Chapter 9:

Mediator and Sharp-tongued

Dance of The Wind With A Flower

Approximately ten magnates were sitting side by side and face to face in a traditional hall. There were dim light and fragrant incense in the hall but they were not enough to relax the tension.

Ando was sitting next right Kobe-san. Eita was sitting on the left side of the hall and at the end of the line. They had greeted each other formally.

Ando, took a look to hall by trying to take his eyes off Eita. Eita was not looking at him, either. He was talking with an easygoing mafia boss who was in the good relationship with him. Ando tried to get rid of unpleasant feelings and focused on the issue.

The men who were sitting on Ando’s side were bosses who were famous about drugs and smuggling. The other side was the group who earned money with tribute and usury. Even sitting by grouping in that park fight was a tense situation. Each boss had a bodyguard behind them. It was like the guns were going to be drawn at any moment.

As soon as Ando saw Yamato, Yamato greeted him by waving. Ando greeted him by smiling, too. That smile was seen by Eita. Since that beautiful smile was for Yamato, he was going to be beaten by Eita tonight. He was so jealous of that smile that “Do not smile like that in a room full of men,” he said in his mind while he was listening to the man next to him.

Later in the dinner, “The average age of such meetings has gotten much younger these days,” one of big bosses said. Then “If I'm not wrong, half of us is under thirty years old,” he added. This chat effort was not enough to make air softer.

“It’s good to find new ideas and methods. Youth is trying to do that,” a boss whose true job was drugs said by smiling. Then “People who are trying to find new ways should not be hindered,” he added with a more serious voice.

“It doesn’t concern us, yes. But we won’t let you do that cursed method if you do it in front of our members,” said another boss. Tension in the air got higher.

“Come on! You shouldn’t be so strict!” one of the bosses who agreed to sell drugs. Then a lot of head said something which made others angrier. The voices rose more.

When the strings would be broken, “Messieurs!” Kobe-san said and everyone stopped speaking. “You’re going to make the same mistake as your men did soon,” he said with an angry voice. “I don’t know how you can find a solution but our main problem is how we can save your men in arrest from jail,” he added with a softer voice.

Everybody was listening to him. One of the bosses said that Kobe-san was right. Another one suggested that the groups should stop the activities which were the reason of that fight until the things calmed down. Some of them opposed that idea since they would lose money during that hiatus. The voices rose again.

“If you want to listen, I have an idea.” That sentence was coming from Ando. Everybody stopped speaking and looked at him.

“He’s Young Sakurai, isn’t he?” one of the bosses asked. Then “I’m not listening to someone who I don’t see as a yakuza boss yet,” he added sarcastically.

That sentence made Kobe-san so angry. He was about to make a move but a friend of him stopped him by holding his shoulder. He knew that Kobe-san would kill a guest if that guest got on his nerves. And Kobe-san hated to be behaved rude to his guests. He could slit his throat like he did before.

Eita’s laughing stopped him to do something. Since he knew that Kobe was angry, he tried to distract him. But Eita was angry, too. “I won’t listen to someone who lost one third of his area to someone he doesn’t see as a yakuza boss, either,” he said without looking at him.

The man turned to purple. The bodyguard behind him pointed a gun to Eita. Then Yamato suddenly whirled his chopsticks to that bodyguard. The chopsticks went tangent to his cheek and stuck in the wall behind him. The bodyguard’s check started to bleed.

Each bodyguard started to point their guns one by one. Still Eita was drinking his sake with closed eyes calmly. He opened his eyes and looked at the bodyguard who pointed his gun to him. “If the man behind me had a knife instead of chopsticks, that knife would stick in your brain before you pulled the trigger. Be careful so that nobody would die,” he said with a calm voice.

Kobe ordered to put the guns in pockets. “I will expel whoever uses a gun in my house,” he said angrily. Then he gave a softer tone to his voice and “Including throwing chopsticks, Yamato-chan,” he added. Yamato apologized to him.

Kobe started to think what was going on. Eita had saved him even if he had used his sharp tongue. Kobe didn’t want even to think that he couldn’t control his anger. He took a deep breath and felt more relaxed. He turned to Ando and wanted him to say his idea.

“It’s up to you accepting it or not. Mine is just a suggest,” Ando said calmly as if the guns didn’t be pointed right before. “Since the main problem is seeing each other when you do your job, how about dividing the region to the days?” he asked.

Eita had a hard time not spraying his sake. That was a very logical suggestion. Some bosses’ eyes wide open for why they couldn’t think that before. Seeing this view was so funny.

An old boss laughed so hard and “Could you give us an example, young man? Do you mean a group should work on first three days in a week than other one should work on the last three days?” he asked.

“Of course, I shall give an example. But since a week has seven days and the groups will make a fuss about that one day, I suggest that they should work on alternate days or week by week,” said Ando. That sarcasm could make that old man angry but Kobe-san's laughing made the air softer.

Old man continued to laugh and “Your analyzing of mafia habits in three years is nice, young man. But be careful to control your tongue so that it won’t be cut,” he said.

“I will consider your advice, sir,” answered Ando with a smile. The meeting went by discussing how they would divide to days.

A few bosses had already gone to their home. Some of them was being sent at the door. Eita was feeling sleepy and asked permission to leave from Kobe-san. While he was being worn his cardigan, he saw a man who was older a few years than him. That man was staring at him with vindictive face.

“Who was that guy?” he asked Yamato next to him. Yamato muttered that he was Akira. Since Yamato didn’t want to have trouble anymore, his voice was coming serious. Eita remembered that man from restaurant issue. His rival and the mafia group who had kidnapped the daughter of the restaurant owner was Akira.

Akira came closer to Eita. He was still staring at him. “I shall tell you. I know who had threatened me about Humaki Restaurant issue. That was you.” he whispered. Kobe-san saw their glances to each other. He had known the matter between them and wished nothing would happen.

“I couldn’t find who was giving that hospital information to you but I’m sure you took that girl from there, too,” he added. This time his voice was coming louder and angrier. Other guests began to look at them.

Eita didn’t care his anger. “To be sure, you need to prove that, Akira-san,” he said with a sarcastic voice. Akira clenched his fist. “I will destroy you and your information provider,” he answered.

Eita wanted to provoke him more and “Then you should clean rats in your family, Akira-san. An advice for my hostile,” he answered. Akira couldn’t hold himself anymore. He was about to punch Eita but Ando prevented that punch by holding Akira’s arm. He was holding a man who was higher and heavier than him so tight and strong that Akira screamed with pain.

“Akira-sama, we gathered here to talk about fight in the park. Settle your individual issues at outside, please. You disrespect to Kobe-sama,” Ando said with a kind smile but he was still holding Akira’s arm so tight and reverse. Akira’s bodyguard has been stopped by Ando’s bodyguard.

Ando left the arm and “If you are in a pain, I apologized but if I didn’t stop you, I guess Fumikaze-dono would dislocate your arm from your joint,” he added. He was still smiling but there was more serious tone in his voice. “Let me greet you from the door, Akira-sama.” he said and took to the door with a kind but force attitude.

Kobe was watching what was happening from distance. “Since when have those two been protecting each other?” he muttered. One of elders next to him laughed and “I remember the old days,” he said.

After all guests left there, Ando asked Kobe-san's permission to leave. Besides he asked if he did a mistake in the meeting or not. He apologized for being unexperienced. Kobe-san said that he had done a good job and thanked him. He wanted to ask how close Ando was with Eita but he guessed he wouldn’t be able to get a clear answer and gave up.

After Ando got in the car, he received a phone message. That was coming from Eita who had gone his home already. It was saying “Mediator Sakurai-sama". Ando smiled and texted a message.

“Sharp-tongued Fumikaze-sama"

“Mediator and sharp-tongued Sakurai-sama" Eita texted.

“Mediator and sharp-tongued and handsome and attractive and strong Fumikaze-sama" Ando texted back.

Eita smiled to that message.

“Sakurai-sama who has been jealous since he was smiling to other men” texted back.

Ando smiled and “How verbalist you are...” he muttered.

“Fumikaze-sama who has been missed too much” Ando texted.

Eita was lying on his bed when he was reading this message. He put his pillow to his face and “I miss you so much, too,” he muttered himself. He sent his two last messages and they made Ando both happy and embarrassed.

“Spare your weekend for me.”

“Nights too...” 

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