Chapter 21:

New visitors (Part 5)

From Assassin to Demon lord

I got the feeling I was in big trouble. Lizzie proclaiming herself my first wife was OK really, it was just the morning of the first night was slightly weird.

First of all, Filona came from prison where she throw her half-brother smiling and after quick bite she left with "I stil have something to finish."

That send shivers down my spine. A I recalled correctly she was wind magic user. Wind magic as part of green magic had two other atributes: earth and healing.

And I was sure she was using healing magic to heal up her half-brother every time he got to the verge of death.

Yuki was smiling as well, but that must have been because of the night chit chat.

Well I did get back at them in the morning by hugging them tightly. And with words "What were you talking about yesterday here?" I made them blush red.

And while I was eating breakfast Gobura asked me to summon more goblins.

"More goblins? I actualy already thought about it. Skeletons and zombies are OK for melee combat, but our magic department is kinda running low."

"Yes! Goblins can evolve into Mages and Sages and its said that those are as strong as B-rank adventurers."

"You seem happy about it Lizzie, okay I know! I will create second, maybe third floor and set it as base camp for goblins."

"That would take one floor, what with the other one?"

"Well... Our Crystal spider and slimes also wants their own place don't they?"

"You mean that humanoid slime we met at the entery?"

"Yes. It would be nice to make that one a guardian of the foor and gave it a name."

"Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait! Master you want to gave it a name? You knw what happend last time? From B-rank monster you made a Walking disaster! Do you really want to do it again?"

"What would actualy happen to that humanoid slime? I wonder what kind of monster they would make..."

"Darling I think that it would evolve into either Greedy slime or Gluttony slime."

"Aren't those considered semi-demon lords?! And why are you calling me 'Darling' Lizzie?!"

"Isn't that normal for two people who love each other? You can also call me Darling... or my beloved... that would also work..." said Lizzie while blushing.

What am I going to do with you? Sigh...

"Oh, there is one more pressing matter Lizzie. We have Arana the Arachne, demon lord on borders with Astenna kingdom visiting us."

"What?! That bloody spider Queen of Nightmares is here? Why?!"

"She came here running after her subordinate who attacked us. Well she is more or less my acquaintance from Mutasa kingdom. Also she studied under same master as I. Well you know Hestia already yes?"

"I met her once. And guild master send her letter right after I set up on journey here. But what do you want with that spider-whore of Demon lord?"

"She rules quite large domain to east from Astenna kingdom. As we can't realy let those adventurers rot here, we will have to release them. Once they return, they will talk to people and when the king hears about new demon lord he will send his army here."

"Then why dont kill those adventurers? We picked only those with red karma except one dullar they can be all killed."

Why are you smiling so devilishy Lizzie?

"You see I wanted to use them as bait to get away if something went wrong, but you made everyone submit. Rare feat between demon lords I would say."

"Ahhhh... You know what? I'm going to create those two floors now."

"Create second floor, Jungle maze. And Create third floor, Casle town"

"So that's it?"

"Yeah... it took about three quarters of my MP... Humanoid slime came to me!"

In few minutes the slime came to the Throne room.

"Masta! I came!"

"Great. Now, I shall give you a gift of name. You will become a guardian of the second floor. Crystal spider I will gave you a name as well, you will become a right hand of slime guardian okay?"

Both of them nodded.

"Slime, you will be Gurako and Crystal spider Kesugi."

They both shine with a golden light.

Slime looked like a girl in middle teens and spider became a Arachne like Arana.

"Why is that spider also a girl?!"

"Are you still asking that question Yuki?"

"Zaru, thats not fair..."

Lizzie? Oh... I see. Kesugi have also a D-cups...

"Thank you for this name master. I, Gurako will fight and devour all your enemies!"

Gurako the slime evolved into Gluttony slime. While Kesugi evolve into special form of Arachne, Crystalic arachne.

"I, Kesugi swear on my new name, that I will fight until my body fall apart!"

With both of them on their way to the second floor I decided to go look to the third floor. There a town and grassland was what I saw at first. Then I got an idea. Gobura asked me to summon a bunch of goblins, so I will give them this floor and let them do farm work to enrich the food palet of our dungeon. Some elvish boys went for hunts outside, and from my point of view it seem like they just wanted to show of before Filona, which was fine by me. After all I had Lizzie and I could be sure that Yuki would not give up either. Hm? Did I just accept them as my wives?

Tony Raven