Chapter 12:

Worm Chapter 7: Morph Worm


Worm Chapter 7Bookmark here

Morph WormBookmark here

I have no ears but I know he said something… what did he say?Bookmark here

[“Avenge… Leia…*dies*.”]Bookmark here

…The end?Bookmark here

[“Yeah.”]Bookmark here

Well, I finished avenging him already, right? So, I guess his last wish was already completed before he died?Bookmark here

[“His last wish is to get revenge on a monster who only followed its instincts? Somehow I find that unusual…”]Bookmark here

Anyway, enough of that… it’s time for me to evolve!Bookmark here

[“Can’t you give him a proper burial first? Dissolve his body first. It will come as excess EXP before evolving anyway. It’ll be added up to your EXP after you evolve, similar to the excess EXP you got even after reaching level 50 after battling the 300 ants.”]Bookmark here

Okay, fine…Bookmark here

I dissolved Soldier X713 quickly as a burial like Pane told me to.Bookmark here

[Human] has been dissolved.
-Health has been recovered.
-Mana has been recovered.
-EXP has been gained.
__________________________________________________________________________________________________Bookmark here

…Hey, is it okay to evolve now?Bookmark here

[“Go ahead.”]Bookmark here

At last! It’s time for me to evolve!
Bookmark here

Evolution Options
[General Worm]
[Horizon Worm]
[Morph Worm]
Bookmark here

Do I really need to see all the evolutions other than morph worm? I mean, I’m probably going to choose that since it was unlocked.Bookmark here

[“You won’t lose anything, just look at them.”]Bookmark here

Fine…Bookmark here

[General Worm]: A worm that has the ability to summon and control other worms of a lesser evolution level.

Racial Skills: <Worm Army>

Example: <Worm Army> is used to create an army of worms that can be commanded by the user’s will.
__________________________________________________________________________________________________Bookmark here

[Sky Worm]: A worm that has gained the ability to fly and use breath attacks.

Racial Skills: <Worm Breath>

Example: Using <Worm Breath> to produce high acidity liquid that can be made by <Phase Change: Liquid> and <Phase Change: Gas> or shoot out a spike created by <Phase Change: Solid>
__________________________________________________________________________________________________Bookmark here

Both of them are actually decent…Bookmark here

If I become a [Worm General], I’ll be able to get myself a worm army. I’ll be able to spread them throughout the world and have them kill a lot of beings so I can level up easily.Bookmark here

[Sky Worm] enables me to fly and make breath attacks! That seems a lot like a dragon actually… A wyrm, probably?Bookmark here

Lastly, [Morph Worm].Bookmark here

[Morph Worm]: A worm that has the ability to change into anything for as long as the user has wills it.

Racial Skills: <Morph>

Example: Using <Morph> to make a dragon head and use <Dragon Breath>.
__________________________________________________________________________________________________Bookmark here

Wait, seriously? I can morph into dragons and stuff!?Bookmark here

[“Looks like it… and looks like you’ll be able to use their skills as well…”]Bookmark here

The best choice is obvious, I’ll go [Morph Worm].Bookmark here

[Morph Worm] has been chosen to be the superseding race.
-Being will be in a stasis state during evolution process.
-Being will be in full recovered status after evolution process.
-Evolution time is set to 5 seconds due to ‡Marquis of Sloth‡.
-Level will not reset after evolving due to ‡Marquis of Sloth‡.

Evolve to [Morph Worm]?Bookmark here

Confirmation: [Yes][No]
__________________________________________________________________________________________________Bookmark here

It’s another night again! Come to think about it, I don’t need sleep like other beings… but I like to be in stasis when I’m evolving…Bookmark here

[Yes], Goodnight Pane!Bookmark here

Evolution Update: The superseding evolution, [Morph Worm] does not have a base form. Please choose a base form before Evolving.

Notice: Base form can be change using the [Morph Worm]’s racial skill.
__________________________________________________________________________________________________Bookmark here

But I just said goodnight!Bookmark here

A panel with the names of the monsters I killed or dissolved appeared in front of me.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Hmmm, a base form, huh…Bookmark here

Wait, does that mean I’ll finally be able to see!?Bookmark here

[“Seems like it.”]Bookmark here

At last! I’ll be able to see what things look like, even though I already know how they look like inside my head for some reason!Bookmark here

Okay… now what race to choose from? Should I choose manticore?Bookmark here

[“It’s obviously human… you don’t want to be hunted down all the time when you go out of this dungeon. Trust me, humanoids are a lot more dangerous than monsters.”]Bookmark here

Guess you have a point… I’ll choose [Human] then.Bookmark here

I clicked on it…Bookmark here

Well then, goodnight!Bookmark here

‡Sloth‡: Before proceeding to ‡Duke of Sloth‡ a being must have a gender first.
Choose your gender: [Male]|[Female]
__________________________________________________________________________________________________Bookmark here

Stopped again? When will I evolve!?Bookmark here

…I need a gender? Why? Because of the evolution?Bookmark here

[“It's for the title. It says right there.”]Bookmark here

I see… fine, I’ll pick a gender…Bookmark here

Hey, Pane… what gender would you like me to have?Bookmark here

[“Choose a gender that is more convenient.”]Bookmark here

Okay, I’ll look at the advantages and disadvantages of each gender based on my knowledge with no source…Bookmark here

Each specie has different physical strength depending on gender… and there’s magical strength as well… so evaluating genders based on strength and usefulness is useless.Bookmark here

…What other things to consider between the two…Bookmark here

Based on my knowledge with no source…Bookmark here

Females have menstruation…Bookmark here

Females give birth…Bookmark here

Menstruation and birth sounds painful!Bookmark here

I’ll become a Male!Bookmark here

I lost consciousness…Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Being Update: Gender has been set to [Male].

Race Update: Official race has been changed from [Greater Phase Worm] to [Morph Worm].

Title Update: ‡Marquis of Sloth‡ has changed to ‡Duke of Sloth‡.

Evolution Level Update: Evolution Level has risen. Current Level: 6.

Panel Intelligence Level Update: Panel Intelligence Level has risen due to acquiring the ‡Duke of Sloth‡ title. Current level: 7.

Racial Ability Update: <Morph> has been acquired due to the change in race.Bookmark here

Excess EXP from before evolution has been acquired.Bookmark here

Level Update: Level has risen by 1. Current Level: 51

Racial Ability Update: <Morph Lv. 1> has upgraded 2 times to <Morph Lv. 3>
__________________________________________________________________________________________________Bookmark here

‡Sloth’s Eve‡ has been materialized.
__________________________________________________________________________________________________Bookmark here

Bookmark here

“Hey.”Bookmark here

Hmm? Did I really evolve? I still see nothing…Bookmark here

Oh? Is this what it feels like to hear! It feels really weird…Bookmark here

“No, you need to open your eyes.”Bookmark here

Oh, I need to open my eyes to see! I need to raise my eyelids…Bookmark here

I slowly moved the muscles on what seems to be my eye sockets.Bookmark here

Upon opening, I can see other colors than nothingness.Bookmark here

I know the colors because of my knowledge, but I can really see other things aside from nothingness!Bookmark here

I can see the blue shine on this giant cave that was previously the base of the ant king.Bookmark here

So, this is what it feels like to see!Bookmark here

Wow, this is amazing! I’ve been missing out on a lot!Bookmark here

“Glad you like it.”Bookmark here

I’ve been hearing this voice since a while ago… Pane?Bookmark here

I don’t hear the voice in my head, but on my ears.Bookmark here

Why is that?Bookmark here

I moved my head… I can move my body parts even when not using ⌠Telekinetic Movement⌡! This is what you call natural muscle movement!Bookmark here

Well, I could move them before… but it just felt really stupid moving my body even though I had the skill.Bookmark here

I moved my head to look at the source of the sound.Bookmark here

“Hey.”Bookmark here

A human female? Is that you, Pane!?Bookmark here

“Correct.”Bookmark here

I only have the knowledge inside my head so I’ll only describe her as what I see.Bookmark here

Pane is a beautiful female in human standards.Bookmark here

She has long waist length black hair that goes down on her back and over her shoulders over her large beautifully sized breasts. Her eyes have black irises on them. She has sparkling white skin. Her body is slim but curvy. She has black markings which can be called a tattoo on her left buttocks up to her left hip. She also has a tattoo on her upper left arm.Bookmark here

Her expression is that of a bored person who looks like she’s too lazy to even breathe… but she’s beautiful, so it’s forgiven. Bookmark here

“…Ah, “it” stood up as you were describing me in your head.”Bookmark here

…I’m a male human now. Of course, it would do that as a natural reaction... So, you can still hear what’s inside my head.Bookmark here

“Actually, why don’t you talk? It’s pretty simple… even I can do it.”Bookmark here

…Talking with my mouth…Bookmark here

“Shoukay, khat zavout shess?”(Okay, what about this?)Bookmark here

“I have absolutely no idea what you’re saying… you’ll get better as you speak.”Bookmark here

“Shome chu shink habout hit, Vhag thu hail ook lyke?”(Come to think about it, what do I look like?)Bookmark here

“Good think I am inside your head so I know what your talking about… why don’t you just look at your reflection on that crystal over there.Bookmark here

I looked at my reflection on the crystal.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

“That look reminds me of Soldier X713.”Bookmark here

“Gid ay worph info gim?” (Did I morph into him?)Bookmark here

“You just look similar, there’s a lot of difference. You also look less human than him.”Bookmark here

“I luke ryzz human?”(I look less human ?)Bookmark here

“No, you look like human. You just have this inhuman feel on your eyes… Not a handsome or pretty human though. Just a common looking one… too bad.”Bookmark here

“Hey, it’s not like I chose this look.”Bookmark here

“Good, you can talk properly now. Your human looks will probably improve as your evolution level ranks up.”Bookmark here

“This is unfair, why do you look good? Anyway, cover your body. My knowledge tells me “this” won’t come down unless you cover your body.”Bookmark here

“…Say, based on my knowledge, human reproduction feels good… should we try it?”Bookmark here

“…Won’t you get pregnant?”Bookmark here

“Don’t worry, I can use ⌠Reform⌡ to block it on the inside.”Bookmark here

“You can use ⌠Reform⌡?”Bookmark here

Pane changed her arm into a giant blade.Bookmark here

“Can you use my other skills?Bookmark here

“…I’ll show you both of our status panels.”Bookmark here

Name: Worm
Being Category: [Monster]
Race: [Morph Worm]
Racial Classification: [Formless]
Title: ‡Duke of Sloth‡
Evolution Level: 6
Panel Intelligence Level: 7

Level: 51
EXP: 13%
Health: 1751
Spirit: 1684
Strength: 1739
Agility: 1708
Magic: 1712

Racial Abilities
⌠Reform⌡|⌠Telekinetic Movement⌡|⌠Worm Slime Dissolution⌡|⌠Split Body⌡| ⌠Phase Change⌡| <Morph Lv. 3>

⌠Dualism⌡|⌠Regeneration Mastery⌡

Special Skills
{Mind Activation}|{Inventory}|{Telepathic Communication}
__________________________________________________________________________________________________Bookmark here

Not much changed in mine…Bookmark here

What about Pane?Bookmark here

Name: Pane
Being Category: [Formless]
Race: [Formless]
Racial Classification: [Formless]
Title: ‡Sloth’s Eve‡

Racial Abilities

Bookmark here

“You don’t have a level and such?”Bookmark here

“My stats mirror your stats, it’s just not shown. As for my body I have perfect control over it. Actually, my body aren’t that of a human, but some kind of unique unexplainable material that I can change the properties and such at will. It’s like a shadow of some sort. If you look into my insides, you can see a human… but if you stab me, shadow will come out and will reform back to its previous form after seconds.”Bookmark here

“You can change the properties at will? shouldn’t that be a racial skill?”Bookmark here

“That’s because it was in-built your race. It’s similar to how humans don’t get a “<Walking>” skill because it’s learned naturally.”Bookmark here

“I see… why is your [Race], and [Being Category], [Formless]? Isn’t that a [Race Classification]?”Bookmark here

“I don’t know…”Bookmark here

“So, there are things you don’t know… oh well. Now for the usual routine, let’s look at the title.”Bookmark here

‡Duke of Sloth‡
-Increase EXP gained by 50%+(Level*1%)+(Evolution/Class Level*10%).
-Increase skill level up rate by 50%+(Level*1%)+(Evolution/Class Level*10%).
-Increase skill acquiring rate by 50%+(Level*1%)+(Evolution/Class Level*10%).
-Grants {Mind Activation}.
-Grants {Inventory}.
-Grants {Telepathic Communication}.
-Earning EXP increases Skill Proficiency.
-Earning Skill Proficiency increases EXP.
-Level reset when evolving or class advancement has been removed.
-Upon evolution or class advancement, the world average of the statistics of the superseding race will be applied. If conversion of statistics from previous race or class to the superseding race or class is above the world average, the conversion is done instead of applying the world average.
-All evolution process lasts 5 seconds.
-Increase Panel Intelligence Level.
-Materialization of Sloth’s Adam/Eve.
__________________________________________________________________________________________________Bookmark here

“The only thing added is your materialization. Wait, what about your knowledge?”Bookmark here

“Got nothing new.”Bookmark here

“As expected… you reaaaally got nothing new, right? Just say it already!”Bookmark here

“Trust me, I got nothing.”Bookmark here

This woman…Bookmark here

“Fine, now let’s look at the new skill…Bookmark here

<Morph>: Ability of the being to morph into any shape and morph into other beings to use their skills and racial abilities.
-Speed of morphing depends on level.
-Quality of the forms morphed into depends on level.
-Activation command in changing base form: <Morph: Shapeshift>
__________________________________________________________________________________________________Bookmark here

It was expected from the information I got from the evolution.Bookmark here

With this, I’ll finally be able to get some skills. All I’ve been getting are racial abilities. Time to learn skills!Bookmark here

“Wait.”Bookmark here

I felt something soft on my back. My heartbeat rose and my face turned hot.Bookmark here

“Before you do that, let’s try reproduction with our new bodies.”Bookmark here

It was Pane pressing her chest towards my back.Bookmark here

“This feeling… humans are lucky to feel it all the time.”Bookmark here

“I also have this feeling of wanting to do human reproduction… why don’t we try it? Morph part of your body into a bed and separate it. I have this feeling it will be more comfortable.”Bookmark here

“…Okay.”Bookmark here

For my first activity as a human, I experienced one of the greatest pleasures a human can experience.Bookmark here

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Bookmark here

Author's Note:
There are some "mature" content here(there's also something like it in the previous chapter), but I think in their situation, that would be the first thing they would feel like doing upon receiving a human body with the information in their head. In a way it's more like curiosity than having a dirty mind and/or following human instincts.
Bookmark here

As for choosing the gender part, I'm very very sorry if I offended some of the readers.
Bookmark here

When Pane speaks with her mouth, it would be with "" like usual. If she speaks directly to the consciousness of Worm, it'll still be [""].
Bookmark here

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