Chapter 0:

What Happened?

it is easy to level up in another world

Hearing some sounds I woke up from bed, it was 3 at night I checked from my phone. it came from hall. I move towards the hall, thinking my mom must have made the noise since my mom have a habit of drinking water at night. as soon as I reached hall I fell because of some liquid.

[ah it must be water that my mother spilled, that must be the reason of noise]or so I thought.

turning on the flashlight of my phone, I saw dead bodies of my mom and dad covered in a red scenery. the floor and my body was covered in blood. I saw my hand it was covered in red colored blood.

my heartbeat got faster, my body begin to shiver, and my breathing got heavier.

[mom... dad... ] I started crying.

the memories of my mom and dad started appearing before my eyes, the time I spend with mom once said when my pet cat died in an accident and I started crying "cry, cry as loudly as you can but that won't change anything, you must be strong enough to accept it and move forward."

[that's right crying won't bring my parents back, I need to move forward]

I pulled myself back on my feet and equipped myself with a sharp knife from kitchen, just in case of emergency. I searched the house but the only clue was shoe prints covered in blood outside the apartment, it goes up instead of down. I slowly followed the footprints. after 25 floors the terrace came, I saw a man covered in blood with a gun and a sword.

it seemed like the man was going to jump from terrace, it was a 50 story building there was no chance of him being alive if he jumped. as soon as he started to jump I ran as fast as I could to stop him.

"STOP" I shouted [I want to know the reason why he killed my parents]

he turned around and started flying. his characteristics must be his weird mustache and beard

[ah... wha... eh... ???]

due to that I tripped and fell from the terrace, and unable to gather my thoughts suddenly a crack in space appeared. and I fell in a pitch black area.

in that area unable to see anything I thought [did I die]. weird robotic voices are coming in my head {acquired.. acquired.. acquired...…} what's it saying I can not process and I lost consciousness.

when I gained consciousness [where am I?] seeing surroundings-baby arms, baby legs and I sleeping in a cradle, I am not able to speak properly "ah uh nn io" WHAT HAPPNED TO ME.