Chapter 2:

Chapter 2

I am now Santa Claus and must defend the North Pole

Santa flies with haste as he vows to himself to save this place.
Suddenly the sleigh is hit, the orcs and goblins have bombs!!
Brought in from the other nations no doubt.
The reindeer try to control the sleigh but it's no use.
A big thud and Santa falls down but still alive.
Now Dasher! Now Dancer! Now Prancer and Vixen!
On Comet! On Cupid! On Donder and Blixem!


Dasher and Prancer were dead from the crash, the fastest reindeer hit the hardest and the reindeer that loved the elves did not make it.
The others were hurts but still alive.
Santa was hurt, not physically but his heart was wounded yet he could not stay still.
All of you come and lets go!
And so Santa hopped on Comet and they left.
They were still faster than the enemy but rows of arrow were shot from afar, they hit Vixen in the neck and she died, Blixem's legs were gone and he was a goner. 
Onwards and the rest made it safely, where you ask?
To the biggest factory there is in this North Pole.
The fighting has started but everything was still upright, dead bodies everywhere but the place has fought back woth every tooth and nail.
Santa appears and cheer spreads out, we will now win this! Santa proclaims.

As they fight on the main force arrives in, jack the frost and old man winter as well.
They tear through the factory doors and no one can stop them.
Is this the end? Dancer and Cupid stand up and defend Santa but they no match for Jack the Frost.
Bullets rain down and the reindeer are filled with lead, they die.
Santa gets on Comet and leaves.
I'm sorry everyone but I must survive.
Every single worker is killed as the cold intensifies due to old man winter, frozen solid their corpses are preserved.

Comet you are my last hope, let's ask for help from the outside.
The ice wall is real and there is an entrance in it that only Santa Claus knows.
Santa Claus arrives and sees the unthinkable.
A massive army of million of goblins and elves stationed at the ice wall waiting to go through.
They all have the heads and items of the good goblins and elves.
What has happened, why?
As he looks down, Comet loses strenght and begins going down with Santa none the wiser.
He lands in the middle of the army.
Who greets him is none other than Krampus! a devil like creature with black body hair, horns, hooves, and fangs.
I thought you were dead says Santa.
I almost was but I lived, all for this day, now join us Santa Claus.
We must go into the outside world and carve out are lives away from this freezing land.
Impossible, you know I would never agree with you.
I know.
Krampus grabs Comet and bites his head off.
Santa has lost all hope and sinks down.
Now die, current Santa Claus.
Santa'd body is pierced by the devil's hands and dies.
In his death his body is repaired and another soul enters his body.
Where am I?
This time it was a man with no particular personality or wit who reincarnated into Santa Claus.
Join me.
Santa's Memories flowed into the man and he now knows everything, he should reject him but he cannot.
He knows it is helpless, it is faith that did this so I must oblige.
And so Santa Claus joins Krampus.
They board a ship, one of many prepared by someone as Santa looks back on his home.
His friends, workers and people dead as the houses are destroyed one by one.
Goodbye North Pole, Goodbye Christmas.
He heads to the unknown, he still has good in his heart and a big filled with the important things of the North Pole and hopes someone will defeat Krampus in the outside world.