Chapter 2:


Don't Die, Will

The scream continued. Will stuck out his head out of the window to see. A young woman was rushing their way while screaming and looking back. She then passed by the bus.

What's happening?

As soon as Will questioned himself, he got his answer. At a small distance ahead, he saw a "thing" coming this way. No, not "a". "Two", "three". No, maybe "four". It kept increasing.

Arthur stood up, "What the fuck are those?!"

These "things" were covered with fresh blood and were walking in a weird way while making noises. Everyone was running from them. Will clearly saw one of those things catching a person and bit his flesh off from his neck.

"HEEEEELP!" he screamed but it was too late for him.

"No no no! We are gonna die!" the girls in the bus cried at once.

Will kept seated on his seat and started to panic. His heart was beating like it never before. This fear was different from getting bullied in school. It was also different from getting his butt kicked by Arthur and his gang. This fear not get out alive. He wrapped himself and grabbed his hair and kept pulling them.

Oh God, oh God, oh God, oh God, oh God, oh God.

He kept repeating that in his head and hoping that he wouldn't get killed. The sound around him faded away little by little. All he could hear was the sound of silence.

A hand touched his shoulder. He opened his eyes and returned to reality.

"You okay?" Nolan asked.

Will didn't respond but nodded his head.


"How the fuck are we suppose to get out of here?!" Arthur the leader himself was scared, "I am not dying here."

"Calm down," Nolan said, "The screaming from earlier seems to have attracted their attention. They are slowly moving here."

"For fuck's sake. It's all your fault!" Arthur snapped and pointed at the girls.

"Huh? Our fault?! You're the one who's screaming now!" one of the girls tried to defend themselves.

"Oh shuddup, bitch!"

"What the fuck did you say?!" that girl snapped too.

Little by little, a fight got started among the boys and girls. And that attracted those things' attention even more. Since they were all busy fighting, they didn't notice.

"Ahh, guys," A boy in front said, "They are coming this way."

"Everyone shut up!" Nolan screamed out. That was effective. Nobody made a noise.

The street was full of dead bodies by then. And people were still screaming but the amount was decreasing. The amount of Those things were increasing too. Some of those things came towards the bus. Unfortunately, the bus driver left the door open before going away. As a fact, one of these things stuck its head into the bus. Its head was half cut, one eye was popping out with a broken jaw. It kept looking around the bus.

"Nobody makes a sound." Nolan whispered.

This time, it wasn't effective. One of the girls screamed and it made that thing angry enough to attack them. It jumped into the bus making a scary sound and attacked one of the students. The bus was full of terror by then.

"It bit Manny!!"

"Oh my God!'


"HELP ME! PLEEEASE!" Manny cried out for help.

One of the boys struck its eye with a pencil. It backed off a little. But the other things were still coming following the sound of terror. Soon after, the entrance was blocked by those things. Everyone gathered at the end of the bus.

"What are we gonna do?" asked the girl named Monica, "Manny's bleeding very bad."

Nolan Looked around and said, "Use the windows. Jump and run."

Everyone did as they were told. One by one everyone jumped from the window and ran for their lives. Except Manny. He was hurt real bad. His right leg was done for.

"Help me, please!" Manny screamed for help.

As soon as Will jumped from the bus, he ran for his life. He didn't even look back. For him, his life was what mattered the most. He ran as fast as he could towards his home, his family. He was sure that he wouldn’t get to see the people he was leaving behind ever again.

So, there's no point in helping, he thought.

It was a tragic situation but Will was a bit happy because no one will get to bully him ever again.


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