Chapter 17:

Special Chapter! Queen of Dodge First Draft: Sports Master!

Queen of Dodge!

Misora was 10 when the demon energy drinks, N Taikei, were discovered and were spread around the globe. There were only a few thousand of them, and they each represented one of every sport worldwide. Her father worked in the lab that produced the drink, so she wasn’t too terribly shocked when she and her family had to leave Okinawa due to people wanting her father dead. They moved from place to place all over Japan and even worldwide before they eventually stopped in Tokyo. By the time they stopped moving, Misora was 15 and was attending her first day of school.

Misora stood up at her desk as she balled her fists and rested one over her heart and one behind her back. “I’m Igarashi Misora! It’s a pleasure to meet you all! I just moved here with my family!”

“That’s nice,” the homeroom teacher responded, “Please take a se-“

“Hey, shark teeth, are you dating anyone?” A young woman asked, followed by a small group of giggles,

“No! I’m single! However, dating is totally an option for me!” Misora responded, “I think that I’d maybe like to date a guy on the soccer team!!!”

“Oh wow, how bold.” Another girl teased before the homeroom teacher said,

“Alright, Miss Igarashi, please sit down.”

“Oh, yeah, of course!” Misora then sat down as the teacher began to go on with class. Misora looked around the room before she looked back to her notebook on the desk. She began to write down a list of things she wanted to achieve before the end of the school year: friends, boyfriend, popularity, more friends. As the day went on, Misora did her best to try and fit in; however, she seemed to be ignored.

As the end of the day came, the students gathered in the auditorium for the assembly to mark the beginning of the year. Misora found a lonely chair near the back of the auditorium, where she sat down. Eventually, a young man came and sat beside her. He held his back on his lap and said, “Hey, sorry to bother you. Mind if I sit?”

“Hm?” Misora responded, “Yeah, you’re fine. What’s your name?”

“Ryuga. And I have something I think you’ll like.”

“What do you mean?”

“Here,” he reached in his back and pulled out a Ramune bottle. He handed it to Misora, and she began to look it over. The glass of the bottle was purple, while the cap remained the regular blue color. The label was green, and it had a red and yellow ball on it. Beneath the ball read the word DAJJI. “It’s a new brand of Ramune Soda that the company, where my father works, is developing.”

Misora then glared before she handed the bottle back to him. “No! No, thank you! I’ve had enough of these!”

“Oh! You’ve had one?!”

“No! I haven’t! I’m just tired of all the pain they cause!” She folded her arms and leaned back as she kicked the back of the chair in front of her. “Those things tore my family apart; I was forced out of my house…all because people abused the power of sports.”

“Yes, but, let me explain-“

“NO!!!” Misora yelled as she stood up and turned to him, “I WANT NOTHING TO DO WITH-“ Before she could finish, the wall to the auditorium went up in an explosion. The great force sent several students flying, and some were crushed by debris. Soon a large gang entered the auditorium. Their leader wore an orange headband and had a wide and sinister grin on his face.

“Alright, you buncha losers!!!” He screamed as he held up his hand and began to close his fingers together, causing energy to swirl to them, “You’re now in the presence of the Tennis Terrors!!!” He then reeled his opposite arm back and conjured an iron tennis racket, “GET READY TO THROW DOWN!!!” He then struck the ball of energy he created and sent it flying around the room. The energy broke apart before its pieces bounced around the room.

Misora screamed before she then ducked for cover. She turned to Ryuga, who sat on the floor dialing in a phone number. “Really?! Is now the time to pull out your phone?!”

“It’ll be alright, trust me!” Ryuga responded as he held the phone to his ear. After a moment, he said, “Yes, Captain! We need you now! Thanks!” He then hung up his phone before he turned to Misora. “We’ll be okay!”

“What do you-“ She then jumped as the windows on the level above them broke, and a dark figure flew into the room. The shadowed figure landed on the ground with a loud crash. The leader of the gang turned to the figure only to growl.


“We’ve been chasing you for a while, Tezuka.” The figure said as he stood up. Misora looked the figure over; he wore combat pants which were silver until they reached the middle of his thigh. He wore a zipped-up black leather jacket with silver stripes going along the front of the abdomen. He wore a red scarf and had black flame-shaped hair. As he turned to face the gang leader, there was a soccer ball patch on the center of his back with a trail following it. The trail was filled with tiny golden stars.

“Oh yeah?! And who the hell are you?! You know my name, so it seems fair I know yours!!!”

The young man smirked as he placed one hand on his hip before wiping the corner of his mouth with his opposing thumb. “My name is Tsuba. Tsuba Akuma. And I’m the strongest soccer player in the world.”

“H-He’s a soccer player?!” Misora said to herself as her eyes dazzled and her cheeks turned red,

“Well then, Mr. Akuma!”

“Akuma? So we’re on a first-name basis?”

“You won’t be alive for much longer,” Tezuka responded, “So I don’t see how it matters!!!” Tezuka then conjured a ball of energy and struck it with his iron racket. Akuma chuckled before he took off at extreme speed; as the energy ball broke apart, he lunged forward and spun through the air, avoiding each of its pieces. When Akuma landed behind Tezuka, he stomped his foot into the ground, causing a piece of debris to shoot up before he spun and roundhouse kicked said debris.

The debris then hurled towards Tezuka at an alarming rate before breaking apart and becoming shaped like a ball. Tezuka growled before he went to hit the ball with his racket. As he did, his racket broke apart with a loud boom. Tezuka growled before he screamed, “KILL THAT BASTARD!!!”

Before he knew it, Akuma was being rushed by several members of Tezuka’s gang. He turned to them with a grin as he said, “Let's get it on.” As he began to engage in fierce combat with them, Misora had followed Ryuga to hide behind a piece of debris.

“Listen, Misora-“ Ryuga began,

“How do you know my name?!” Misora responded, a bit freaked out,

“Be realistic; EVERYONE knows your name. Your father developed the drinks that gave everyone their powers.”

“I…I know,” she said, a bit saddened,

“Listen to me, I work with a secret agency, and we’ve been developing a way to make the powers more stable and controlled!”

“What do you mean…?”

“The first drinks were all made from the sweat of a God, more precisely a Demon God.”


“Will you let me finish?!”

“Fine…” She said with a sigh,

“Anyways, this Demon’s name was Æspin. And it is the very source of Sports themselves! Which is why the Sports Drinks were made! However, the scientists making these drinks were inexperienced with Demonic Entities and-“ Before he could finish the debris they were hiding behind was suddenly smashed by a new racket made by Tezuka.

“I thought I heard voices over here!!!” Tezuka said with a chuckle. He went to attack Ryuga when Misora quickly lunged to her feet and grabbed onto his arm.

“No!!! Don’t hurt him!!!”

“Get off me!!!” He screamed as he spun Misora around before backhanding her with his racket. Misora flew through the air as she felt her head spun over her heels and so on before she crash-landed onto her stomach. After spitting up blood, and some of her teeth, Misora laid there trying to get her hands and feet beneath her. Her eyes fluttered open and shut before she felt something bump into her nose. She looked ahead of her to see the Ramune that Ryuga had offered her before.

She looked up to see Ryuga holding a metal bat while locked in combat with Tezuka. He then turned to Misora and said, “Quickly!!! Drink it!!! If not, you’ll die!!!” He then struck Tezuka across the face sending him flying through the air. “Quickly!!! Make a deal with the Devil Æspin and transform into your new self!!!”

Misora reached out to the Ramune and grabbed hold of it. She despised these things more than life itself; however…she didn’t want to die, not here. She also didn’t want to die knowing she was offered power to help and did nothing. She slowly and painfully sat up on her knees as she looked down at the bottle. She reached into her sleeve and pulled out her charm bracelet, which conveniently had a tool for opening Ramune Bottles. She placed it on top of the marble before screaming and pushing down. The bottle relieved pressure and popped before it then spoke, “DAJJI!!!” She quickly removed the tool before she began to drink the soda.

As she drank, her heart pounded heavily, and she was suddenly warped into a dark void. She looked around frantically before she heard a booming voice, “Hmmm, how interesting.” She spun around to see a very attractive man sitting on the floor. He had one knee curled up with his arm resting on top of it. His sharp demonic teeth were blue, and he had a pale complexion and green slicked-back hair. And me, Ægis, the son of Æspin.” The more she looked at him, the more afraid she felt. His flame-shaped eyebrows, his golden claws, and toenails. He then stood up before rolling his neck and approaching her, “So tell me, if we make a deal, what will we do?” “You, Igarashi Misora, the daughter of the man who exploited Æspin for power.

“I-“ She paused for a moment to think, “I…I want to be rid of these awful powers….my father created something evil, and people are abusing it. Someone is abusing them right now, and I want to stop him and save everyone here! I’ve moved around so much, and I honestly don’t know what to do!”

“Hmmm,” he said with a grin, “So, you want to stop everyone with powers then? You know for a fact that there are well over 800 sports in the world, not to mention new variations of each sport. You’d be taking them down, all their variations, and anything else. You’re looking at least a million people.” He chuckled, “That is if you can stop them all before they create new variations.”

“I…” She paused before saying, “I have to try…I’ll do it with or without your help.”

“Oooh, sounds juicy~!”

“Hmmm…” Misora paused before saying, “What do I want? If I make a deal with you, you obviously want something. Isn’t that how it works?”

“You’d be correct,” he said as he folded his arms, “You must partake in your supernatural media.”

“Just name it.”

“Well, it’s obvious, keep the Ramune bottle. That way, you and I can communicate at any time-“

“That doesn’t sound half bad-“

“So I can give your Magnificent Mega Melons a squeeze.”

“My wha-?” She then paused before she gasped and wrapped her arms around herself, “Y-You wanna squeeze my tits?!”

“Don’t be surprised; I’m a Demon. Sin is my thing.”


“Face it; I’ve never seen any quite as large as yours.”


“Ah, I take it you have?”

Misora then blushed so hard that her face then disappeared. “I…w-well….”

“You better hurry,” he said, “The liquid in the bottle is almost gone.” She growled before she looked down at his outstretched hand. “Unless you want to die here, a coward, and a result of a failed deal with a Demon.”

“…if I let you touch them, no one can ever know.”

“That’s usually how a deal with the devil goes.” He said with a grimace,

“Fine…” She reached her hand out to him before they then shook hands. He grinned as the dark void became filled with blue flames. He then spun away from her as the palms of his hands began to glow a bright white color. He then started to move in almost a side-stepping motion with such speed that he became a ring that formed around her.

“LET'S DO IT!!!” He then reached his hands out and sunk his claws into her breasts. Misora let out a pain-filled scream before suddenly her mind was warped back into the real world. Her body was engulfed in an explosion before the explosion was then reshaped into her body. Ryuga then spun and turned to Misora with a wide grin,

“WOW!!!” He said in such over-the-top sounding English, “She’s more powerful than I could’ve imagined!!!” Misora’s wounds began to heal as she turned her head towards the enemy gang. One of them screamed as it threw numerous pieces of fallen debris towards her. Misora’s body suddenly moved on its own and avoided each amount of debris. She then opened her palms and two rubber balls formed. She sent the balls crashing through the air before they effortlessly took out some of the gang. “Excellent!” Ryuga said as he watched Misora run off into battle,

“The DAJJI Ramune gave her incredible abilities, just like with, Captain! This being said, I think we might have a chance!”

As Misora took out each gang member, she found herself standing back to back with Akuma. He looked over his shoulder at her and said, “So you’ve got powers too? Interesting.”

“It wasn’t by choice,” Misora responded as she conjured another ball and threw it at an enemy,

“It’s out of a lot of people's control.” He said with a chuckle before swinging his leg through the air sending a soccer ball-sized gale of wind crashing into a horde of enemies. “However, that’s what Ryuga and I are doing. The sports drinks that were produced weren’t ever finished. We concentrated them into Ramune Sodas, which allows the user to have full stability and control over their powers.”

As Akuma finished talking, Tezuka crashed onto the floor beside him. Ryuga came over to Akuma and Misora, looking rather proud of himself. Tezuka growled as he scrambled backwards before getting on his feet. As he stood up, he said, “You guys are no fun!!! Coming in here and ruining everything!!!”

“You were attacking a school,” Akuma said, “Even if you weren’t, we would eventually track you down.”

“And for what?!”

“It’s simple,” Ryuga said as he rested his bat on his shoulders, “We would like to help you control your powers or even extract them. You aren’t in full control. Instead, it’s the demon who has control.”

“God, you’re pathetic! I certainly don’t need help with anything, and I sure as hell am not letting you get my powers!!!” Tezuka said before he then charged the two of them. Misora stepped between them and held out her hand, catching Tezuka’s oncoming attack. Tezuka's eyes widened before Misora spun and threw him across the auditorium against a wall.

As Tezuka stood up, Misora had already closed the distance between them, and she swung her leg through the air. She kicked Tezuka’s head and took out a large portion of the wall he stood in front of in the process. Tezuka rolled a few feet before he came to a corner; he rose once more only to have Misora roundhouse kick him directly through the wall and eventually out into the courtyard of the school. Tezuka’s body twitched and jerked before he then clenched his chest. He began to sit up when Misora was upon him once more. She had a large ball reeled back in her hand, and she went to through it at him.

As the ball was a few inches away from Misora’s palm, Akuma quickly appeared beside her and kicked the ball. The ball flew through the air before it crashed into a large building in the distance and eventually out over the horizon and into the ocean. “What the hell was that?!?!?!!” Misora snapped,

“You could’ve killed him,” Akuma said, “If he dies, then the demon inside of him will be released, and it’ll be an even bigger problem.” He then turned to Tezuka and held out an empty Ramune bottle. A yellow light flew from Tezuka and into the bottle before the small marble eventually sealed the bottle the moment it was full. Tezuka’s eyes widened before he looked at his hands,

“Wh-What the hell?!?!?!!”

“Leave this place,” Akuma told Tezuka as he turned and handed the oncoming Ryuga the bottle, “As long as you don’t have your powers, you’ll be safe; just don’t do anything stupid.”

“What?! You took my powers?!”

“We did,” Ryuga responded, “Now the world is a bit safer; once we collect all of the powers, then we can send them back to where they came.”

“This is the only time you’ll get a second chance,” Akuma responded as he shot Tezkua a demonic glare, “Don’t let it go to waste.” Tezuka jumped before he scrambled to his feet and ran off. Akuma then sighed as he rubbed his temple, “What a day.” He then turned to Misora and said, “You did quite well; how long have you had your powers?”

“O-Oh! M-Me?!” She responded a little flustered. The beautiful soccer player was talking to her! “W-Well, it’s only a recent development….”

“I see,” He then folded his arms and said, “Ryuga and I could use someone like you; hell, our whole organization could.”

“Really…?” She asked as her cheeks started to turn red,

“Yes, really. These powers aren’t natural; they really don’t belong to us. We want to round them up and send them back to where they came from.” Ryuga said, “At the end of it, all of our powers will be extracted too. Once we send them back, life will go back to normal.”

“Back to normal…?” Misora repeated as she began to think about all the trouble the sports drinks had caused. She then gave a grin as she said, “Yeah! Let's do it!” 


Oh snap! I'm back! Sorry for such a long halt on updates from me! A lot has been going on since the end of the contest, and a majority of the time  I have been writing! I have been drawing out plans and outlines for how the story will continue! The next few chapters will focus on Minami at the Regionals with Yakuza learning about Japanese Dodgeball! We also will see Minami's teammates back at school constantly training! New characters are introduced as well!!!

Today I wanted to share the original draft for Queen of Dodge! There are many differences between this and the final product! This early draft was much similar to One Piece as well as My Hero Academia! I had to go back and change all the names just so people didn't get confused haha! But we all know that Misora is actually Minami! The differences between Minami and  Misora is that Misora is actually much bustier than Minami, and as a result she's much shorter, really only being about 5'3" plus she's a lot more like a Sukeban in this. Ryuga is obviously Ryusuke, and Akuma is Yakuza! Meanwhile Tezuka was actually a really rough and early first draft of Gaoma! I can't wait to expand on the story with you all!