Chapter 35:

Ch 35 - The Manager

St Chaos Healer

As soon as the glass marble shattered there was a tiny spark of light.

Which only appeared for like a second and disappeared.

Lightning maniac dropped his shoulders,

“You really had to use the call orb for this. So what if that brat belonged to a high-class society, I am nobility. You don’t think you can punish me for that, do you?”

The disciplinary guy let out a sigh,

“Well, I shall let the wagon manager handle this matter. I already contacted that brat’s wagon manager and he’ll appear soon enough.”

“Darn it!” scowled lightning maniac as he laid on the floor with the restraining chains.

“I hope Uncle William shows up. Only he is able to understand me, the rest of the wagon managers are just stuck up old farts.”

This dude literally had no remorse whatsoever.

Whoever comes from using that orb, I sure hope to give this freak a bit of a lesson.

I should just get moving, I don’t wanna drag myself in whatever happens next. I don’t think anything good will come out of this anyway. I should make my escape.

So I just turned around and started walking away.

But before I could take another step,

“Hey kid, where do you think you are going?” asked the disciplinary guy.


I turned around and smiled innocently,

“I’m heading back to my room. I am not feeling so good, so I thought I should go get rest-”

“Stay right there. The wagon manager is on the way and you are a potential witness that could convey what happened here. The rest of your friends are still in a state of trauma and won’t be much help. You are the only one who is calm despite what you have gone through which is kinda weird but that is none of my business.”

I stayed quiet and just waited there as instructed.
Meanwhile, the disciplinary guy took out a vile of magic potion and poured it into James’s mouth. He then took out a bunch of herbs and started grinding them together in a bowl. Recreating a thick green paste which he then applied to the amputated stump of his arms.

“Hey! Is it me or does this corridor smell like piss? Can’t I move to a different location” asked the tied-up maniac laying on the floor.

The disciplinary guy didn’t answer and stayed quiet.

Now that he mentioned the air smells so bad because a bunch of brats soiled their pants.

I almost forgot all about them, it really does stink here.

I just hope we get over this soon and the wagon manager is kind enough to overlook what happened.

I am still worried about how my parents will react once they come to know what happened here. I am sure they will just go ahead and pick a fight with the entire ceremony organizers of the railway department.

Shit, I shouldn’t have agreed to follow James and his lackeys.

After waiting for a few minutes a figure appeared rushing towards the sight.

He was a man with graying hair with a beard running towards us in a hurry.

Is that the wagon manager?

Although he looked quite different from the wagon manager that was assigned to our wagon.

The old man then reached the spot and first he saw the maniac Rayzer in chains.

Meanwhile, even Rayzer eyes widened,

“Uncle William! Thank god that you are here. Could you please instruct this disciplinary dog to get rid of these chains?”

The wagon manager happened to be William who I presume was quite close to this maniac.

Uncle William quickly looked around to see the wounded James, the destroyed corridor, and other candidates traumatized. His brows frowned as if he could tell what happened here.

With a sigh,

“Rayzer, I had told you to refrain from giving me trouble. For once in your life, couldn’t have you controlled your outburst.”

William averted his gaze,

“I did my best to behave until a peasant tried touching me with his nasty hands.”

Uncle William’s face looked pale,

“If you weren’t my brother’s son, I would have let you rot in a jail cellar for the rest of your life. Didn’t I specifically tell you not to be violent with the other candidates? You even promised me that you will behave so I recommended you as a trainee to use the time chamber. But now look what mess you have created.”

What the fuck is going on here.

The savior used the call orb to recall a wagon manager, and I thought for sure the maniac would be getting the beating of the lifetime for his actions.

But here the manager is very close to this maniac and instead of reprimanding him, he was giving him a pep talk instead.

It’s not like he broke a precious vase at home that you are giving him an earful.

That maniac has severed the arms of a candidate and the rest of us were almost about to be killed alongside him. What I expected was a whooping ass and make this maniac feel a little remorseful through some punishment.

“One day I will surely lose my job trying to save your skin. Only this one time will I help you out, only this once, okay?” said Uncle William.

“Thanks, Uncle William, you are the best!” thanked the lightning maniac.

“Stop sweet-talking with me. You know how hard it is to clean up your mess.” He then turned to the disciplinary guy, “Good work stopping my idiot nephew. Now remove those chains, I don’t want him to get cramps at such young age.”

Is that it?
He is clear of all his crimes just like that.

Out of all wagon managers, this disciplinary guy had to call out the manager which is related to this maniac. Is that dumb luck or did he do that purposely?

But to our surprise, the disciplinary guy didn’t move an inch.

The old fart William was a bit surprised,

“I said to free my nephew from the chains. Now get on with it at once.”

The disciplinary guy lowered his head,

“I am sorry but I am not allowed to do that.”

Hearing that old fart William frowned.

“What do you mean you can’t do that! My uncle ordered you to do so, and you must obey.” interrupted the maniac.

“Sir, your nephew, Rayzer Maverick attacked a candidate belonging to the gold class passenger. That candidate is on the verge of dying. Not only that, your nephew was about to kill the rest of his friends, if I hadn’t stopped in time.” replied the disciplinary guy.

Hearing that old fart William glared at Rayzer,
“Out of all people, you had to target that kid who belonged to the golden ticket holders. Inviting you was really a poor decision on my behalf. This will surely give that elite society committee another reason to spark trouble with us. What have you done Rayzer.”

Rayzer lowered his head,

“Geez. I screwed up, I get it. Please let go this one time, come on uncle. Please.”

“If you weren’t my nephew I would have never helped you out.”

“I am sorry. This will be the last time, I swear!”

“Geez. What will I do.” Uncle William let out a sigh and then looked at the disciplinary guy,

“Let him go. What’s done is done. No point in punishing the poor lad now.”

The heck is wrong with that old fart.

His nephew just killed a boy and was about to murder more such people along with him. And he says no point in punishing this man. For fuck sake, this guy should be tortured and get him to a mental hospital as soon as possible.

Not to mention they openly mention that the gold class ticket holders are treated much nicely. They don’t even try to hide that fact. The old fart was hoping one of us lowly peasant candidates should have taken the place of James. They would have an easy time then.

The disciplinary guy was kinda cool enough to help us out and even stand up for that maniac’s sin. I guess nothing can be done if that old fart William wants to free that maniac.

There is little to no concern about the well-being of the local people aboard this train.
Are all nobles such heartless and selfish bastards like these two?

But to our surprise, the disciplinary guy stood still and motionless.
He didn’t intend to free the maniac for some reason.

William brows narrowed,

“I said to free him this instant of these chains.”

The disciplinary guy lowered his head,

“Sorry Sir, but I can’t do that. Your son violated the 8th, 13th, and 42nd rules of conduct of a rail guard. He’s liable to the destruction of the ceremony train’s property, attempt to murder the young candidates as well as beating a candidate of the gold ticket holder to the brink of death. According to the clauses of the ceremony train rule book, your nephew could be seriously punished-”

“You! How dare you disobey your superior officer.” All of a sudden William got angry.
His eyes started glowing and his hair started glowing.

Don’t tell me there’s a brawl about to break between an old fart and ninja disciplinary dude.

The disciplinary guy shrugged his shoulder,

“Sorry but I am just a lowly disciplinary officer and I just follow the rules-”

“What I say is the rules, do you get it?” shouted William angrily.

Even his sound boomed in the corridor like beating drums.

The disciplinary guy needs to chain down this old fart along with his nephew.

Sadly he could only grit his teeth and lower his head.

“How dare you disobey! Uncle, you should give a thrashing and straighten up the disciplinary dogs. They have forgotten their place.” said Rayzer.

Uncle William stepped forward approaching the disciplinary guy,

“I guess you won’t obey me.”

For some reason, the disciplinary guy just lowered his head.
Fuck! Go whoop that old fart’s ass. He ain’t shit in front of your ninja skills.

I was cheering for that disciplinary guy for some reason.

William’s arm shined for some reason but unlike William who had electricity, he gave off a different power. For some reason, the disciplinary guy didn’t even resist! Why!

Just when William was about to touch him with his glowing arm, the ceiling of the roof suddenly started shifting.


The ceiling shuffled like a bunch of Jenga puzzles that came unwinding.

Even old fart William who was acting high and mighty saw this was shocked.

In the next second the entire ceiling started collapsing upwards and a hole started forming in the center.

William frowned and glanced at the disciplinary guy with anger,

“You little…!”

“Please forgive me.” replied the disciplinary guy while scratching his head.

Before I could think what was going on, a voice suddenly echoed.

“I never knew managers now were in charge of making rules aboard my train. Could you please elaborate what you mean by that, Mr. William Beringe Maverick?”

All of a sudden the disciplinary guy got on his knees, the old fart William also followed suit.

“You surely jest, my lady. What do you mean by that, we would never do such a thing. Hehe.” said William as the sweats bucket loads from his brows.

He really changed back to his usual self.
No more glowing eyes or arms.

All of a sudden a beautiful blonde woman descended from that hole. Unlike the rest of the guards wearing black, she wore a white frock coat and in her hand, she held a scepter with a golden jewel at the end.

As soon as she landed on the floor, the hole in the ceiling started disappearing, and the ceiling started rebuilding in the same way as before. It only took a few seconds to get the ceiling fixed.

William laughed,

“Greetings my lady. We are blessed to be in your presence but why did you bother yourself to come here. Here’s just a minor accident that can be fixed with my-”

“Now you have the audacity to tell me what to do, what not to do on my own train, William? So when were you promoted to order me around, huh?” glared at the lady coldly.

William just gulped his own saliva,

“I-I don’t mean like that my lady!”

He lowered his head and glared at the disciplinary guy who was dodging his stares.

What the heck is going on?
Is this lady the final boss of this train or something?

I have no fucking clue what’s going on at this point.