Chapter 8:

An Indecent Proposal (Ayato)

Escaping Void


“I’m really, really sorry about my mom, Ayato-san.” Nemura said as he put a blanket on his mom. I look down at my chest where the vomit at. The stench is overwhelming. I continue to wipe down my chest with the towel. 

“It’s okay, Nemura-san. This is nothing.” I said, trying not to smell the vomit. I’m afraid if I’m going to puke as well. 

“Wait here... I grab another towel for you. Oh, better yet... Why don’t you just take a shower at my place?” he suggested. I immediately have a deja vu about that night in my place as soon as he says that. But, I tried not to show it on my face.

“Thank you. I think I would like that.”

“My bathroom is inside. But, on the second thought; I think I should clear a couple of things first. Please wait here.” He said and quickly ran to the bathroom. As soon as he’s gone, I opened my stained shirt and fold it. Six months of living alone had teach me to fold and put away things nicely when I no longer need them.

Should I open my pants here too? I think to myself. No, that doesn’t seems right. I’ll look like a pervert in front of Nemura and his sleeping mom. I nearly forgotten that I'm not at my own place. As I was contemplating on where to put my cloth, Nemura suddenly appears with a new towel and a new shirt.

“Here. It’s mine. You can wear it.”

“Thanks. The bathroom is that way?” I added. He nodded.

“Yes. Just holler if you need anything.”

“Sure. Thanks.” I said before walking away. Nemura seems a little distraught. I stopped walking and turned back at him.

“You know, for all its worth – I did enjoy our little dinner tonight.” I said. Nemura suddenly break into a smile.

“You do? I mean... yeah, of course you do. What was I thinking? Again, so sorry about my mom.” He said, a little skittish. I nodded my head.

“Yeah, my mom drinks too. I know how its like, bud.”

“Did you just called me... ‘bud’?”

“Yeah... I did.” I replied. Nemura tries to contain his smile from spreading.

“Does that means... We are.... like friends now?”

“Sure, if you want.”

“That’s great! I mean, I been waiting this chance for so long. It's great that I can finally call you my friend, Ayato-san." he said and take a step closer. I'm only half-naked, so this is making me uncomfortable. But, Nemura doesn't seems to mind. 

“Yeah... yeah... I know you're excited and all, but can we talk about this later? I really need to get into shower right now.” I said. He immediately nods.

“Ah... Of course... of course... Sorry...."

"Thanks." I said and went inside. As soon as the door is closed, I immediately touched my chest. This is weird... I can feel my own heart beating so fast. Damn it! What the hell is wrong with me? That guy is only excited to become my friend, that's all. So, why am I feeling this way? I touches my hair and left a silent sigh. Ah, whatever... I don't even know anymore.


"So, you never been in a fight before?" I asked Nemura one day while walking home together. I had no shift that day and feel like going home early. Nemura nodded his head shyly.

"That's weird... What kind of guy doesn't know how to fight?" I added. He only look down on his feet. Perhaps I was teasing him so much, but he had suddenly turned quiet. I left out a little sigh and notice the playground nearby our apartments.

"Come with me..." I said. He lifted up his chin. There's a puzzled look on his face.

"Where?" he asked back. I didn't answer and walk towards the playground. There barely anyone there. I wonder if this is really a playground without any kids hanging around.

"Put your bag here. I'm going to teach you how to fight."

"No... I don't feel like doing that."

"Why not? Do you like getting beaten up to a pulp each time?"

"No... But, my mom... She wouldn't like it if I start fighting."

"So, you wouldn't fight because you're afraid it will hurt your mom feelings? What about your own body then? Can it handle all the bruises and pain each time? What if it gets worse? Are you just going to stand by and let them do whatever?" I said. I know that I sound like I'm preaching, but that's how I genuinely feels each time he tries to change the subject. Truthfully, I am worried about him. Nemura is my friend. If I wasn't around one day, at least I need to know that he'll be fine on his own. 

"Fine, if you don't want to fight... then at least let me teach you about self-defense. That way, if they truly come out to get you; it wouldn't be so bad." I said. He silently nodded.

"I'm going to teach you two moves today. The first one is called 'ready stance'. I need you to stand with feet shoulder-width apart. Keep your hand by your sides."

"Like this?" he asked back. I nodded.

"Then, keep your toes pointed forward. Take a step using your non-dominant leg. Then, bend you knees a little." I said. He did as he told almost perfectly. I sees he's got it. Now, on to the next move...

"The second move is called the 'groin kick'. Have you heard about it?" I asked. He smiles and nodded.

"Yeah, I think I seen it a couple of times in movies. But, isn't this move a little... feminine?" he asked back. I frown. At the moment of being attacked, who cares about that? Even I had use that move a couples of times towards my opponent. And I have no shame to admit that. Does that makes me feminine?

 "Is that truly your concern now?" I asked back, slightly annoyed. He shakes his head.

"No. Sorry..." he said. I left out a little sigh. We'll be here all day if we continue to dispute about this particular moves. So, I teach him how to do it, the correct way, so he didn't end up hurting himself.

"Now, lay it on me..."


"You heard what I said. Just kick me."

"Ayato-san... Are you sure about this?" he ask again. I nodded. I know how shitty this must feels, but I just need to know if he can actually do it. Nemura seems conflicted.

"Nemura-san... Just do it. I promise that I'll be alright." I convinced him. Nemura still holding his position. He seems ready and eager. Oh, well... I brought this upon myself. Now, let see if this guy can actually do it or....


"Ah...." I said and quickly hold my groin. I can't no longer stand still. Nemura-san face looks panic more than before.

"Ayato-san... Are you alright?" he asked. His hands are covering his mouth. I didn't answer and continues to grimace in pain. Wow, that actually hurts... Like a LOT.... Damn, why did I recommended this in the first place?

"Wait here... I go grab some ice-pack from the convenience store." he said. I immediately shake my head. 

"No... no... That wouldn't be necessary. This pain will go away in a while." I said. He left out a sighs. After feeling a little bit better, I tried to stand up again. Nemura-san offers his hand and helps me out.

"Thanks..." I said and try to take a seat at nearby bench. Nemura is sitting right next to me. I put one hand to cover my eyes when I heard his voice again.

"Want me... do you want me to distract you?" he said. I frown. What does he means by that? When I look at his face, he already blushes.

"I can help you forget the pain." he offers. I scratches behind my ear. Really? He can make this pain disappear?

"How?" I asked dumbly. He suddenly leans in and kissed me. I didn't even get to close my eyes. As soon as he's done, I quickly pushes him away.

"What the hell was that for? Why did you kiss me?" I bark out. He looks at me dumbfounded. He suddenly wipe away his lips and smile.

"I already told you... I'm trying to distract you." 

"With a kiss? Have you lost your mind? Don't you realize where we are right now? Do you want to get caught by police or something?" I questioned back. He laughs.

"Relax... No one is here. Besides, this playground had been abandoned for years." he added casually. I frown again.

"And why is that?" I asked back. He slowly turn towards me and give a little smile.

"You mean, you don't know?" he said. I shake my head. He leaned in to my ear and whispers something. As soon as he's done, I look at him in shock.

"W...why didn't you tell me before? In that case, let's... let's get out of here then." I said without hesitation. I grabbed my bag and his hand. I didn't even realize that we're holding hands like this until we're half-way back home. I was standing in front of my apartment building when I feel his hand tapping on my shoulder.

"What's the matter? Aren't you going in?" he asked. I take a gulp down my throat. Like hell I'm going in now... My head is still filled by his words from the playground earlier....

This is where a mom spend her last moments before killing her two little boys. She take her life at the old oak tree over there.

Shit. I wish he hadn't told me about that. Now I'm even creep out to go back to my own place. 

"If you don't want to go home... Perhaps, there's somewhere else you can?" he said and put one arms on my shoulder. I remove his arms and scoff.

"Where? Your home?" I said. He's shaking his head.

"Nah, I am afraid to go back to my own home too." he said. I frown. Why don't I like where this conversation is going?

"Then, where would you suggest?" I said, after a long silence. He's smiling again.

"I'm thinking... Let's go to a love motel." he said. I feel like my soul had left my body after hearing that... Love motel? Not a café' or public park, but a motel? Is this guy serious?

"Seriously? Motel? How horny are you, right now?" I ask jokingly. He doesn't look like he's goofing around. Fine, so he's serious about this. But, how is that my problem? It's not like I'm desperate to sleep with him. 

"Very much. If I said that I am horny for you, will you go there with me?" he asks softly. What the... This guy is really pushing it too far...

"Sorry, I am not interested. Go find someone else." I said. But, Nemura didn't look dejected. Instead, his eyes begin to scan around, as if looking for his next target. I immediately close his eyes with my hand.

"Cut it out will you... Are you seriously going to find another guy, right now? Just because I told you so?" 

"But, you don't want to come with me. I had to find someone." he replied casually. I touches my head. I had enough with this guy. Fine, find someone else, you horny fuck. See if I care...

"Ayato-san... Are you mad right now?" he asked and touches my hand. I look at his hand, but I didn't push it away this time around. I left out a faint sigh.

"You driving me crazy, you know that?" I said. He smiles.

"I know. You drive me crazy too, Ayato-san..." he replied with a smug look on his face. He suddenly walk back to where we come from. I quietly follows him from behind.

- End of Chapter 8-

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