Chapter 9:

Demon lord of the Snowy mountains (Part 6)

From Assassin to Demon lord

The next morning, before I even knew it five houndred bronze swords were ready for use.

"I... I didn't expect that to happen."

"Seems like magmins work fast."

"You shoud see the kitchen," said Yuki.

"W-what happen?"

"You will see Master."

When we entered kitchen that I visited only once, because Yuki didn't let us, we saw some pretty wierd stuff.

Every single piece of tableware was made from bronze and two magmins were roasting some meat I bring yesterday with herbs that I gave to Yuki from my magic bag.

I should have looked at their stats before I let them work.

Name: (none)

Race: Fire Spirit (Magmin)

Class: Cratsman

Level: 20

HP: 1000

MP: 1000

Strenght: 900

Deffence: 800

Dexterity: 100

Magic: 990

Luck: 500

Skills: Smelting, Cooking, Blacksmithing, Goldsmithing, Red magic (*changed from fire magic), Workaholic

"They are workaholics?! and their level is already twenty?!"

"Oh, realy?"

"Yeah... what should we do?"

"Work them to the bone?"


"You know what? You will help them by personaly giving them metals. Sounds good?"

"N-no Boss!"

"Oh Summoner, we will finish roasting this rabbit in few minutes, you can rest easy with lady Yuki in dinning hall."


"Uh... okay, understood. Yuki, Gobura, shall we go?"


Oh, you bit your tongue again Yuki?

After just few minutes that we spent by talking about small stuff, the Magmin duo bring the food. Their presentaion was excelent. I mean, it's not like Yuki couldn't do it, but the difference was like between 3-star and 5-star restaurant.

"Uuu, I will get better Master! I promise!"

"Yeah, yeah. now eat before it get cold."


"Magmins, tell me do you have a wish? If its in my power I will gave it to you."

"Oh, summoner your kindness know no bound. We do not have a wish. We just want to serve you for rest of eternity."

Becauce I can't just ask for more metals!

"I understand, so to mark you as my loyal servants I shall bestow a name upon you two... ...Kaen and Haba."

I'm so sorry you two! I'm just not cut for this!

"Our most sincere gratitude oh summoner, no our Master, Demon lord Zaru! I shall take the name Kaen."

The talkative one started after their evolution into [Real Fire Spirit]. Their bodies also looked diferent from before. Now their skin looked much smoother than before. Kaen looked like a young butler. Tips of his fingers were red like a real magma and from there changed into lines around his entire body. That had black color like cooled lava.

"Then I shall take the name Haba."

The other Magmin changed much more. Instead of red lines she had blue. Why I say she when spirits doesn't have a gender? Because of her body, which could defeat Yuki in seconds. Haba and her D-cups and pretty curvy body. Hm? Why is Gobura sending me those lightnings? I can't help it, I am a helthy man! And to be honest I used to be A-rank and Gobura is A-flat. I can't say more about it, not like there is something to say.


And what is your problem Yuki? Be glad that Lizzie and her E-cups are not here! ...but still I wonder, how is she doing. I'm sure that those guys will return soon. It's been three days... and so much have changed.

I just hope Lizzie's okay. She is strong, far stronger than I used to be as an adventurer. And older. If I rememder she is eighty six? Well still young for elves.

"Master, don't forget to eat. The food will get cold!" Yuki brought me back to reality.

"Yeah. I know, I know."

After breakfast I sit on my throne and watched the entry to the dungeon. The slimes were nowhere to be found. As I panicked I realized that they hide themselves on the ceiling. Just like assassins, I feel proud of them!

I pressed the board with the slimes and spoken to them, "Hey guys I just want to remind you to not kill the rabbits with poison. We are going to eat them. If you do that I will bring you some frost giant meat we still have here, sounds good?"

The slimes started to wiggle and I took that as a Yes.

"Well it's time to prepare for a visit."

Count down to massacre: 4 days.

Tony Raven