Chapter 1:

Start of a new life in Another World

it is easy to level up in another world

My name is ken Linel, a 15 year old kid who just completed middle school. a night I found my parents dead, following footprints soaked in blood I saw a man at the terrace of 50th floor building. I accidently fell of the building and entered dimensional crack, I call it dimensional crack because it sounds cool. now the current situation is that I am in the body of 1 year old child.

I, not being able to understand my situation started panicking but I was able to calm down myself under a minute, and started thinking WEIRD thing like those novels about a person being summoned to another world.

I thought [1 thing that was common in those novels were status]

a weird blue screen came in front of my eyes which looked like this-


NAME: Alex Plafex                     FORMER NAME: Ken Linel                     AGE: 1

LEVEL: 1                                       HP: 100                                          MP: 100

RACE: Human                             GENDER: MALE

TITLES: Person of another world

MAGICS: Space-inactive; time-inactive;

SKILLS: x10@#$!@+#; Appraisal-Max; Language Translator-Lv.1; Limit Breaker-inactive

RESISTANCE: Mental Resistance-Lv.3;


By seeing this I can kind of guess what happened. Falling into Dimensional crack gave me these abilities, and by that TITLE person of another world means that this is not my world, and my NAME and FORMER NAME means this is not by body, well I can see that.

The thing that caught my attention was this weird skill [x10 something]

{SKILL x10@#$!@+# is a passive skill}

What was that, Was appraisal activated? That sounded like robot voice in my head. it feels weird when sound doesn't come in from ears.

Although I seem to understand this and try to adjust myself to this thing but deep inside my heart, I am scared. scared from fear, fear of transporting to another world, fear of going back in baby form, fear of my new parents. I am scared of everything around me right now.

"tap-tap, tap-tap" sounds of footsteps coming toward me.

[First person that I will see in this world, is it my parents?]

As I saw the figure the first word that came in my mind were [M-MOM]

yes, that figure I saw was the same as my mother from my previous life but the only difference was the change of hair from black to blue. my tears started coming of my eyes and I started crying, unable to control.

she hold me in her arms and started saying "don't cry, don't cry, mommy is here."

That's when I thought [Appraisal]


NAME: Sonia Plafex                     AGE: 28

LEVEL: 40                                      HP: 256                     MP: 500

RACE: Human                              GENDER: FEMALE

TITLES: Married to Max Plafex; Mage

MAGICS: Earth; Wind

SKILLS: Appraisal-Lv.1; MP recovery; Mana Manipulation

RESISTANCE: Magic Resistance-Lv.5; Poison Resistance-Lv.1


Seeing her status has made me sure that she is my mother and incredibly powerful mage.

Now I need to make myself powerful too as my mother but before that I need to start learning to crawl than stand than run. Until than I need knowledge about this world and this magic system.