Chapter 7:

Wind is Still is A Wind

Dance of The Wind With A Flower

The man put his phone in his pocket hastily. It was too late for running from the door. He caught his eyes on window. He thought it was good to be first floor. He believed that he was able to run away from there. He was about to drop himself from the window but he fell down by a kick which popped up from the window.

A big man who wore suit came in from the window. While he was trying to fit the window, “Eita-sama was right. That fucker was really trying to run away from the window,” he said.

After a few minutes a few guys entered in room. At the same time, the bodyguard who came in by window was tying the man to a chair. The last person who came in was Eita. When he saw the 44 numbered shoes mark on the man’s face, he couldn’t help but laugh.

When the man saw Eita, he said “Fu-Fumikaze-sama...” with a crying voice. “Hello, Momotaro!” said Eita by leaning on the table in front of the man. “Since you haven’t shown your face to us, I had to come to you myself,” he added.

“Fumikaze-sama! I promised that I would pay back my loans to you! I’m begging you! Please give me some time!” the man said with his swollen face. One of bodyguards hit the man’s head hard and “You have not been paying already! You son of a bitch,” he shouted.

Eita saw the man’s tears and sighed once. He got up from the table and went to the window. “Nori-san! Was Momotaro trying to run away from there?” he asked. Nori said yes. Eita snapped his fingers and sent the sign to Nori and a big bodyguard as Nori. Nori and the other guy hold the chair and throw the man with his chair from the window. The man fell down from the first floor with broken glasses.

He was screaming with pain since he was fell on his right side but screams of the people around were louder. Since the man stuck on the awning of the shop while falling, that was not a mortal falling.

One of tradespeople came from his shop slowly and looked at the window. When he saw Eita, “Fumikaze-sama! What a surprise,” he said. Eita greeted him, too. Then he asked a favor. One of the bodyguards throw a phone from the window to tradesman. The phone and its speaker were open. The tradesman brought it to Momotaro’s ears. Eita started to talk.

“Can you hear me, Momotaro?” he asked. Momotaro was breathing barely because of his broken ribs. He said yes. Eita continued to talk. “Do you remember what I said when you asked me for loans six months ago?”

Momotaro couldn’t give an answer because of his pain this time. The tradesman smiled and “Fumikaze-sama hates usury stuffs. Probably, he didn’t want to give you money,” he said. Eita made okay sign to him and “Bravo Sonata-san! You’re my favorite customer,” he said. Then he gave a serious tone to his voice and continued to talk. “Momotaro... If you don’t bring the main money in a week, I will throw you and your family from the fifth floor.”

After a while, Eita made his voice softer and “Sonata-san...” he said. Sonata straightened up from where he bent and “I’m listening, Fumikaze-sama,” he answered. Eita apologized for the awning of the shop and he wanted him to accept the phone as a gift. He said he was going to pay awning costs, too.

When they were leaving there, “Eita-sama behaved fair this time. Don’t you think that he is being softer day by day?” one of the bodyguards said to other by whispering. “If he heard you, you would see being softer then,” the other one answered. But he was chuckling, too.

A bodyguard who had been in family for only two months looked at them with surprised. “He made us throw that guy from the first floor! Is this his fairy mood?” he asked. The bodyguard who opened the issue chuckled and “You know nothing since you’re new. That Momotaro arsehole was not paying his loans by saying his job was failing and he couldn’t fix the things for six months. However, he was seen in a casino in Roppongi three days ago,” he explained.

“Eita-sama normally throws the ones who were like that guy into boiling water. He did something like that to a customer before,” other one said.

At the same time, they had come to the place where the cars were waiting for them. The rookie yakuza got a chill from what he heard. As the other one was saying that Eita’s heart had been getting softer in these days, he saw that Eita was staring at him and got panicked.

“Nori-san!” Eita said with a calm voice. Nori started to pull that chatty bodyguard’s ear without hesitating. The bodyguard doubled up with pain and “Eita-sama! Please forgive me,” he cried. That pulling ears behavior was a kind of punishment in Fumikaze Family and Eita’s idea.

Eita watched his bodyguard in pain for a while. He sighed once and headed to the car which Yamato was driving. “Please go on until I left here, Nori-san,” he said without looking at them. Others headed to the other cars.

After he got in the car, Eita asked Yamato why he had come for this time. Yamato pretended to be surprised to that question and “Dude... Can’t I just miss you?” he asked. Eita smiled and “You don’t come for me unless you find a reason to mock me or meddling in my business.” he answered. “Sheer calumny!” Yamato said and started the car.

“Yuu-sama ordered me to accompany you to meeting in evening,” Yamato said.

“Is that so...” Eita answered with a calm and thoughtful voice.

Last week, a big fight had happened in one of the central parks at midnight. The reason was not certain and a lot of people who belonged to various mafia groups had got into the fight. The police had arrested a lot of men. The bosses of the mafia groups who had got into the fight was going to attend to a meeting in this evening. The meeting place had been determined as Kobe-san's house.

“Our pops wanted me to come early,” Eita muttered. Yamato drove the car to Kobe-san's house.

“Are you excited?” Yamato asked. There was a teasing smile on his face.

“For what?” Eita asked.

“Since you two are in summer break, I guess you can’t see each other often.” Yamato said.

Eita asked who.

“Of course, your darling...” Yamato answered. Eita turned to Yamato suddenly. Since Yamato knew that he will be punched, he made a stop sign with his hand which didn’t hold the steering wheel. “Stop, stop, stop!” he said. Then he showed his teasing smile to Eita and “Do not punch me while I’m driving. It can cause an accident. Hit me later,” he said.

Eita sat his chair again and “Your knowledge about your mistakes is good,” he said. Then he fell into the silence.

When Yamato saw his thoughtful mood, “This is a face of a man who has a bad sex life,” he said. This time, he couldn’t stop Eita’s punch. The car went out of lane one but Yamato could manage it quickly. Even if he got punched, he was still laughing. But he decided to continue teasing later in case of a traffic accident.

Yamato parked the car on a suitable place in open air garage. While he was getting out the car, “Are you worrying about what if he doesn’t want to be bottom?” he whispered and ran away from the car. But Eita could catch him with his kick to his back. Yamato fell down on his face. Then Eita sat upside down on Yamato and began to pull Yamato’s legs.

Yamato was both suffering and laughing. “You love to meddle in people's business,” Eita said by pulling his legs. Both of them were not aware of Kobe-san's watching them. When they heard Kobe-san's voice which was saying “I guess both of you are in a good mood.”, they startled, got up and greeted him.

Time was for lunch for Kobe-san and he invited them for lunch. He waited on the door until they entered in. He looked at Eita with a cold glance. Eita looked at him as if he wanted to ask why he was looking at him. Kobe-san turned his back and started to walk. “You shall go to bathroom before the lunch. You smell blood,” he said.

Kobe-san disappeared but two of them were still looking at where he had gone. “Kobe-sama’s olfactory perception is scary,” Yamato said.

“I didn’t even work with blood! What did he mean right now?” Eita complained. Then two old housekeepers came and dragged Eita to the bathroom while chuckling. “It’s time to bath, Eita-chan,” one of them said. 

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