Chapter 7:

Arc One Side Story: Lizzie's going on a journey

From Assassin to Demon lord

When Black leaf returned from their last mission without Zaru I collapsed. My heart was in so much pain I coudn't think straight. Thinking I will never see him again I wanted to quit my job at guilds front desk and leave for my homeland south from Astenna kingdom, where my people, the Azure Elves, lived near the ocean.

When I woke up I was in guild masters private room. She was amazing person, although she was a human who lived barely over one hundread years, she was highest Holy knight in this town, a Paladin.

"You're up?" her voice ringed through the room.

It was still a very young voice for us elves, after all she is still twenty nine years old. Even me, a nearly one hundread years old elf felt young next to her. That was that kind of air she had around her. And plus I still looked seventeen, you could say i was a very young elf.

Sadly Zaru never complimented me... stupid...

"I... I think I am..." I placed my hand on my chest and felt it. Only gift I got from Zaru, even though it was for stupid reson, it was still his gift to me. I still remembered how I said to him that I want him to be safe on his travel. And he took this necklace from his magic bag. dropped some blood on it and said: "As long as I live this necklace will be red. If I die out there you will be first to know it."

After he toss it to me he left. And didn't even looked at my bright red face. I know that he didn't know that giving a necklace to oposite sex in Azure elf culture is equivalent to marrige proposal. Funny how stupid I was back then... I should have said something... when he was alive... so stupid...

"You are still looking pale. You should take rest for the rest of the day."

"I-I think I will."

I grabed the necklace through my clothes as I was standing up. And felt a little thump. What? That can't be...

I quickly take the necklace out. It was slightly grayish, but still red. Tears started flooding my eyes. I never cried like this before... but why? He used to be just another adventurer in this town. Nothing special about his looks, yet for his class, an assassin, he had a bright aura. I knew it thanks to my skill Karma Eye, which allowed me to see nature of people. It was one of skills granted to me by the god of judgement. He didn't have the mark of murederer.

"Guild master! I'm leaving on a journey!"

"Wh-what? Why?"

"I think that Zaru is still alive. And I will go find him!"

Smile apeared on guild masters face.

"I knew you will said that... seems like I lost the bet, well no biggie."

"Wait, what bet?!"

"Me, Forge master and bar keeper had a bet when you two get together and who will make first move."

"W-w-what? S-s-s-s-since when?!"

"Ever since he become B-rank adventurer."

"Why are you saying it so casually?!"

"Fufufu. Don't worry I'm just teasing you... but back to the pressing matter. We can say for sure that Black leaf is either unaware that he is still alive, or in worst case, they are those who prepared it."

"You mean that they tried to kill him?!"

"It is possible."


"Yes. But you must me careful now. After all you two were close. So take all your belogings and run away from city this night. I will take care of the paperwork."

"Okay. Thanks. Do you know something about Snowy Mountains? The region where he disapeared?"

"There is one forest elf village, but they doesn't work with the kingdom. They have chosen solitude over cooperation."

"Okay, I will go there and create a base camp there."

That evening I saw Black leaf around house where I lived for past few decades. But I already lefr on journey. I said to owner that I'm going home for few years so she doesn't have to keep my room intact.

I had every thing in my magic bag. Now I was ready to set on my journey.

"Just wait Zaru, I will find you!"

Tony Raven