Chapter 8:

A Beautiful View

Dance of The Wind With A Flower

Ando had come before the meeting time at Kobe-san's request. They drank tea with Kobe-san around 5 pm. After they talked about the air, Kobe-san said that he was going to ask something. Ando asked what about with surprised.

Kobe-san sighed once and “There are not a lot of members from Sakurai who involved in that fight. But still I want specially you to come here,” he said.

Tokyo centrum was a cosmopolitan place for mafia, too. Even if each mafia group had their own regions, a lot of family were doing their jobs in centrum. According to Kobe-san, the main reason of this big fight was drugs. This fight was result of reckoning between the mafia groups that sold drugs and the ones that didn’t sell it. Prostitution and smuggling were previous matters, too. Since this fight had become bigger, police had raided the area and had arrested a lot of mafia members.

After Kobe-san gave this information to Ando, “Kid... As you can see for three years when you have entered in this world, there are not smart people who are into these things in mafia. So, I need someone who can think analytic like you,” he said. After Ando got more information, he thanked Kobe-san for being considered worthy about helping him and said that he was going to do everything he could.

There was still time to the meeting. Yet the sun was setting slowly. Ando asked permission for walking around the garden from Kobe-san's butler and he went for a walk. Since he loved the beauty of the garden in spring, he wondered the its state in summer, too.

He watched the green cherry trees from the bridge for a while. He remembered when he met with Eita there. But in this summer time, the roses and chrysanthemums further were dazzling than these cherry trees. While he was heading to those flowers’ area, he thought how he had met Eita and had become lovers. Then he thought that he had not seen Eita for two weeks and he missed him.

Ando was going to see Eita in this evening but this meeting was going to happen as two collaborators. Their messaging everyday was not relieving this longing. While his thoughts are chasing each other, he began to wonder one more thing.

Eita was never holding him. Yes, they were kissing and hugging each other but Eita was never going forward from this. Since Ando believed that his own emotions for Eita were deeper and older and Eita was not homosexual at first, Ando was thinking that he should give him time. However, they were not being able to go further even a little and Ando was not being able to understand why not.

Ando was researching about this issue nowadays. How a man should prepare himself for homosexual sex, what kind of materials a gay couple needed... Ando learnt all of them. He remembered the images while he was researching on internet and got embarrassed. Then he remembered when he was imitating as a gigolo about fifth region of Fumikaze Family issue and got embarrassed more. He had done that thing without knowledge about being homosexual. He had been flirting only then.

He was in a beautiful garden on a beautiful day. What was he thinking about in a place like heaven? He got angry himself. Then he realized that he was on the other side of the house and the garden. He felt tired for returning and wondered if he could find another door to go in or not. He walked around the house. When he saw the back veranda, he thought he was going to have a heart attack.

After lunch, Eita played a few games with Kobe-san. Kobe-san left him by excusing his works to do afternoon. He exhorted Eita not to go to front side of the house. That warning seemed strange to Eita. “That geezer is turning things around, isn’t he?” he asked himself.

However, if a guest who was invited the meeting in evening saw that Eita was in Kobe-san's home early, that could be a problem. That guest could think Kobe-san took sides. So, Eita decided to be discreet and stayed at the west side of the house.

Eita felt sleepy later. He went out on the porch to get fresh air and sat down. He had found a story book in the room where he stayed and he had begun to read it. When he dived into the book, he lied face down with a cushion. He bended his knee and lifted his foots. That position made his legs be seen because his light green kimono was open.

After a while one of Kobe-san's cats got on his back and started to sleep there. Other one came closer and lied down in front of Eita. Since Eita was a regular guest in this house, the cats were not afraid of him.

As soon as Ando turned to corner of the house, he saw Eita and he withdrew himself reflexively. Ando was not seen because of yellow rapeseed flowers which were high as a half of a man. Ando couldn’t understand himself why he was hiding. He guessed that he was feeling guilty about his thoughts right before. He stayed there for a while and watched Eita.

The gentle wind was getting stronger and was blowing first rapeseeds, then Eita’s hair falling on his forehead. He was lying face down and reading a book. When Ando saw his naked legs, “A man should sit more properly,” he thought.

His glance slipped his hips. When Ando realized where he was looking at, he shook his head to run away from what he focused on. He watched those peaceful moments belong to Eita and cats for a while.

“How can a person look so handsome with that hair style?” he muttered. Then he returned to house where he had come before. A thought the only person who desired was him, bedded in his mind. He got depressed. But since there were going to be different matters that he was going to handle tonight, he tried to expel those thoughts from his mind.