Chapter 10:

Demon lord of the Snowy mountains (Part 7)

From Assassin to Demon lord

The main thing I had to prepare was how to get more Demon points. If I just kill everyone in the village I would got points just by absorbing their bodies into the Dungeon core. But if I make my dungeon big enough to reach the village simply by killing them I would gain more DPs.

Well its not like I will kill everyone, I recently learn a black magic which can manipulate the targets stats, or to put it simply, lower every stats there are. But I found out that for demons and demon lords there is more things to do. Especially there is part about mind affection. I can basically erase everything and replace it.

"Urh... after summoning Kaen and Haba I prolong the dungeon to the outskirts of the village, but I spent most of my DP."

"So you will need more?"

"Yes, Yuki, I will need more. Well, every one of my monsters produce some DP, but it is still small number. I guess that in three days I will have enough DP to took over half the village, but that is not enough."

"And what if you turn me into a demon? you would gain more DP from me in that way no?"

"That is possible, but acording to the goddess, when your body is turned into demon it will stop ageing."

"So that would mean..." sid Yuki with bight red cheeks


Yuki correctly guessed that it means that she wouldn't be able to have kids. Elvish bodies fully mature around age of 30, and Yuki is still eighteen. When body is demonized it will be locked in state when it turned for eternity. That was what goddess told me after my turning was at its end.

"T-then what are you planning to do?"

"I'm going to create a 'floor'."

"What dungeon floor? Isn't that something that would be as big as this place?"

"Yes. And because it is created with spell, it will not use much DP."

"But how will that floor help us?"

"Easily. Only monster you need to create is guardian. Once a guardian is summoned and stationed at its position it will spawn minions."

"And those minions will produce DP just by standing around yes?"

"That's correct, good work first secretary!"

"Jeez master! Don't make fun of me!" Yuki pouted.

Well I had to tease her a little. After I named Haba, she become more clingy. And I knew very good that if that continued I would not be abe to restrain myself. It was hard as it was and she started clinging at that!

I mean, she is the cutest of all girls currently living here.

"Okay, back to the bussiness. Where did we put those skulls and bones that were at the entry?"

"The slime eat them, but I think that some of them have storage skill so it is still possible to regain them."

"Is that so?"

Ever since I put slimes at the entry they started to divide themselves and now there was about fifty of them. Every now and then one or two small white slimes could be seen around kitchen, so I thought that they are just interested in whats happening there. Turns out that they were bringing crystal rabits they hunted at the entry as I told them to.

I opened the board and spoke to the slimes.

"Slimes, if you still have bones that were at the entry bring them to me."

I could see them happily wiggling and something big move in the back.

After few minutes a gigantic slime entered the throne room and spew a lot of bones on the ground.

"You are the one that went to mines with Gobura am I right?"

Slime wiggeled in agreement.

And all of the sudden the slime started to shrink and shift its shape. The final look looked like a human girl.

"Why is it a girl again?" sighted Yuki again a I can swear on my name that she added "I still won't lose."

"T-this is suprising."

"Yesh. Masta!"

"The slime talked?!" me and Yuki yelled in suprise.


"You should give her a fitting name don't you think?"

Why are you angry? Wait... oh... I see.

"That can wait. Slime, you will become leader of slimes in this dungeon. Tell your subordinates to retrieve to entry hall. Soon a floor will be created before it."

"Yesh masta!"

"So what kind of monster will you summon?"

"Good question. We need a monster thats maintenance is easy and will not require a lot of food. Kaen and Haba don't need food because they have only spiritual bodies. Only ones who eat here is me, you and Gobura."

"What about some undead? Like an Elder lich?"

"That is a good thinking Yuki. I knew it was a good decision to make you my secretary."

"T-thank you master!"

"OK. Let's start with the creating... oh slimes are ready. Let's do is Create First floor, Tomb!"

The spell took about half of my MP and I had just about enough MP to summon single Elder lich and the bones made it even cheeper.

"Create undead: Elder lich."

Bones got stuck together and a single crinkled, skinny person apeared before us. Then the lich bowed deeply. Seems like it still have some meat on... Isn't Elder lich normally a type of skeleton? Well... when I named spirit duo, they evolved... wonder what would happened to the Elder lich

"I have a bad feeling about this..."

Whats your problem Yuki? You know that this Elder lich thing was your idea right?!

"I shall give you a name to mark you as my subordinate and guardian of first floor which will be your domain from now on. You shall be known as Renzir"

"Yes my lord." as the elder lich said so a familiar yellowish shine apeared around Renzir.

"I am not suprised anymore! Of coure it's a girl! Another rival! Just great! At least she's undead."

As Yuki said the elder lich turned into human looking girl in late twenties. She had red hairs and pupils. Her skin, now without wrinkles, was snow white just as Yukis and she had C-cups just as Yuki had. Why is she looking like a living person? this is wierd. Maybe goddess will know something...

"Renzir. In your domain you are alowed to summon other undead such as skeletons, liches and zombies."

"Yes master. And... when I return from time to time... could you spank me?"

A PERVERT! She is a pervert!

"I-i will think about it..."

Yuki didn't belive what she heard me say and jump at me.

I could not take her of before dinner. And because of that, dinner was prepared by Haba.

Luckily my elf fettish did not activate. But it was close.

Tony Raven