Chapter 9:

Love Find Its Way (Nemura)

Escaping Void


"Are you comfortable?" I asked him. We're currently sitting on a queen bed in a motel. Ayato is looking at the wall. His expressionless face made it hard for me to read him. I frown before taking a gulp down of my throat. Oh, no... Was I being too hasty when I ask him to come here ? But, if he doesn't like it - we could just go home. I don't mind. Honest.

 "Ayato-san?" I called out again. He slowly turns his head and look at me. 

"Yeah?" he replied quietly. His fingers are covering his lips as he looks at me. My heart suddenly skips a beat. Even while acting nonchalant, Ayato still manage to look cool and attractive. Ah, this isn't the time to be distracted. 

I finally left out a sigh before asking him what's on my mind.

"You are awfully quiet. Is something wrong?" I ask. He shakes his head. Thank God... But, why is he acting this way? All these silence between us is making me restless.

Just when I was about to ask him again, he suddenly stands up.

"I think... I'm going to head for a shower first." he says. My jaw dropped. I can't believe what I just heard... Is this for real? Is this truly happening?

"A... Ayato-san... I..."

"What's with your face? I'm just taking a shower. Or do you wanna go in first?" he asked back. I shake my head. That's not what I wanna ask. Instead of saying the words, I clenched my fist and bite my tongue.

Ayato silently walk back to me and return to the bed.

"I thought this is what you want. Why are you looking so nervous now?" he asked as soon as our eyes met. I take a gulp down my throat. His eyes continuous to watch me. 

"I think... I'm just a little scared..." I replied. He frowns.

"Scared? But, you look pretty confident earlier. Or are you having second thoughts?" he asks again. I shake my head.

"No... It wasn't that... It's just..." my mouth is struggling to find the right word. Ayato suddenly left out a sigh. A few moment later, his sighs turned into a little laughter.

"What?" I ask him. He shakes his head.

"Nothing. I just think you're funny, Nemura. You should look at your face." he said.

I scowl, "Don't laugh at me... This is hard for me you know?" I said and to pretend scratch my face. Ayato put one hand underneath his chin. Then, he left out a sigh. 

"Okay then.. We don't have to do anything if you don' want too. But I'm still heading into that shower. I feel a little... hot."

"O...okay." I said. He smiles and go into the bathroom. Nearly fifteen minutes passed. Ayato re-appears and look freshened up.   

"Your turn..." he said. I nodded and grab a towel and bathrobe. Ayato's pick up the TV  remote and begin flipping the channel. He stopped to watch some news. I waste no time to head to the shower and open the tap. While I was in there, my mind begin to race about what could happen in this room. Will we kiss again? Hug? Touching each others face?

Or are we actually going to get down and really do it?

I shake my head in embarrassment. What am I doing? My crush is literally outside waiting for me while I'm here daydreaming about what could have been? I better finish my shower quick.

"I'm done." I said while drying my hair with the towel. Ayato turned his head at me before switching off the TV. He patted the bed to signal that I should sit right next to him. I quietly take a sit and put both of my hands on my knees. What should we do now? Are we really going to talk as he suggested earlier?

"Nemura-san, can I ask you something?" he break the silence. 

"Sure... What... what is it?" I asked back nervously. He smiles.

"When did you realize that you start to like me?"


"On the rooftop earlier, you said that you like me. I wonder how long had you been feeling this way ?" he ask. I take a gulp down my throat.

"I'm not sure myself... I think it probably happened when you help me with math homework?"

"Is that so?"

"Yes. I was very grateful then. I found myself watching you ever since, Ayato-san." I replied. He didn't reply and quietly stares at the wall. I wonder if he think me as a stalker?

"Well, that's cute." he replied after a while. I blink my eyes a couple of times. Then, without a warning - Ayato suddenly grabbed both of my shoulder. His eyes are looking intensely into mine.

"Nemura-san?" he suddenly call out my name. I turned at him. His hand touches both of my shoulders as our eyes locked.

"I lied." he said before giving me a kiss. It was deep and long. I find myself voluntarily closing my eyes to kiss him back. I slowly put my arms around his neck. His hands slid around my waist as he holds me closer to him. As soon as we're done, I bury my head on his shoulder. I was too embarrassed to lift my head up. Ayato patted the back of my head slowly and lean on to whisper;

"I think I starting to like you, Nemura-san. Do you really like me?"  he asked. I smiled to myself.

"Yes, Ayato-san. I like you. I like you a lot." I said and tighten my hug and pulled him closer to me.

- End of Chapter 9-

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