Chapter 6:

Taking Him Home

Dance of The Wind With A Flower

They headed to a coastal city which it took three hours to go, if they go there with an express train. Eita had no idea where they were going to, again. They had a little conversation during the travel.

After they arrived, Eita had an idea where they were going since Ando went to some shopping centers which sold souvenirs and snacks. Since there were so many things that Ando bought, he thought if only they came here with a car. Eita didn’t know the reason but Anod didn’t want to come here with a car which belonged to a yakuza family.

After shopping Ando wanted Eita to sit on a bank with souvenirs and snacks and he went somewhere. After approximately fifteen minutes, when Eita saw Ando with a sidecar motorcycle, “No way!” Eita said.

“The old man at the gas station remembered me and let me take that motorcycle by rent, Ando replied. Eita started to complain about driving an old sidecar vehicle. When he was wearing the helmet which Ando gave, “It smells sweaty!” he continued his complaining.

Ando said Eita to bear up and sit by pointing with his gaze. Eita sat behind Ando instead of sidecar. They started to a travel which took twenty minutes.

They arrived to a courtyard of a big house which saw the ocean from upstairs. When a woman who was sweeping the courtyard saw who came, “Ando-chan!” she cried and hugged him. After Eita got rid of the helmet, he saw the table on the door. That was an orphanage. Ando had brought Eita to his first home.

After they entered in, orphanage staff and residents who know Ando when Ando used to live there, surrendered Ando. One of children rose to Ando’s top.

These noises and racket stopped as soon as they saw the woman who entered in hall. Since they realized that they were making noises, they greeted once and went to their rooms.

Ando came closer to the woman and greeted her with respect. “Hello, Grandmother Shizuku,” he said. The woman looked at Ando for a while as if she wanted to ask him why he came. Then she smiled suddenly and “What a surprise! Welcome to home, my child!” she said. She was hugging Ando so tight that she ignored messing her clothes and hair.

Ando introduced Eito to her and other staff. At first, Shizuku examined Eita for a while and greeted him. Even though Eita was on thorns because of that glance, he tried not to show that.

Tea was served to them in a room. After Shizuku and a volunteer mother who knew Ando talked about the air with them, volunteer mother asked them if they stayed for dinner or not. Also, she wanted them to spend the night there, not return to the city late at night.

Ando and Eita looked at each other. “Thank you so much but we do not want to be bothersome to you. We popped in suddenly...” Ando said.

“How can you say that? But I wish you to inform me before you come here so that I would make your favorite dishes for you,” volunteer mother said. Ando was about to turn down the offer but “You shall return to the city in morning,” Shizuku said. That was an order for both of them about staying at dinner and night.

Ando turned to Eita and looked at him. As Eita nodded his head, Ando looked at Shizuku again and accepted that. Eita believed that accepting that order was a good decision, too.

After a while Ando asked permission for giving presents to the children and left the room. Eita wanted to go with him but the order which was coming from that woman’s eyes stopped him to move.

While he was drinking his tea, a bossy voice was heard. “You resemble someone.” Eita smiled nervously and “I don’t know. I’ve never come here before,” he answered. He tried not to stutter.

Shizuku didn’t say anything for a while. “You look like someone who I knew him in past. When we were young... He was a rascal who thought he was a hero here and there. He used to bring fight and rumble wherever he went to,” she continued.

“Is that so?” Eita said by continuing his nervous smile. He saw Shizuku’s smile for a short time. That smile was full of kindness.

“Well, he was handsome like you, too. I’m sure he has turned to a stubborn senile though,” Shizuku added. Eita thanked her for giving compliments to his physique.

After a short silence Shizuku sighed once. “That child...” she said and she sighed again. “He’s left here three years ago and he hasn’t brought Ryunosuke with him since then,” she added. After she left her cup of tea on the table, “Whereas Ryunosuke visits here twice in a year. Their visits have never caught each other,” she said. Her glance slipped to Eita’s face. This time, she was looking with kindliness.

“Take care of him, please,” Shizuku said with a kind smile. “Thus, I won’t stay behind,” she added. Eita bowed his head and “Of course...” he answered.

“I guess you want to help Ando to deliver the gifts. Feel yourself at home, please,” Shizuku said.

Eita greeted her and stood up. When he was about to leave the room, he heard Shizuku’s voice. She was saying “By the way...”. Eita tensed again and looked at Shizuku with that stressful smile. She was drinking her tea.

“Give Yuu my best regards. It seems you got your looking from him but your personality is like Hikari,” Shizuku said. Eita took the message and left the room. He was surprised that Grandmother Shizuku knew his grandmother. Eita’s grandmother was died in her thirties so that means Shizuku knew his grandparents for a long time.

Eita yawn while he was going to the room where he would spend the night. He was feeling his tiredness after the bath. He remembered again that he had had a bath with Ando for the first time. Approximately ten boys had accompanied with them but that had helped getting rid of his embarrassment.

After he finished drying his head and removed his towel, he got surprised. Two tatami was lying side by side. He got a panic attack for a while. Then he went to the window and tried to relax by breathing the fresh and cold air.

The door was knocked and Ando entered in. He stood on the door for a while. He was with his towel and kimono. Eita felt his blood streaming on his cheeks. He felt lucky for not opening he lights yet. Thus, his embarrassment and panic were not shown to Ando. Eita was sure that Ando would mock with him.

When Ando was still on the door, “This is the only guest room here. If you feel uncomfortable with me, I can go to the children’s room,” he said. Eita tried to keep his calm and “Why would I feel uncomfortable? This room is enough for both of us,” he answered.

Eita was excited but Ando’s offer made him disappointed. He calmed down a little. Then he saw the low battery warning light of his phone on the table. He remembered that he didn’t call home and he forgot his excitement completely.

He closed the window and turned to Ando. Ando was still standing on the open door. “What? Do you want to spend the night with children?” Eita asked while he was coming closer to Ando. He was about to turn on the lights but Ando stopped him by holding his hand. Ando’s hand was so cold that Eita startled.

“You don’t need to turn on the lights. Please...” Ando muttered. At first, Eita didn’t understand why Ando said that. He focused on Ando’s cold hands. He took his both hands in his own hands and “Your hands are like ice. You will catch a cold,” he said. He was rubbing Ando’s hands since he didn’t know what to do anymore.

“It’s better to go to bed quickly.” Eita said and looked at Ando. Ando was looking at him as if he didn’t hear Eita. “I don’t feel cold,” he whispered. Eita thought that he should control Ando’s temperature. He touched Ando’s cheeks and felt they were burning. Ando gave a tiny voice with his breath.

At first, Eita thought that was a moaning then he realized that Ando was gasping. Finally, he figured that he was touching Ando because of worrying. He understood why Ando’s behavior was like that and felt his blood stream on his cheeks again.

After a few second, Eita touched Ando’s forehead with his forehead. “You didn’t call your family like me and I guess your battery finished like mine, too,” he said. With those sentences, Ando came to himself.

“Really! Why could I forget it?” he said. He rushed to find his phone. His battery was finished just like Eita’s guess. “The devil! I can’t wake people up and ask for a charger, either!” he added. Eita was looking at him with joy. He was closing the sliding door behind him at the same time.

“Why didn’t you remind me before?” Ando asked by turning to Eita. Eita got closer to him and made Ando fall to the bed slowly. He lied on to Ando gently and “Al least, that made you come to yourself. I thought you shocked by excitement just before,” he said.

Ando felt that Eita was mocking with him. He pushed Eita and tried to throw over himself but he couldn’t afford. Since he couldn’t take his anger, he stuck out his tongue to Eita. Eita liked Ando’s reaction and he kissed him from his forehead.

Both of the laughed silently. Then Eita turned over and made Ando lie onto his chest. Although Ando was lying on Eita’s right side, he was still able to hear his heartbeats. He passed over Eita’s body and lied down by matching left sides of their chests.

Since they turned over on the bed, their kimonos were open a little. Their naked legs were touching each other. They looked at each other for a while and kissed once. They wished good night each other and tried to sleep by listening their mixed heartbeats.