Chapter 22:

New visitors: Last part

From Assassin to Demon lord

When we got to the city, we were stunned by the looks.

"I-I have deja vu..."

"Me too Lizzie... I have the feeling that this looks like the town we came from. But as a ghost city."

"Yeah... it's too quiet."

"Summon monster: Goblin 25X"

With that twenty five goblins apeared before us.

"You lot will be living in this town from today. I want you to make farms in the fields and live in this town understand?"

"Yes boss!"

"Great. One Hobgoblin named Gobura will came here some times. She is my first miner, if you have some complains tell her first. On later days I will summon more goblins to live with you here so get used to the job I gave you to teach them!"

"Yes boss!"

We left and head back to the lowest floor. There I told Gobura about the goblins, and she looked very happy about it.

"Yeah, I completly forgot that Arana is still here... Lizzie, could you heal her curse with reverse magic?"

"If you take me to a dinner with candles... I could try..." she said blushing.

"Fine... I have some plans for after she left so is then good?"

"Sure! Let's do it!"

We called Arana and her bodyguard over which he was angry about, but I tell him that if he will still talking then I will call Knight of death for a bout. It worked perfectly.

"So why did you call me?"

"Yes, the matter is the curse on you. Lizzie accepted reversing it for you."

"Okay, now stood still, Reversal!" as Lizzie said that a faint white light apeared around Arana. When I used Identify on her, her curse changed fron Curse of weakening to Curse of healing.

In other words, she could be killed only by 1-hit KO magic spells.

"Zaru... No, Demon Lord Zaru, you have my gratitude. Only thing I can offer you is peace treaty and alliance or... m-my body."


"Not happening! He's mine!" Lizzie yelled while hugging my right side.

"What she said! He's ours!" Yuki continued while hugging my left side.

Haba was waching with anger in her eyes.

"I-I think that alliance will be fine. Realy."

"Is that so... I understand, with wives like those it would be hard for me to get it." Ari smiled.

"W-w-w-wives?! N-no! We aren't... yet..."

"Yet?" I asked.

"wawawawaaa" Yuki turned red and Haba started to shoot lightings from her eyes. Lizzie on another hand huged me more strongly.

After everyone calmed down a peace treaty and alliance was signed.

"Both sides agree to help the other one if asked for help. Both sides will send a messenger to other party to deepen trust between each other and to quickly send messages to their respective countries. Also, head of countries will at least twice a year met to show their nations their power. ... what is that last part?"

"You see Zaru, my nation only accept strong beings so if they deem you weak. they will definitely ask me to crush you. And I as their queen will have to send an army."

"Gotcha, they would be destroyed on the first floor beforw they would know what hit them and you don't want that to happen."

"Yes, exactly."

"Okay... Summon Knight of death!"

Newly summoned Knight bowed deeply to me.

"Go to the first floor and send the knight guarding there here."

Knight of death bowed again and left. After few minutes Renzir and old knight apeared.

"Did you call for us my lord?"

"Yes I have a task for our knight here, but tu fulfil the task I have to give him a name... let me see... Fret Norr'ga that will be your name."

Knight bowed again and shined.

His form changed drasticly. He got smaller (175 centimeters), his armor turned black as his sword and newly a shield. He, same as Renzir looked to much like a human.

Does it work like this on every zombie-type monster? Weird...

He had purple eyes and pinkish gray hair. And by all means he was handsome.

"Uh... I know I said only master can spank me... but this is... hard..."

"Shut it you perv!"

Everyone was suprised at first words the knight said.

"Master please tell me how to get rid of this perv!"

"Kni... Fret Norr'ga you shall be ambasador in Demon spider Queendom. I shall bestow upon you magic item that will allow you to comunicate with me personally."

"My queen... that thing he's sending over..."

"Unholy paladin, no doubt about it."

"A-are we doomed? Not even your thirteen generals can take that thing down."

"I am fully aware... let's see what will happen next okay?"

"What are you whispering over there?" I asked Ari.

"Nothing Zaru, I'm just suprised about how you can produce so many high level monsters in blink on an eye... normally this can do only high ranking demon lord after all."

"You think so?"

"Yes, I will have hard time looking for someone of similar strenght."

But if I send her... Yes, that will work... I hope, Arana thought.

After that Arana and her guard together with Fret set of to the Demon spider queendom.

"Urh... I need a day off..." I sighted loudly.

"Then let's do that tomorrow! Let's take a free day tomorrow everyone!" Lizzie said happily.

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