Chapter 16:

Announcements and Thank You!

Queen of Dodge!

Thank you all so much for the incredible experience of the writing contest! I really owe all of this to you and I can’t wait for you all to see what I have in store for Queen of Dodge! For starters, the story is going to be expanding, so from the point that Minami and Yakuza go off to regionals I’ll continue to write from there. I’m also going to be writing more stuff I was afraid I wouldn’t have time to do during the contest with the deadline! Another thing, is that now Volume 1 of Queen of Dodge! is now on available for purchase on Amazon! I will leave a link in the comments for you to go and buy it! It also comes bundled with the one shot that this story evolved from, let’s say it’s much much MUCH different from the final product! Thank you all again and I hope to someday have interactions with you over on my twitter!