Chapter 6:

Arc One Side Story: Yukis inspection

From Assassin to Demon lord

When Master... Zaru left I was alone in the magnificent Throne room he created just few hours ago. In the begining I was pretty suprised and confused. After all I fell asleep fighten to the bones in cave full of Frost Gians and woke up in  bed in this palace.

When I said to demon lord that I want to stay because I don't Have place to return to, he just say OK. He didn't ask me anything, and that's why I like him very much, unlike people in my village who allways kick me and yell at me for being a monster he accept me as normal being. It's wierd for demon lord to be like that. But the goddess who was with him asure me that he is a good guy.

Well I mean she was a goddess of demons so she could lie about that, but her words seemed warm. It felt as if she wanted me to stay by his side.

And I want to stay by his side. I know that.

He ate food I prepared. And smiled while eating it. And he even let me investigate this entire dungeon. I really feel like a secretary!

I know that village I came from will one day make contact with us. But I don't care. They throw me to those Giants as sacrifice, they can become food for our dungeon. My life was hell before I met Master... Maybe one day... No back to work! Don't think about silly things Yuki!

Except for Dining hall, Throne room and kitchen whitch are next to eatch other there are five bedrooms. Three behind Throne room and two next to the kitchen.

I found about two hundred rooms. There is Alchemy lab, forge, and lot of storerooms. All these rooms are divided by long hallways. I think that some can be turn into bedrooms in the future.

Future hm? Maybe Master will turn me into a demon as well. After all he used to be a human... Oh my silly dreams...

Tony Raven