Chapter 5:

Husband meets Luzifer

I Married a Perverted Pink Haired Demon Princess


"Nór!?" I heard quietly and indistinct.

"Please wake up, what happened to you? Are you fine?"

Slowly but surely I come to me and realize that I lie in a queen-size bed in the middle of a huge bedroom. At the ceiling hang a big chandelier down and it was only a question of the time, when will 'charge' energy.

"Lilithy?" I whispered.

"Where we are? I felt so empty..."

"Oh, Nor!"

She jumped off me in the bed and hugged me very strenghtfull.

"You're fine! I'm so happy that you live."

"I had no idea what I should do in this situation last night," she said worriedly.

"I'm also happy that I'm alive but what happened last night?" I asked with a very confused face and thoughts.

"After we married, we..."

Oh shit, we had married?!

I thought like I was screaming it out.

"... wanted to find a nice hotel in the demon world..."

In which world we are?!

Slowly but surely I'd remembered me, what happened roughly.

"... and you said that we should go in a demon-love-hotel because you really want to go inside one in these worlds."

I can well imagine.

"After we arrived and paid for a whole day, go to our room and at the moment you walk in the room you fell down without any reaction. And I don't know what I should do now."

"Sorry to interrupt you but can it be, that I need more energy in the demon world like you in the human world?" I asked.

"Now where you said it..."
"... and reacted as I have done it..." she said very very quietly. It was nearly understandable.
"... Yes it's possible that you eventually have to use more energy in the demon world than in the 'real' world."

"Why did you say 'and react as I have done it' ?" I asked confused.

"Well, I don't know how I should wake you and your pulse was very weak, you were nearly dead, so I tried to strengthen your pulse..." She is getting more and more embarrassed.

"So I'd tried to satisfy you with my hands and mouth..."

Just a moment, it is what I think she'd done?! I can't believe it.

"I tried to give you a heart pressure massage and ventilate you."

Well, I have to admit it, I believed in something completely different. You know?

"But nothing happened, except that you become a boner and so I began to massage 'it' with my hands and mouth."

That's bad at all!

"Ten minutes after I'd swallowed your sauce, you wake up. And there you lie." She explained

"You, You, Y-" I stuttered.

"You saved me! I love you so much, Lilithy."
"I'd married the best demon and human at all who ever existed and ever will exist!"

While I said that she begins to cry out of happiness.

I was also so happy about that, that out of my eyes floated tears of happiness. On the one hand, it was extremely awkward for her but on the other, it was huge proof, that she really loves me and would do everything for me.
I love her!

In this situation, I didn't care what she had done to rescue me. I'm only happy about it, that she'd done it for me.

"I'm also so happy that I was able to save you. You're the one and only thing in my life that gives me the meaning of life."

I grabbed her shoulders and pull her in my arms. She was warm a soft. I would love to let her never go.

After I hugged her I kisses her passionately on the lips.

"But now I also want to help you to gain energy..." She said putly.

Did I hear it right?

"So, darling. Come and take me as you wish."

I won't be told twice.

I take her and throw her on the bed so she's lying on the back.

Because we're still in a love hotel I look for toys or something like that, to try some new.

After a few moments, I got it. Ropes and belts. The belt I don't need anyway.

I began to bound her to the bedpost so she can no longer move her arms and legs in any direction. My belt is used as a handcuff so I can dominate her without any interruptions from her. I love it to have to power about someone.

I started with touching her stomach to irritate her so that she feels way more lust and pressure for the grand finale.

As always she begins to moan innocently and quiet.

From time to time louder and louder.

At some moment I stopped to irritate her and slowly begins to knead her breasts and her tight butt. I use all of my fingers too. From Time to time she is going to be more intensive and harder.

With the part of her body; her stomach, thighs, and upper arms, where she‘s still able to move she begins to shake and hasn‘t any control over herself.

I continued by putting a finger in her and going in and out slowly before I put two in her.

She still tries to hold back her moans but she keeps moaning out loud sometimes. Her lips are jittering because she doesn't want to moan. But she didn't make it.

She was shortly before having an orgasm and I gave my best, that she had the best one of all time.

After she had one I thought;

you can easily continue, what can she do in this situation?

And so on I continued although she'd already come.

"Oh my god, darling!" She screams lustily.
"Please. Stop it!" It sounds like she said that because she doesn't want to look lewd or dirty and isn't because she wants that I really stop these.

"I'll continue. Trust me, I know how you are and you don't have to feel awkward. I love you how you are, Lilithy." And presses my lips against hers.

Again I feel a huge amount of love floating through our mouths.

"Okay, darling. Do it!" She answered lustfully.

I continued and bring her to the maximum of what she could oppose.

After that, her orgasm comes like an explosion out of her and I thought that she has more than one orgasm.

From time to time she stops to tremble and calm down a little bit.

I unleash her, she fall in my arms and we kissed us passionately.

After all, I feel massive energy that suddenly floats through my body. I feel very powerful. I felt like I‘m able to beat everyone in the whole world.

"Now you have enough power to survive in this world long enough, my darling."We finally calmed down and decide first to take breakfast.

+ + + + + + + + +

Damn, that was a great breakfast. I hadn‘t expected that the food in the demon world is so good.

While we breakfast Lilithy comes back to the topic of her father.

"So, darling. Now we should go on the way to my dad. I guess, he‘ll like you. You‘ll also meet my mom, but the most important thing is, that my dad can talk with you. After all, we are married," she said.

"Okay, then let's continue the ride," I said.

We went outside the love-hotel, I nearly forgot, that the sky of this world is dark red, and walk in the direction of the blood-red sun.

"Tell Lilithy, why do we cannot fast-travel to your family home like all demons here?"

"Well, I thought that it takes longer before I have to tell you the thing..."

"... my father is nobler. To be correct you also known him as Luzifer or the devil."

These words hit me like an arrow of fire through my heart. How did she don't tell me that before we married?!

Tears started to float slowly out of her eyes.

"I-I wanted to marry you, so I was afraid if you still say 'yes' if you know that my father is the devil. And so on I lied on you."

She burst into tears.

"I am so sorry, darling!" She cried.

That was a fast change between the happiness of visiting her dad and guilt.

"Let's talk about it in the future. Now, let's go to your dad," I replied.

But what did that mean for me as a human who married a demon princess?

We continued our journey and no one of us said anything.

It was like walking through a hell-red desert, kilometers of kilometers nothing. If Lilithy's father is Luzifer, why does he live in a desert?

Because I was a human in the world of demons, I have to use way more energy than on the earth to walk.

After a few hours of walking, I saw a huge castle at the end of the horizon and I know this must be Lilithy's home. My energy reserves were on a critical level and I felt, that I wasn't able to walk for a long time from now on.

Somehow I have done it to walk to the entry of the castle.
She pressed the doorbell and a very masculine voice sounded through it:

"Who are you and why you are here, pantywaist?"

The guardian only saw me, I guess.

Now she walks in front of the camera.

"Here is Lilithy DEVILUKE. The heir to the throne of ruler Luzifer."

The masculine voice of the guard became more submissive answered quietly:

"I-I'm so sorry Princess DEVILUKE the second. I will open the gate immediately. Please come in."
"... and please forgive me," he whispered at the end.

+ + + + + + + + +

The huge gate opened and it was like the paradise. Trees, green plants, grass, and a waterfall. It was awesome.

At the moment we walk into it, 20 to 30 guards run to us, pushed me away from Lilithy, and escort her.

"What are you doing?" She drilled loudly and angrily.

One of the guards only return:
"It's only a human, princess Lilithy. He isn't worth anything."

"What did you say?!" Her voice raises.
"This is Nór DEVILUKE! Dou you understand, dumbass?"

It takes a few moments before they realize what that means.

"He is my husband!" Lilithy added

All guards bow on their knees and ask for forgiveness.

"We are so sorry, Sir Nór DEVILUKE," they all said simultaneously.

"Alright, so please let us go in im very dizzy..." I said.

We went inside the floor of the much huger castle and in the entry, Luzifer welcome us.

He saw me and already guessed that my energy level is very low. And so on he sends me to a special room in the castle.

"This is the embassy of the earth. On this ground, you can charge your energy by sleeping."
"Tomorrow, I'll speak with you. So get ready..." He explained with a very serious voice.

I lie on the floor and fall asleep immediately.

A few hours later three guards tore me out of the room and inside a huge hall.

"Darling, here you are, I was worried," I heard from Lilithy.

"Let him down," Luzifer spoke.
"You had married my daughter, a succubus, you pervert!"

"..." I was shocked because she wanted me that I married her.

"Before I continue, I would like to say that a marriage between a princess and the husband who she picked for her, is forever. Except: She leaves you, but if she leaves you because you break her heart, the whole armee of the demons do anything to cause a genocide on your whole race. If you leave her, the same thing happened."

To sum up; if I leave her I and the whole human race will die.

"Not so disrespectful. I still can read your thoughts," he added.

"I continue."
"Because of the marriage, you will become a demon if you want or not and only I have the force to take you to one."

"May can I ask what will happen to me, if I became a demon?"

"This!" He returned.

I felt how numb my whole body became, and asked me what happen next. I haven't any control over my feet, legs, arms, hands, fingers. I wasn't able to feel anything. But from now to then a shock of pain raises through my body.

I was only able to see white thunderbolts who hit the floor next to me and my body.

"No!!" Lilithy screamed. But she was detained by guards.
"You'll kill him!" She screamed to her father. To Luzifer.

I guess, that this is the end. My life was so wonderful in the last few weeks. I met the best girl who I can imagine and had a wonderful time.
Well, it has to go to an end...

I love you... Lilithy

+ + + + + + + + +

I heard nothing. Where am I? What happened?

"You mustn't die!" I heard a female voice.

"Who and where are you?" I asked.

"That doesn't count."
"Feel the energy that is floating through your body."

I'd try to focus all of my energy on myself.

The last thing I heard was:

"I'll help you."

From this moment I felt a huge amount of energy flowing through my body.

From the outside one can see, that my body began to glow and particles spinning around my body.

Then I woke up from the dead.

The guards tried to keep hold of me, but a light punch was enough that they fly through the whole hall and hit the walls.

"Okay, you stupid. Then I have to kill you with my own hands." He laughed bestially.

"No! Dad. Please let him go!" Lilithy shout.

I was extremely motivated to fight against Luzifer and win. I want to live with Lilithy together until death does us part and for this dream, I will fight until I die!

So Luzifer runs towards me.

I had an instinct that says me, that I should do something.

I don't know why but I pointed my hand to Luzifer and snapped.

One can hear a sound like an aircraft is going to take off. So I ran to Lilithy held her in my arms and watched what happens next.

A shockwave, bigger than any bomb I saw on the TV forms in front of me. In the center of this: Luzifer. It grows bigger and bigger.
The roof of the hall was shocked away and the walls broke into themselves.

You can't see anything 'cause of the brightness of the fireball that is forming.

Two minutes later the fireball expires and Luzifer lies on the ground.

"I can't believe it..." He moans out of weakness.
"How you had beat me??" He asked perplexed.

"I-I don't know, I only let my fingers snap. That's all."

He was trying to stand up from the ground. After he stand in front of me and still crouched, he tall me:

"You are worthy to marry my daughter," he stated.

I can't get it for a few moments. How fast one can change their opinion about someone else, who one wants to kill a moment ago?

"Listen, Nór, I searched for someone who can protect my one and only. My daughter. Princess DEVILUKE. And you are the one I'd searched for."

"Who expected that a human can become so extremely strong..." Luzifer added.

The whole hall is still destroyed but it seems, that this is no matter.

"Nó-!" I heard from far away.
"Nór! I am so happy that you survived that!" Her eyes burst tears out of happiness.

"I'm also very happy that-"

She hugged me and pressed her lips against mine.

"Let's take a room. So the castle is so big, we can do it everywhere," she whispered before she repeated kissing.

"But Darling..." she hesitated
"Do you still need me?"

"Why should I don't like you?" I asked.

"From now on your body will turn into a demon with the abilities to be a human..."

I think, that I know what she wants me to say.

"... you don't need me to live here or somewhere else." She shuttered with a sad face.

Within less than one second I replied:
"No! You're wrong! I love you and I need you to live in this universe. It doesn't matter if we are on the earth or here. I only want you to be happy!"

"I'm so happy about your words, darling!"

But what she said means, that I have one less reason to have fun with my wife...

"B-But can we anyway have fun together, if you know what I mean?" I asked very quietly because I don't want to sound too offensive.

"Of course, darling! I ask for that." She answered with a wide beautiful grin.
"I need it!" She had hearts in her eyes.

That was one of the moments when I don't realize that her father listen to us and now looks at me with a very suspicious face.
But he should know that his daughter is a succubus, isn't he?

+ + + + + + + + +

We went to a room of the nearly 500 in the whole castle and I can't believe what I saw.
Two separate beds!?

I was so happy to have some fun with my wife and now we only have separate beds?

"Dad!" She screamed through the whole castle.


A few minutes later he arrived.

"What can I do for you, my princess?" He asked with a sneaky smile.

"There are two separate beds and I'm a married couple!"
"I want to get another room."

At first, he begins to discuss with her but later he watched to me and allowed it immediately. Do I have a so terrifying look?

After a little 5 kilometers walk, we arrived at a new room.

Luzifer opened the door and said with a listless and settled voice:
"I wish you a good night..."

I think, that he knows exactly what will happen this night.

Like the castle, our bed was extremely huge. It's actually for only two people but it looks like a whole football team will fit there.

And so on, the night of our life begins.

+ + + + + + + + +

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