Chapter 3:

Shopping and Encounter


The station is a 20 minute walk away from my house, but this time I'm late, I can't afford getting late to the first hangout with a friend.Bookmark here

I rush through people and almost get bitten by a dog. I continue my race and I need to cross the street but the streetlight is still red for the pedestrains, I got no choicebut to hurry to the other sidewalk and I almost get driven over by a bicycle.Bookmark here

I manage to get to the station but is already 10:05.Bookmark here

"I'm late, clearly he has left" I sigh.Bookmark here

But a feel someone taps my shoulder, it's Izumi.Bookmark here

"Sorry for being late, I overslept" I said.Bookmark here

"No problem, same here" he replied with a smile.Bookmark here

As both of us enter the train I can't help to notice how he is dressed. An orange and yellow striped shirt over a white T-shirt, a pair of slightly broken jeans, sport tennis and a waist bag hanging from his shoulder over his chest. He is the definition of drip. Every girl on the train is looking at him.Bookmark here

After minutes of silence I speak:Bookmark here

"H-How have you b-been Izumi-kun" I said trying to start a conversation.Bookmark here

"First, Izumi is just fine and second, we saw each other yesterday, not much has happened" he replied.Bookmark here

I was sweating, not just only because of the heat of the train but because the embarrasment.Bookmark here

"I'm joking! Everything is cool bro" he corrected.Bookmark here

"[We are approaching the next station. Please be ready if you're going to descend]" we hear on the speaker.Bookmark here

"I think this is our stop" said Izumi.Bookmark here

***Bookmark here

We enter the mall and I'm just petrified, it's the first time I go to such a big place. The stores, the lights, people coming and going, everything is just amazing. But somehow I don't feel too intimidated maybe it is because Izumi is by my side.Bookmark here

We enter a phone store and the clerk approaches and bombard us with questions:Bookmark here

"Welcome dear clients, may I help you? What are you looking for? Maybe a phone case, a charger or accesories?"Bookmark here

My head is spining with so much to process, but Izumi remains calm and states:Bookmark here

"We are looking for a phone for my friend here"Bookmark here

"Of course. Sorry for not figuring it out before, everyone already has phones today so I supposed it was something else. Please follow me"Bookmark here

We follow the clerk as he shows me the newest models they've got.Bookmark here

"This one has the most powerful camera in the market, 15 megapixels. Ohh! This other one has a storage of 512 GB and 4 GB of RAM memory. And this one..." Bookmark here

The clerk doesn't stop speaking and I don't understand a single word of what he is saying. Once again Izumi comes to the rescue:Bookmark here

"My friend  only wants to communicate with friends and take one or two photos, nothing spectacular"Bookmark here

"Anyway its your decission Tooru" Izumi says as he turns his head to me and show me a gently smile.Bookmark here

I see Izumi right in the eyes and feel relief.Bookmark here

"Then I will get this one please" I state to the clerk.Bookmark here

"Thank you for your purchase"Bookmark here

***Bookmark here

We are out of the store and feel the hot environment so we run to a close cafeteria to shelter from the sun.Bookmark here

"You made a great decission Tooru, now let's exchange our numbers" Izumi says.Bookmark here

As we register each other contacts I observe the place. The smell of the coofee, the speakers are playing what I guess is the trending music. There are lots of tables full of people around our age.Bookmark here

"It's done" declares Izumi as he sends me a sticker through Line.Bookmark here

I'm still figuring out how does the phone work when the waitress comes to take our order, but I could be more shocked of who the waitress is.Bookmark here

"Nakano-san what are you doing here" Izumi comments.Bookmark here

"Miyazawa-kun, Takeda-kun what a grate surprise to find you here. As you can see I work part time here"Bookmark here

"B-But why would so-someone like you w-work in a place li-like these" I stutter.Bookmark here

"I have my reasons" replied Nakano-san evading the question. "What can I get for you?" she asked changing the subject.Bookmark here

"I would like an iced tea" says Izumi.Bookmark here

"Ok, and for you Miyazawa-kun?"Bookmark here

"S-Same please" I answer with trembling voice.Bookmark here

"Two iced tea working. I'll be right back" replies Nakano-san before going away.Bookmark here

My heart is beating like crazy and I have almost no voice left. Izumi tries to cheer me up:Bookmark here

"Look who is lucky today, why don't you ask her number when she returns?"Bookmark here

"I-I can't do so-something like that"Bookmark here

***Bookmark here

After a few minutes of waiting Nakano-san brings our drinks.Bookmark here

"There you go, anything else that you want?"Bookmark here

"N-No we a-are fi-" I was talking when Izumi said:Bookmark here

"Yes there is one more thing, my friend wants to tell you something"Bookmark here

Nakano-san stares at me waiting for me to speak.Bookmark here

"I-I don't have a-anything to sa-" I can't even end the sentence when under the table I recieve a kick from Izumi.Bookmark here

"Are you okay Miyazawa-kun?" gently asks Nakano-san.Bookmark here

"Y-Yes I'm good. So-Sorry to b-bother yo-" before I finish what i was saying Izumi kicks me again.Bookmark here

"Enough!" I stand up yelling to Izumi, but everyone at the cafe turn their eyes to me.Bookmark here

I sit down again incredibly ashamed.Bookmark here

"If you excuse me, I'm pretty busy" noted Nakano-san.Bookmark here

"Of course, sorry for taking your time" replies Izumi.Bookmark here

"What were you thinking?" I question Izumi with a passive-agressive look.Bookmark here

"I thought you needed a little push" he answers calmly.Bookmark here

I refuse to keep discussing because of the shame. Bookmark here

After we finish our drinks I get my wallet out to pay but Izumi is ahead a pays for both.Bookmark here

"I owe you for before, let me invite you this time" declares Izumi as we get prepared to leave.Bookmark here

Izumi goes to the bathroom for a moment and Nakano-san comes to clean the table.Bookmark here

"So-Sorry for the scandal before, Nakano-san" I say trying to apologize.Bookmark here

"Don't worry. By the way, I saw you've got a new phone. I knew someone was missing in the group chat, could you please give me your number so I can add you?" Bookmark here

My mind explotes, she was watching me and now asked me my number.Bookmark here

"Y-Yes, my number is XXX-XXX-XXX" I quickly reply.Bookmark here

"Got it" says Nakano-san. She grabs one of the napkins and pulling out the pen she uses to take orders she writes something.Bookmark here

"Here is my number, I have other tables to attend so I have to run. See you on Monday Miyazawa-kun" she says before going away.Bookmark here

Izumi returns from the bathroom as sees what Nakano-san gave me.Bookmark here

"I knew you could" says while he laughs.Bookmark here

***Bookmark here

We are in the train back home when I remember what mom said.Bookmark here

"Hey Izumi, my mom told me that she wants to meet you. Would you like to come to my house for dinner?"Bookmark here

He stay quiet for a second.Bookmark here

"I would love to, but something came up" he replied with a serious expression.Bookmark here

Is not surprising that a guy like he has all he agenda full.Bookmark here

"But maybe another time" he said trying to cheer me up.Bookmark here

***Bookmark here

We say goodbye and take different paths.Bookmark here

Back at my room I see a notification on my phone, I was added to the group chat. I send a message to Izumi to ask him how he was but only the 'read' sign appears.Bookmark here

I was about to go to sleep when I recieve a message from the person  I least expected...Bookmark here



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