Chapter 13:

Worm Chapter 8: Fearsome Smile


Worm Chapter 8Bookmark here

Fearsome SmileBookmark here

“Who knew that such pleasures were available to human…”Bookmark here

“Haa…haa… why are you so energetic? It felt good, but I feel really drained out.”Bookmark here

Even though I’m not really tired, I have this very satisfied feeling and I feel like I can’t handle any more…Bookmark here

“We should do this in moderation… also, I forbid you for doing it with males other than me, got it?”Bookmark here

“This is the first time you gave a formal order to me. If you have the intention to give a formal order, I won’t be able to resist it.”Bookmark here

“Formal order…? why didn’t you tell me this before?”Bookmark here

“If you will it, I won’t be able to refuse. If I try to go against your order, you’ll be notified immediately.”Bookmark here

“Stop ignoring my question! *Sigh*… whatever…”Bookmark here

“Though, I never would’ve imagined that you would be so possessive.”Bookmark here

“I don’t know… I think it’s the male human’s instincts? Just imagining you doing it with other males makes me want to go berserk.”Bookmark here

“How violent… don’t worry. I’ll always be yours.”Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

For some reason, hearing that phrase from her makes me feel embarrassed…Bookmark here

“How cute. We’re stuck together till the end. You’re going to get used to it.”Bookmark here

“Stop reading my mind!”Bookmark here

I said as I glance towards Pane.Bookmark here

We decided to wear clothing. Since we had the ability to morph and reform, it was easy to make them.Bookmark here

Pane is wearing a short black hip-length zip-up lady’s vest that shows her belly, showing the tattoos on her waists. Even though it’s zip-up, it looks like it’s about to burst because her breasts are too big for it. Only the zipper itself prevents it from exploding. For her lower body she’s wearing black tight pants with a belt. For her footwear, she’s wearing black lady’s boots.Bookmark here

“Hey, why don’t you just make a looser vest so you can close it up? Also, why not cover up your belly?”Bookmark here

“I feel more comfortable in this. And I have a feeling that this is more of my sense of fashion. I don’t know how those were decided, but it seems that each of us have their own tastes.”Bookmark here

“…At least cover up more of your body with something.”Bookmark here

“Fine…”Bookmark here

She morphed one more piece of clothing. It’s a black knee-length sleeveless collared coat.Bookmark here

“There, it’s a little similar to what you’re wearing as well. Are you happy, overly protective boyfriend?”Bookmark here

“I’m not your boyfriend though. Also, even though I do know what a boyfriend is, I don’t know what’s the reason for being couples...”Bookmark here

“Yes… it seems that knowledge without experience is just knowledge.”Bookmark here

Like Pane said, I’m wearing something similar to her. I’m wearing a coat.Bookmark here

I’ve decided to wear a black knee-length hooded coat that is opened from the waist down. The coat has extended sleeves to cover up my hands. I wear black pants on my lower body and black men’s boots for footwear.Bookmark here

“Now that you’ve gotten to Evolution Level: 5, manticores won’t do it anymore. What’s your plan?”Bookmark here

“I’m just going to kill all the manticores here then leave the dungeon. But first, I want to test out <Morph>!”Bookmark here

I’m going to start with the king ant’s scythe.Bookmark here

I extended out my hand and changed it to the king ant’s scythe.Bookmark here

“Woah, it worked! I don’t even know how I did it, it just came naturally.”Bookmark here

“It’s similar to how humans don’t know how can they dream. They don’t know how they do it until they do some research.”Bookmark here

“I see… okay, next is manticore wings!”Bookmark here

I morphed manticore wings on my back. I flapped my wings and took flight.Bookmark here

I wasn’t able to fly straight and I wiggled on air.Bookmark here

“T-This is harder than expected…”Bookmark here

“Why not change into a manticore first?”Bookmark here

I morphed into a manticore. It’s still hard.Bookmark here

“No, I mean change your base form to manticore.”Bookmark here

“Is that different from just morphing from human to manticore?”Bookmark here

“If there is no difference, the what’s the use of <Morph: 0>?”Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

I changed back into human.Bookmark here

“<Morph: Baseshift>.”Bookmark here

A panel appeared in front of me. The panel is a list that shows all the monsters I’ve killed or dissolve.Bookmark here

“Is there a use for saying the skill even though you have {Mind Activation}?”Bookmark here

“I just wanted to test out vocal commands.”Bookmark here

I pushed [Abyth Manticore]. After pushing it, my body automatically morphed into a manticore.Bookmark here

Auxiliary Skill Update: «Night Vision», «Beast Breath», «Poison Tail», «Flight» has been acquired due to morphing into [Manticore].

Panel Update: Auxiliary Skill has been added to the main panel due to acquiring an Auxiliary Skill.
__________________________________________________________________________________________________Bookmark here

“*Roar*, *roar*!”Bookmark here

“I don’t understand what you’re saying.”Bookmark here

Seems like I can’t talk in this form…Bookmark here

What are auxiliary skills?Bookmark here

Auxiliary Skills: Skills that supports the being and is automatically activated when certain conditions are met. Level of Auxiliary skills depends on the root skill that it was derived from.
__________________________________________________________________________________________________Bookmark here

“It means that they only activate when you morph your body into their respective body parts. Also, the level of skills depends on <Morph>. That is why morph has that “Quality depends on level” part on the skill description.”Bookmark here

Instead of speaking through a panel, Pane speaks through her voice.Bookmark here

…What a beautiful voice.Bookmark here

“Thank you.”Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

S-Stop reading my mind!Bookmark here

…I see, I have «Flight» now… time to try it out!Bookmark here

I tried flying in manticore form, it felt very natural.Bookmark here

What if I do it in human form with wings?Bookmark here

[Morph: Baseshift]Bookmark here

I turned back to human form.Bookmark here

I erected manticore wings on my back and tried to fly.Bookmark here

I was able to fly properly.Bookmark here

“So as long as I have the body part, the Auxiliary Skills will work. And the Auxiliary Skills only gets unlocked when I shift my base form into that form.”Bookmark here

“You got that right.”Bookmark here

“Guess I’ll change into useful monsters to get more Auxiliary Skills.”Bookmark here

Auxiliary Skill Update: «Consume», «Bio Scythe», «Stinger» has been acquired due to morphing into [Abyth Stinger King Ant].
__________________________________________________________________________________________________Bookmark here

Auxiliary Skill Update: «Dig» has been acquired due to morphing into [Abyth Mole].
__________________________________________________________________________________________________Bookmark here

Auxiliary Skill Update: «Steel Horns», and «Light Antlers» has been acquired due to morphing into [Abyth Gistag].
__________________________________________________________________________________________________Bookmark here

I didn’t know [Abyth Gistag] was able to produce light… It was because I wasn’t able to see when I was a worm…Bookmark here

…Well, I’m practically still a worm. Only with different forms.Bookmark here

By using «Light Antlers» in a dark place like this, I’ll be able to catch the attention of the manticores.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

[Abyth Manticore] has been dissolved.
-Health has been recovered.
-Mana has been recovered.
-EXP has been gained.

Level Update: Level has risen. Current Level: 53.

Racial Ability Update: <Morph Lv. 4> has upgraded to <Morph Lv. 5>
__________________________________________________________________________________________________Bookmark here

I’ve been killing and dissolving manticores for a few days. I’ve leveled up a few times.Bookmark here

Hey, is it me or are the manticores running away from the light now?”Bookmark here

[“Of course, it would. Seeing the light meant that death itself is approaching.”]Bookmark here

I have 10 bodies in human form flying around with manticore wings and have glowing antlers to attract manticores.Bookmark here

I also noticed that the things I had as a worm are still here. I can still feel the vibrations of the surroundings. All of my forms still have the traits I have as a worm.Bookmark here

As for Pane, she’s also hunting down monsters. It seems that she can also kill and I’ll get the EXP. We can also still communicate via telepathy.Bookmark here

[“I think it’s better if you turn of the antler lights off now. It’s only making the manticores run from you.”]Bookmark here

I guess so…Bookmark here

I turned off the light antlers.Bookmark here

[“…Hey, if all the manticores are running away… shouldn’t you guard the exit because that’s where they’re flocking to?”]Bookmark here

…Right.Bookmark here

I made one of my bodies fly to the entrance.Bookmark here

You think some of them had already escaped?Bookmark here

[“Maybe one or two? it’s not that easy to navigate through this dungeon. A manticore is still a monster, it’s still stupid and won’t be able to memorize the passages around this place.”]Bookmark here

If one or two had escaped, it can’t be help.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

[Abyth Manticore] has been dissolved.
-Health has been recovered.
-Mana has been recovered.
-EXP has been gained.

Level Update: Level has risen. Current Level: 55.

Racial Ability Update: <Morph Lv. 9> had upgraded to ⌠Morph⌡.
__________________________________________________________________________________________________Bookmark here

I think that’s the last one.Bookmark here

[“It is.”]Bookmark here

I’ve been killing and dissolving manticores for a few days. I’ve just killed the last one. I’ve also never stopped using ⌠Morph⌡ and it easily leveled up to the max with the EXP I gain.Bookmark here

[“Hey, aren’t you forgetting something?”]Bookmark here

What am I forgetting?Bookmark here

[“Seriously? You forgot about that armor thing?”]Bookmark here

…!Bookmark here

I forgot!!!Bookmark here

That armor thing is the strongest monster in this dungeon. I have not encountered it since I evolved.Bookmark here

Where could it be? I think I haven’t missed a place ever since I started hunting manticores. I should’ve encountered it, at least once…Bookmark here

Hmmm… what are the areas I haven’t seen yet… oh, that slope to that leads to the other second level where those humans ran away from. Maybe it’s there.Bookmark here

[“Let’s take a look. Let me reunite with one of your bodies.”]Bookmark here

One of my bodies and Pane had reunited. We are now walking towards the isolated part of the second level.Bookmark here

We’re just casually walking because there’s no danger anymore. I have my antler lights turned on.Bookmark here

“Why don’t you send some of your bodies out of the dungeon? I think there’s no reason for staying here other than that floating armor.”Bookmark here

“I don’t want to underestimate it. I remember encountering the manticore the first time, I almost died. There might be monsters and humans outside that can track all of my body down and kill them. I’m going to be careful and be more prepared.”Bookmark here

While we were walking, I felt a presence from a distance. It’s a presence I’ve never felt before.Bookmark here

“Pane, something’s here. Don’t make a sound.”Bookmark here

[“Don’t forget, I have a connection with you. You don’t need to vocally tell me.”]Bookmark here

We waited for the presence. I changed my eyes into manticore eyes to use its «Night Vision».Bookmark here

I don’t need to do this because I can just use the vibrations it uses to identify its shape, but based on my experience, using the sense of sight along with the vibration sense enables me to perfectly identify the being.Bookmark here

Based on the vibration I feel… the being is in human form. It has no wings, but it’s flying. Such thing should not be possible.Bookmark here

It got closer and closer until I got vision of it.Bookmark here

It definitely is human!Bookmark here

The human is a female who has waist length brown hair and purple eyes. She is wearing a light brown robe and is holding a magic staff. She has a playful and carefree smile plastered on her face.Bookmark here

She does have wings!?Bookmark here

Also, I can’t feel her wings even though I can see it? Magic wings!?Bookmark here

Her wings are white translucent bird wings which produces white particles.Bookmark here

Can you show me her status?Bookmark here

Name: Fleisha
Being Category: [Person]
Race: [Human]
Racial Classification: [Beast]
Title: [Veronia’s Strongest Mage]
Class: [Myriad Arcane Master]
Class Level: 7

Level: 31
EXP: 66%
Health: 657
Spirit: 4214
Strength: 323
Agility: 410
Magic: 4585

Class Abilities
⌠Arcane Veins⌡|⌠Amplify Magic⌡|⌠Maximize Elemental Magic⌡|⌠Expand Magic⌡|⌠Compress Magic⌡| <Quick Cast Lv. 6> | <Multi Cast Lv. 3>

⌠Magic Mastery⌡|⌠Spirit Mastery⌡|⌠Mana Regulation⌡|⌠Magic Optimization⌡|⌠Elemental Magic⌡|⌠Fire Magic Mastery⌡|⌠Water Magic Mastery⌡|⌠Wind Magic Mastery⌡|⌠Earth Magic Mastery⌡|⌠Ice Magic Mastery⌡

Bookmark here

She’s is dangerous!Bookmark here

Her stats are focused only on two! Is this why humans are dangerous? Because they can manage their own stats to grow ideally?Bookmark here

She’s only a class level above me, but she already has stats at the 4,000s!Bookmark here

My stats are distributed so I don’t have any specialties like her.Bookmark here

She’s the most dangerous being I’ve seen!Bookmark here

[“This is bad, we shouldn’t try to catch her attention.”]Bookmark here

We should learn more about her. Even though she has strong skills, she doesn’t seem to have any detection skills… we’ll be able to tail her without her noticing.Bookmark here

We followed her while hiding our presence as much as possible.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

This place is where I first gained consciousness.Bookmark here

There are lots of fruit on the ground and vines on the walls.Bookmark here

We followed the human named Fleisha deeper into this isolated second level.Bookmark here

While moving, I felt the presence of another human.Bookmark here

Another one? Since when did these humans get here?Bookmark here

As we got nearer, we got a view of her.Bookmark here

It was a human female in her teens. The human has short straight green neck length bobbed hair. The irises on her eyes are green. She’s wearing a green knee length long coat opened from the hip downwards. She is wearing a dark green skirt on her lower body. For footwear, she’s wearing dark green boots. She has a stiff aloof expression.Bookmark here

I didn’t feel her presence before… Who is this?Bookmark here

Hey Pane, can you show me her stats?Bookmark here

[“…? Negative. …Why can’t I see it?”]Bookmark here

Just who is this girl?Bookmark here

While we were talking inside my head, the mage, Fleisha, called out to the girl with green hair.Bookmark here

“My, my… I didn’t know I’ll meet someone like you here~”Bookmark here

“…?”Bookmark here

The girl turned and faced Fleisha.Bookmark here

Fleisha took a fruit on the ground and took a bite.Bookmark here

“Ewww! This doesn’t taste like anything… you should’ve had added flavor to it~ The one who is chosen and survives is the only one to benefit from this. Why don’t you add flavor at least as compensations for the second placer to the last placer, Tegariara?”Bookmark here

The girl’s emotionless eyebrows squinted a little.Bookmark here

“…Pride?” the girl which Fleisha called “Tegariara” spoke in an emotionless voice.Bookmark here

Fleisha clapped her hands.Bookmark here

“Wow~ I thought I manipulated it properly. Amazing, is this because of a high intelligence level?”Bookmark here

“What did you come here for?”Bookmark here

“My, my… don’t look at me that way. I just want to protect the kingdom~”Bookmark here

Fleisha put her hands on her cheeks.Bookmark here

“Maybe level up as well~”Bookmark here

“…Seeing that you think that way and is still planning to kill me, means that you haven’t leveled it up to Empress.”Bookmark here

“That’s right! I would want to do so, so I went down here. But looking at you it seems impossible. Your body is on the other side of the world after all~”Bookmark here

“…It…”Bookmark here

Tegariara paused for a few seconds then continued.Bookmark here

“…It’s useless if you don’t understand…”Bookmark here

Tegariara made an aloof sigh.Bookmark here

“…I think I’m done here, do what you want.”Bookmark here

“Well, this is my duty as a Royal Knight~ I also don’t want you roaming around me, no hard feelings. Okay dear~?”Bookmark here

Fleisha pointed her staff towards Tegariara. A red magic circle appeared below her and on the staff.Bookmark here

“You won’t fight back?”Bookmark here

“There is no point in wasting energy for something like his. Like I’ve said, I’ve done what I came here for. I still have roots in this country.”Bookmark here

“Your very generous for giving me that clue~”Bookmark here

“You can’t do anything about that information anyway.”Bookmark here

“Is that so~?”Bookmark here

The magic circle glowed bright.Bookmark here

“<Firebird Downfall>~”Bookmark here

A giant flaming bird was formed and passed through the cave. Everything it passed through disintegrated, not leaving even ashes. The vines and even Tegariara’s body disintegrated. Even though the fire is strong, the cave walls didn’t even char. It only burned what she meant to burn…Bookmark here

“This has been a meaningful trip.” Fleisha said while wearing her soft playful and easygoing smile.Bookmark here

…Hey, we should leave.Bookmark here

[“Okay…”]Bookmark here

“Now then~, won’t you introduce yourself, sir monster and her unusual companion~?”Bookmark here

!?!?Bookmark here

She noticed us? How!? She had no detection abilities!Bookmark here

[“What should we do?]Bookmark here

I have other bodies in different parts of this dungeon, so I don’t mind if this body dies. I’ll be safe. The problem is your body. Will you disappear if your physical body gets killed? …She hasn’t approached us yet, is she on guard?Bookmark here

[“I don’t know… I think my physical body will die but I’ll still remain as a panel and we’ll still be able to talk inside your head.”]Bookmark here

We can’t have that. You just received a body… it would be a waste. We should at least let you escape. I’ll open the inventory and have this body distract her.Bookmark here

[“No. She already knows that I’m here. She’ll definitely try to search for me in this dungeon. That is definitely bad because she’ll encounter your other bodies. The risk is lesser for you if we try to escape without {Inventory} so we can keep your other bodies a secret. Also, a confirmation, again I will say it. Even if my physical body dies, I have this unusual feeling that I won’t disappear completely.”]Bookmark here

I don’t want you to lose your physical body now that you’ve gotten it. But if all of my bodies die, you will also disappear, which would be worse…Bookmark here

Fine, this is the best chance of survival… but that doesn’t mean that I’ll let your body get killed!Bookmark here

I’ll distract her with this body while you fly out of here as fast as you can!Bookmark here

[“I may be able to reform myself, but I can’t fly like you.”]Bookmark here

Then you run as fast as you can. I’ll change into a Manticore and fly as fast as I can while you run the other direction.Bookmark here

[“Got it.”]Bookmark here

“My, my~ are you finished discussing? I’m waiting for an introduction here~”Bookmark here

Was she really just waiting for an introduction, or was she just on guard because of an unknown enemy?Bookmark here

Regardless, it’s time to escape!Bookmark here

I used my top speed and flew away as fast as possible.Bookmark here

…A second after I flew.Bookmark here

She appeared in front of me. Flying backwards, flapping her magic wings while facing me.Bookmark here

“My, my… please don’t run away~ <Gravity>~”Bookmark here

My body slammed on the floor.Bookmark here

It felt like the gravity has multiplied multiple times and pushed me down on the floor.Bookmark here

What!? she didn’t have this skill in the panel Pane showed me!Bookmark here

Dammit! Pane, are you alright!?Bookmark here

[“Her magic also reached me!”]Bookmark here

The area’s too big!Bookmark here

“My, my… I got myself a cute flying cat and a beautiful lady~”Bookmark here

She landed on her feet and her wings disappeared.Bookmark here

She approached me and crouched down.Bookmark here

“You should’ve used {Inventory} and escaped with all of your bodies into it. Even though you and the cute lady will be stuck and die of hunger there, isn’t that better than being killed~?”Bookmark here

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