Chapter 4:

Energy overflow

I Married a Perverted Pink Haired Demon Princess

"Nór, my master, I need your energy now!"

Oh shit, that's not good at all.

"Do we have time to go home?"
I prayed that we had enough time but vain.

"I'm so sorry, so I don't think that we can make it home." She said desperately.

Where can we go?

I racked my mind on what we should do now. We cannot do it in public at all. Have had to go somewhere where no one is able to see us.

Think, think...

"We can go to a love hotel. It's only less than five minutes apart from us. We can get it! Can you hold out until we arrived?"

"Y-Yes I think I can do it, but not if I have to walk by myself to the hotel please carry me, darling."
She was already weak although she'd said that her energy lasts for the next few hours.

"Fine. I'll carry you." I said full of pride.

I picked her up and noticed that she's really light, how can this be? Her skin feels like the skin of normal humans and her breasts feel also normal as far as I can say that.

"Oh and before we arrive, the less I have energy the lewder I'll become, so I can collect much more energy from you, master."

At this moment I don't know if this was a good thing that happened because she slowly began to moan although nothing happened until yet and the other visitors of the mall can hear her noises.

I still have to admit that it's very hot that she became lewder if she loses energy.

But now my mission is to bring her away from her so that I can give her my energy.

I've put my left arm under her back of the knees and the other under her right shoulder so my right-hand touches her breast more often.

Then I begins to run as fast as I could so that we can reach the love hotel on time. That is by the way still easier than I thought because she's so light.

We arrived after a few minutes and I asked the receptionist for a room for 90 minutes.

Lilithy tried to hold back her moans.

"Of course. Is the girl conscious? Or what are you going to do?"

He thinks that I'll rape her or have sex with a corpse...

"No, no. She's only a little bit tired. We had a little date today and she wasn't doing so well anymore. And now we want to relax a little bit."

"I want to believe you. And take care of her! That makes 2.500 Yen please."

"Yeah sure..."

"Here you are."

"Thank you here is your key. You have 90 minutes from now on."

I directly run to the room we get, unlock, and throws her on the bed. She can't hold her moans back anymore and still begins to moan louder.

What should I do now?

"Do the same thing as last time, darling." She moans.

I slowly began to undress her, because that's the first time I have to do something and don't listen dully to her orders what I should do next.

I'd begun with the boots while I caress her wonderful legs. If I'd undressed her boots I continue with her tights which go up to the waist, I grabbed them and slowly pull them down. 

Now I can perfectly look on her panties, so wonderful the awful life can be I'd never expected.

After that, I unbutton her skirt and undressed her hoodie, so that I'm able to see her sweet stomach and her beautiful pink bra.

Her moans were louder and louder the more I undressed.

The last thing I'd undressed was her bra. If I released the clips her nice breasts bounce on her. They're so beautiful.

"Don't give yourself so much time. Do it, darling!"

I don't know what I had to do at the moment she said this, so I do something and hope so on that I can get it.

With my right hand, I began to knead her breast and my left hand was going into her pink panties.

Oh my god, she's so wet.

I rubbed her further and further until she nearly screams with lust.

"More! More, please!"

She is so lewd.

I continue rubbing in her panties and kneading her breasts so that she moans louder and louder.

She begins to hold on to the bed and shakes out of lust.

It‘s so nice. I love her so much.

"I love you too, darling!" She moans.

I stopped thinking and press my lips against her lips.

It was so wonderful. I cannot describe this feeling. Her lips are so soft and warm and our tongues have touched each other. It was the feeling that I imagined as love. As if I were going up to heaven.

We kissed us whole 30 seconds. And I thought that these were the best 30 seconds of my whole life. My heart races so much… I hope that I don‘t get a heart attack of love.

At that moment she comes.

"Ahh! I love you, darling! It was fantastic…" She said exhausted.

I feel how my whole power of lust flows out of me and into her.

"So much energy! You‘re perfect, darling! Please stay at me forever and ever."

"I stay as long as I could by your site. I love you!"

"I love you too, darling!"

Then we kissed us again and again. And every time we do, it feels unique so I can‘t get enough.

"I don‘t have me under control, I want more!" She said and at this moment I thought that she want to do it again.

I grabbed her wrists and pressed her down on the bed. We‘re still undressed yet, so I can save time.

Then I licked her armpits what she‘ll make lewder, and so on I grabbed her ass.

This time our ritual wasn‘t to collect energy. It was only for fun. And it was just as awesome as last time…

+ + + + + + + + +

The 90 minutes have expired, so we had to go and are from now on back in the mall.

We went to the accessories store which we wanted to go to earlier before I had to pump my energy into her.

I want that she wears a choker necklace. That would definitely look hot.

"We have finally arrived!"

"Oh well, all the accessories look beautiful." She said very excitedly.

"Nór? What‘s that?" She asked very cutely.

She immediately picked the best choker necklace as I can believe.

"It‘s a collar named choker necklace. You wear it around the neck."

"That really exciting. And on this collar is a ring so you can go for a walk with me like a dog."

She speaks directly out of my soul.

While I thought that with tears of happiness in my eyes.

Get yourself back in. You can‘t cry in front of your girl because she wants to you go for a walk with you!

I thought in the second person of me. I have to pull myself together. I have to stay cool.

So I called like she has an idea to do it, so I cannot be described as a pervert. But still, she‘s the pervert of us two.

"I can still read your thoughts, you know?"

"Oh sorry. I would really like to go on a walk with you with a dog leash."

I would really really like that.

She asks if she can try it on.

"Sure. Please." I said with a happy grin on my face.

She wears it and I was extremely flashed at how attractive one can be.

"You look pretty cute with these."

"Thank you, darling! Now we only need a dog leash."

How direct can one be so shameless?! Do all demons have this kind? But to be honest she‘s also a succubus and hasn‘t a huge problem speaking about this topic.

"Yeah… Let‘s buy a dog leash online. It‘s weird to buy one without a dog by the site. In the public, some people are offended by this and I don‘t want to have a conversation about this."

"Okay, then let‘s buy it online. But why do these people live and let live?"

"I don‘t know. Humans are weird."

We went to the cashier to buy the choker necklace and paid. I hope that it is worth it and we can have some fun with it.

We left the store and stand in the middle of the shopping mall who was longer than a whole kilometer. It already was the beginning of the evening, so many stores turn on their shop window lights.

Wow, it feels like Christmas time.

But it still was autumn.

"Where should we go next?" I asked because I guess, that she had already all clothes she wanted.

"Let‘s go to the underwear store and buy some lingerie."

That was the spot who I passed out the first time we had a date. To be honest it was the date with the not-existing Emma who was Lilithy.

But now I have already seen Lilithy completely naked, so what could make me shocked? 

It can‘t go wrong.

I thought hasty. At this point, I thoughtn't what will happen in the next moments.

We entered the store, the view of all these lingerie immediately catches my eyes. I cannot wait until she wears these. I'm really excited.

She said that I should sit down in front of the locker rooms and wait until she comes out. So, she takes some lingeries and went into the locker rooms.

While she's changing I painted in my head a picture, what she'll wear and hopped that she looks exactly like that.

After three minutes I hear a voice out of the locking room.

"D-Darling? I'll come out now, so please don't get a stroke or pass out."

That sounds like she's very sure of herself.

"All is fine, I'm happy that you will come out!"

I saw how the curtain of the locker room opens. And then she stands in front of me. My beautiful Lilithy.

Just a moment, is that a swimsuit? Does not matter! She looks beautiful.

"How do I look, darling?" She asked.

She has a complete white two-part swimming suit. It's nothing special in the general sense but on her, the swimsuit was one with her beautiful white skin and set a fine accent.

It is so fantastic I can't even speak.
"I-I-It l-looks f-fantastic, L-Lilithy."

"Has you lost the language?" She asked while she grins.

"I only was extremely overwhelmed by your look." I answered.

"Oh well, that makes me very happy to hear! I buy it for you."

I hope she doesn't mean that literally.

She still hasn't bought underwear or lingerie but that doesn't count anymore because from now on she has the sexiest swimsuit that a human or a demon can wear.

She bought the swimsuit and we left the store. It was already dark outside. Luckily the stores and shops in the mall turned on their lights, so we can go home safely.

On the way home, we recognized that I don't have any kind of food at home because I wanted to go shopping for food today.

What can I do now?

"What is it, darling? Do you have any problems?" She asked caringly.

"Oh, I forgot that you can read my thoughts. Well, I forgot to buy food for today and at home, I haven't food anymore." I said.

"We can go to a Konbini. We can buy food and later I can cook for us."

Would she really do that?! I would be so happy...

At this moment I even forgot that she can read my thoughts and so on she said, that she would love it to cook for me like a wife.

So, we went to the Konbini and bought some food that she can cook. And I wondered because I normally eat ready meals... Why does cooking is in relation so cheap?

Now I hold in my left hand two full bags of clothes and in my right hand a bag full of food. I thought that my whole arm would fall off of the weight but between her, I have to look strong and male.

But the worst thing is, that we cannot hold hands together...

"Well darling, you don't want any help just so I don't have to carry anything, right?"

She obviously reads my thoughts again.

"Darling... You know, I'm a demon. So I have many times the strength that you have."
"And I really want to hold hands with you." She said embarrassed.

She's so cute. I can't believe it.

"When it makes you feel better, I carry the light bag so we can hold our hands. How does this sound like for you?"

I don't want that she has to carry anything but I really want to hold hands for the first time in my life.

"Well, we can do it as you said." I give in.

She carries the light stuff with the food so we can hold hands.

I gave her the light bag of food and instantly grabbed her hand. It was one of the best things I've ever done. Her hands were so soft and warm that I can't describe them.

The whole way to my home we hold hands and I enjoyed every minute, every step, and every moment we're walked.

When we arrived I must let her hand off so that I can open the door. 
And holding hands inside is weird.

+ + + + + + + + +

We opened the door put the bags on the ground. She wanted to cook for me immediately, so she begins.

I've sat on the sofa turn on the tv and enjoyed some anime until the moment she said, that I should look at her.

Well, at the first look nothing's special until she turned left and right and I see that she doesn't wear anything under her apron. Her back was completely free of clothes.

With a lewd grin she says to me:
"Dear Sir, may I cook for you please."

It was the lewdest maid I've ever seen somewhere.

"Y-Yes please." Was the only thing I was able to say after this little shock.

Now I have to go on everything that is important for me.

"Can I help you with..."
"...something special." I'd also said with a lewd grin on my face.

"I don't know. You can give me an massage and we wait for what will happen."

I stand up, going next to her, she stands in front of the stovetops and begins to massage her. 
I had begun to massage at her neck, hike deeper to her breast and grab both.

She moans silently while her mouth stands up a bit and drools out of lust, I guess.

I going to do it more intensive so that she weres louder and louder until she can't hold herself back.

I even stand behind her and so on I touch her back and kiss her neck. She begins to moan louder while she still tries to cook something for me. So she exhilarates more and more.

It will not be long until she cannot hold her back... Like me.

I don't even know if she needs new energy but I don't guess that she just does it like that.

"OML!" She moans - nearly screams loudly.

OML? Oh my lord? That should it be.

I thought while I continued kneading her breasts with one hand and touching her skin with the other.

Meanwhile, we lie on my carpet and our dinner still cooks. But at this moment no one of us gives only an fuck of our dinner. We both wanted the same and to be honest it felt like she wanted it a little bit more than I even if I wanted a lot.

"Give me all of your energy, my lord!"
"Spit at me."

After she said that she wanted to get spit on I was thinking if I really should do that, because she's my wife and so... 

I cannot spit on a woman.

But in the end, I was too lewd to think rationally and so, I spat on her.

"More please, more! Give me all your liquids."

"S-Sorry but that's too early for me." I said carefully.

"I'll help you!"

She melts my belt with her energy, I guess, and pulls down my trousers. Then she touches me and it feels wonderful to be touched by a girl with her soft and warm hands.

But through that, it happens that I lost control over myself.

After and while she touches me I began to slap her on her cute but still fat ass and her panties. In every moment my hand slapped her she was nearly screaming out of lust.

We had kissed us so often that I couldn't count it. But although we kissed so many times, every time I kissed her it is still special for me.

I continued to be out of control if one can say that so until she moans out loud:

"Choke me!"

No, I can't do that!

Although I was out of control I didn't do that.

I pretend that I hadn't heard something and still continued.

We already lied over 15 minutes on the ground and we both were close to coming.

At least I put two of my finger into her. At the same moment, she begins to rub my dick, so that we both are coming at the same time.

Like the last time she moans very loudly:
"Ah!!" She was completely out of breath and so on she breaths fast.

As always I feel like a little part of my energy went inside Lilithy.

We both lied on my carpet for the next five minutes without saying anything. After that, she begins to speak.

"Nór, this was the best I've ever done with you. You were so much better from time to time." She praised me.

"You were also extremely good. I'd loved it. The next time I try to do it better and better for you."

The only thing I heard next was
"Tomorrow I have something special for you. We goi-"

From now on equal, I heard nothing.
I was so tired that I only saw that she nod to me and said something.

+ + + + + + + + +

A ray of sun hits my eye and I woke up. I yawned and collect my thoughts and impressions from last night first.

With my fist, I rubbed over my eyes so that I can see anything. At the moment I could see again, the first thing I saw and touched was two big breasts by Lilithy.

She looks very cute if she sleeps.

After that, I recognized that I just like her wear completely naked. I saw all of her really nice body. Also, she snores very quietly I only can hear her breath, it's so cute.

"Pssst. Lilithy." I whispered.

Slowly she's going to awake.

I whispered again: "Lilithy, my princess. It is morning you can wake up."

"???" She gave ununderstandable noises by her.

A few moments later she realize who she is and what I want to tell her.

"I am so sorry my master. I didn't want to be a burden for you. Please forgive."

Why so formal? Does she's my slave? Has she done something dumb that I cannot remember?

"All is good. Don't worry, I wasn't angry with you. We are even a couple!"
She looks fearful, so I try to calm her down.

"You are not mad to me master?"

"No, why should I be mad at you. You're the best thing that happens me in my whole life." I even don't lie. It's the truth this girl gave my life a so big enrichment that I cannot say it in words.

"Okey, darling!" She answered calmly with a smile.
"The thing I wanted to say to you last night was, that I must imagine you, my father. But before we do that we have to marry otherwise he will probably kill you."

"Eh, sorry I think I'd misunderstand something, did you say he'll kill me if we don't marry?!"

"He'll still try you to kill but if we're married he's unable to do it. It's too complex to introduce all the rules and abilities of a marriage in the demon world. I tell you the important things when the time comes."

That doesn't sound very well. He will still try to kill me?

"Does he want to kill because I had closed a pact with you and he knows what happens between a succubus and their partner?" I asked. It was the only logical conclusion that I can close.

"It's quite a bit easier. That would also play a role but it's because you are a human and so on hadn't enough power to fight for me or to do something special."

Wow, that kills all the good emotions that I had at once. But she also said that we'll get married. What could go wrong?

"Okay, how's the plan?"

"At first we had to travel to the demon world. Because I closed a pact with you I can carry you." She explained.

"Then let's start."

She lifted her right hand so it faces my ceiling and spoke:
"Dear Lord of the hell, open us the way to the purgatory!"

A pink circle appears on the ground of my room and before I know it I was teleported to hell with Lilithy.

It was really hot that it nearly burned my skin. The only thing except for fire I could see was a little city on the horizon of the demon world. The sky or that what you call sky was consistently fire-red.

"Stay by my site so you don't burn. I want to protect you, my darling." She said to me.
"We have to reach the city on the horizon. There we can marriage and after that, we visit my dad."

We began to walk and nothing happens. It was lamer than I expected. No trees, no sees, nor rivers or something else that looks natural or beautiful. A whole area out of nothing except red stones.

When we finally arrived at our first stop all demons looks at me like I'm an alien.

To be honest in their world I am an alien.

But luckily Lilithy has imagined me to the others and for the most demons, it wasn't a problem anymore:

"If someone of you scum dares you to continue looking to my fiance, my darling, I'll torture you until you'll die and it will take a long time until you die that I can promise you." She said with very angry eyes and a bittersweet nearly sadistic laugh.

After that, I recognized that all female demons look like S-class humans, all of these can theoretically be supermodels. Even the ugliest female demon in this world looks like the best-looking female human. But even in this world Lilithy belongs to the supermodels, on earth she stands out of competition.

I can't even get it that she had picked me under the three billion male humans on the earth. I'm the luckiest and happiest man on the whole earth.

"Are you ready? Now we'll marry!"

"Sure! I'm looking forward to it." I answered.

We went to something that looks like a church but with a 180-degrees rotated christ cross. In relation to the overworld, we hadn't to make an appointment for our wedding, we can do it in less than 20 minutes.

Lilithy asked the exorcist if he can marry off us in the next few minutes. And how it looks like it doesn't gave any problems with it.

"It's really rare that so youth beings want to marry." The exorcist said.
"But let us start."

Lilithy still wears the clothes I'd bought her. Even the choker necklace at a wedding.

We stands in front of us, we were asked if love us and if we stay together until death do us part.

"Yes!!" We answered loud.

"To close the marriage you have to please her, sir Nór."

What should I do?!

"Do not worry, you don't have to do it here. You have to do it within the next twelve hours."

It's still weird but it's better than in front of him.

"To accept these rules you have to kiss princess Lilithy right now!"

I don't wait any moment longer and press my lips against hers. It feels wonderful, I feel the pure power of love racing through my body.

We left the church to search for a hotel for one night because we need one to close the pact of our marriage and one to stay overnight. So we search for one good hotel to check-in.

After we find one we checked in and wanted to start imminently with closing the pact but still, I feels like I hadn't any energy anymore.

Can it happen that my body consumes much more energy in the demon world like Lilithy in the human world?

The last thing I'd noticed was that I passed out, fall on the floor in our room, and heard Lilithy screaming.



+ + + + + + + + +

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