Chapter 2:

Contact Number


"Yeah, so my name is written with the character for 'that one' and the character for 'pure' " said Izumi.

"I haven't presented myself, my name is-" I was speaking when interrupted by Izumi:

"I already know about you, you are Tooru Miyazawa, right?"

How can someone like him know about someone like me? 

"Y-Yes you're correct, Tooru is written with the character for 'transparent'. Please take good care of me" I replied.

"Nice to meet you Tooru" said Izumi as I was in the verge of crying.

"Hey, why don't we exchange our contact numbers so we can communicate easier" he added.

I stayed silent and stared at him blankly.

"Wait a second, are you saying you don't have a phone? Everyone has one nowadays!" Izumi asked while laughing.

"I've never had the necessity , no one wants to contact me"

"Ok Mr. Stone Age, let's meet tomorrow at the mall so we can get you a brand new phone" suggested Izumi.

"B-But tomorrow I have stuff to do" I quickly responded trying to excuse myself.

"Tooru the loner has something to do? Don't worry, it won't take long" said Izumi evading my excuse.

And before I could say anything else he added:

"It's settled then, tomorrow at 10 at the station. Can't wait for tomorrow, see you Tooru"

He started to run along the beach waving his hand with a honest smile in his face. The sun had already set and the first stars could be seen in the sky, the moon was just too beautiful.


It's late so I get back home.

"I'm back"

"Welcome home sweetie, dinner will be ready in a moment" replied my mom.

"Thanks, changing subject, where's dad?"

"He may be back any minute now"

As mom was saying that the door opened and dad entered.

"Welcome back dad"

He didn't say anything, he only nod his head.

"Well, everyone sit down, dinner is served" announced mom.

We all sit down, repeat the usual itadakimasu and start eating in silence.


After we are finished and mom is picking up the table I gather courage and start speaking:

"H-Hey dad, you know how important are cellphones for boys my age..."

Dad doesn't even turns his eyes to see me, I'm about to give up but the image of Izumi crosses my mind and I continue my persuassion:

"I was thinking maybe it's time I get a phone. I'm meeting with someone tomorrow  to buy it"

"Is it a date? It was time sweetie, you got a grilfriend right?" mom interrupted.

"N-No, I made a friend, a male friend" I reply with shame.

For the first time in dinner dad turns his sight to me, pulls out his wallet and hands me more than enough to buy a phone.

"Thank you very much dad" I said while giving him a hug.

"Sorry for bothering you. Please invite your new friend so we can have dinner and get to know him" stated my mom.

"I'll ask him but he might have his agenda full"

I go upstairs to my room, lay in bed just thinking about the day I had, and before I notice I'm already sleeping.


I hear my alarm clock buzzing, I get up strech a little and take a view from my window. I check the clock and see is already 9:55, sure I slept a lot.

"W-Wait I was supposed to meet Izumi at 10..."