Chapter 57:

Excerpt from World Exchange! A novel by K.A. Natos 2

The Nonpareil of Resh (Act 1)

I grunted as I gripped my sword tightly. I dropped to my knees and looked up at our foe.

So, this was what they called a dragon. I could see why the townsfolk had been so fearful of it. It barred its giant fangs at us and stretched out two mighty wings. I turned to the side to look at my party.

The elf, Mina, was breathing heavily as she slowly drew a string back on her bow. The dwarf, Basil, wiped the sweat from his brow and lifted his mighty war hammer over his shoulder.

“We are in a tight spot here, eh?” Basil said with a chuckle as he brushed his hand down his long beard.

“Foul beast!” Mina shouted as she let her arrow fly free. I turned my head to watch, but it did nothing. The arrow harmlessly bounced off the dragon’s hard scales.

Then the dragon laughed. It was recognizable and disturbing.

“Foolish mortals,” it spoke in a deep and gargling voice. “You thought you could defeat me?”

I gritted my teeth and stood up. I pointed my sword at the beast.

“We will,” I shouted back.

“Lavan, that was not a very good comeback….” Mina said with her long, pointed ears drooped and a disappointed look on her face.

“Indeed, you should think of something cleverer,” Basil agreed.

“Shut up, you two,” I shouted. My face must have been flushed.

My sword turned into a viscous liquid as I activated my ability, and I began to let it flow around my body. I tightened the fist that my blue Needaimus was bonded to and looked back at the dragon.