Chapter 2:

Joyful Scurry


In this new world where everything is so foreign, I feel more at home than I'd ever felt before. If this is the afterlife, I wonder if this is a sort of paradise. Yet again, rebirth as an animal is a part of Buddhism and its karmic cycle of reincarnations. It is with such a thought that I accept fully my new condition. And as I feel more and more appeased, maybe due to the spiritual aura of Pawn's Café, it feels as if this body accepts more and more my grasp over it.

Nuts, the green-eyed mice girl of silver hair, soon comes forth to receive the strawberry praline parfaits. Saying "Thanks for your hard work!", I send her off. With some free time for a while, I decide to clean the dishes. Once this task is done, and the silverware is shining, I prepare two cups of tea for Scurry and her friend.

As I walk towards the table both rodent friends occupy, tray in hand, I catch a glimpse of myself. Mirrors are decorations placed here and there for customers and staff members alike, with the hope to prove useful. At last, I discover what I now look like. Purple hair falling at shoulder-length, and bangs on my forehead crowning my pink eyes. A chest that jiggles, beneath a demure maid outfit. The dress departs at mid-thigh length, and black stockings cover up to the knees.

After looking at the mirror for maybe a minute, the squirrel girl whose face I envisioned for the first time in a distant memory talks to me. Energetic, she waves both arms cheerfully.

"Pawn! Over there! Here!"

Her friend blushes as the other customers look at the scene, attracted by the commotion. I head towards their seats, and put the tray on the table. Scurry is all joy, her sunny hair exploding in countless bits. Her tail is also waving, a sign of her excitation. Because I recall in a flash that Pawn often tickles Scurry's tail, I grab it as soon as both of my hands are free, letting my fingers run wild with softness.

"Eheh, stop it! Eh... It's unfair! Eheheh..."

Because she begs for it through the smile tickling triggered across her face, I reluctantly cease.

"Been a while! I hope the Scurry I know is doing fine?"

"You have a talent. For brightening the mood."

She replies with a high voice as she attempts to catch her breath.

"It's still spring, so everything should be alright..."

This line comes from her friend, a shy squirrel girl whose hair is particularly auburn. Her name should be, if I focus well...

"Mating season's in summer, is what you mean, Pyrrha?"

Oh... So this is what it is about... I have few words more to say... My ease with the feminine gender wasn't really a thing, in the previous life. Actually, it feels like I'm going a bit too easily with Pawn's feelings, for someone whose gender changed. Maybe that I haven't accepted this fact as reality yet, still hoping deep inside to wake from the dream... As for Pyrrha, her flaring cheeks are as red as her hair. I make sure to keep in mind that Scurry can be somewhat carefree.