let's go"

                                                 We walked to the hospital, while we
                                     we're walking to the hospital Kiriyama Kept holding
                                unto my hand which made Akoa and Hiro feel so awkward
                         Hiro kept calm, until a woman asked if Kiriyama was my girlfriend

                                                     "Let go of my boyfriend Kiriyama"

                                The woman looked at him in shock, even I was shocked
                                      to see Hiro that angry even Akoa and Kiriyama
                               were shocked and it infuriated Kiriyama after he said that

                                                           "What if I don't want to!"

                              I push Kiriyama off me and it made her even more furious

                                                               "It's his fault huh?!"

                                                      "What the hell do you mean?"

                                          "I've liked you for years Tutsaya?! And then 
                                Hiro just came out of Nowhere and stole you from me!"      

                              I was taken aback and I just went silent but I was furious...   

                              "Hah-? you rejected me years ago and now you're like this?" 

                                    "It wasn't my fault that you were so ugly back then?!"

                                     "At least I didn't have an ugly personality like you...."

                                                     Hiro tried telling me to calm down
                            but I just grabbed his hand and walked to the hospital with him

                                                              "Saya-Kun! calm down"

                        I got so lost in my thoughts that I didn't notice that I was hurting him
                               but then he said something that made me stop in thought

                                             "Ah-!  my wrist! ow! stop Tutsaya please!"

                         I stopped walking and I turned to him and I see him holding his wrists

                                       "Hiro.. is there something you want to tell me..."

                              "U-uh what do you mean Saya-kun? I'm fine my wrists are ju-"

                                   I grabbed his wrists and lowered his gloves on his hand
                                                         and I saw cuts and bandages...

                                                             "T-that's nothing Tutsaya!"

                                             He pulled his hand away and I just stood there
                                   frozen... I didn't know he was like this... so I hugged him
                                                              tightly and he just froze

                                                   "H-hey i-am fine it's just some c-cuts"

                                        "It's not fine, you always say it's fine when your not"

                                                         "B-but what if it bothers you...?"

                                 "The more distant you are the more I want you to bother me..."

                                                                "C-can I do something.."

                                                                            "What am i-"

                                 He pulled me into a kiss, he let go and he started apologizing
                                            he looked so red so I kissed him back quickly but
                                                         I turned red and I turned away 

                                                                      "S-sorry I did that"

                                   "It's fine Saya-Kun! You look cute when you're embarrassed"

                                                              "I- what? I do--uhh-what???"

                                       Hiro smiled, looked at his cuts than at me, and smiled
                          until he got a notification on his phone, and when he went to check
                                                                     His face changed

                                                                       "M-my mom.."

                                                    "oh shoot! let's go back to the hospital"

                                              Hiro dropped his phone and broke down crying
                                          so I asked why he was crying and it made me freeze

                                                                         "She's Gone.."






My Smiling Boyfriend