Chapter 1:

Rubik's World

Rubik's World

Ruby solved the Rubik's Cube in five seconds flat. Bookmark here

She tossed it into the basket with its ninety-nine brothers and pressed the pause button on her stopwatch: eight minutes and thirty-three seconds. Bookmark here

She reclined on the sofa and sighed. 'Not good enough.'Bookmark here

She'd been solving puzzles all night in preparation for the World Puzzle Championship the following day. Logic toys, playing cards, and board games were scattered about her room. No matter how much she practised, however, she still felt inadequate in comparison to Ulrich Voigt, the German ten-time World Puzzle Champion. He made her feel a mix of determination, anger, fear, envy, joy, and implacable curiosity every time she watched him play. Bookmark here

Ruby looked up at a lonely star through the window. What she really needed was an anime-style puzzle death game to get her in the zone that Ulrich Voigt seemed to live in....Bookmark here

A chill wind howled in from the window. Bookmark here

Ruby shivered in her pyjamas, got up from the sofa, and closed it. Well, Budapest wasn't likely to deliver anything like that at 3AM in the morning; she was better off just getting some rest and hoping for the best. Bookmark here

She lay down on her bed, got under the covers, emptied her mind, and waited for sleep.Bookmark here

*Bookmark here

When Ruby woke up, she was inside a Rubik's Cube. Bookmark here

It was large, cube-shaped room with colourful, square-pattern walls.Bookmark here

'Oh shit.'Bookmark here

Something small floated up to her. It was a little Rubik's Cube. Bookmark here

The Rubik's Cube had a masculine Hungarian accent. 'Hello, young lady.'Bookmark here

Ruby didn't know what to say.Bookmark here

Then it all came flooding out. Bookmark here

'Hello. Who are you? What is this place? What's going on? Am I dead?'Bookmark here

The Rubik's Cube laughed. 'A curious one, aren't you? But then I wouldn't expect anything less of a puzzler. I am Rubik, this is my Cube, and I would like you to solve it for me. You're not dead, but you will be if you don't solve my Cube within six lives. If you do, you may return safely to your own world.'Bookmark here

Ruby's eyes widened. 'Why are you doing this to me?'Bookmark here

Rubik laughed again. 'Silly girl. You wished upon a star, remember? Now, enough questions. You have three puzzles to solve. The first is how to get to the other end of the abyss.'Bookmark here

Ruby looked around at the empty room. 'What abyss?'Bookmark here

The floor parted so that there was a three meter-wide abyss to total darkness in the middle of it. Three bronze cubes the size of sofas floated up from the abyss and hovered in the air parallel to the floor.Bookmark here

'This abyss,' said Rubik.Bookmark here

'Oh.'Bookmark here

Ruby stood and saw that her hands were now snow white. She pulled her sleeves back: her arms were white too. She must have been white from head to toe. Not only that, she felt oddly unemotional, focused, and determined to solve the Cube despite her distressing circumstances. Was this a part of the puzzle too?Bookmark here

She shrugged. Better this than freaking out.Bookmark here

Clearly, she was meant to jump on the bronze cubes like a character in a platform video game.Bookmark here

She took a run up and jumped on the first bronze cube. Bookmark here

She steadied herself and tensed her legs for the next jump. Bookmark here

Then she realised the cube was descending.Bookmark here

She quickly tried to jump onto the next cube, but she was too low to reach it and ended up just kicking off it instead. Bookmark here

She fell into darkness. Bookmark here

*Bookmark here

Ruby woke up where she had been sitting before.Bookmark here

Her skin was now blue. Bookmark here

Fear welled up inside her. She started to cry. 'What's going on?! Did I fail?!'Bookmark here

Rubik floated up from the abyss. 'Yes. You've used up one of your six lives.'Bookmark here

'Oh no!' Ruby wailed. For some reason, she felt terrified. 'I don't want to do this any more!'Bookmark here

Rubik laughed. 'You can't go back on a wish, young lady. If you quit, I'll just kill you outright.'Bookmark here

Ruby wiped her tears on her sleeve and stood. Clearly this Rubik was a psychopath. She looked at the bronze cubes and gulped. The problem last time was that the second she had touched the first bronze cube, it had started to sink into the abyss under her weight. Maybe if she quickly hopped from cube to cube, she could get to the other side? It was worth a try. Plus, if she waited any longer, she'd have a nervous breakdown.Bookmark here

Ruby took a deep breath and took a run up.Bookmark here

She hopped onto the first cube, hopped onto the second cube, hopped onto the third cube, slipped—and grabbed the other side before she fell into the abyss.Bookmark here

Panting, she pulled herself up and crawled to the far wall.Bookmark here

'Well done,' said Rubik. 'You have solved the first puzzle. Now for the second. Find a way to destroy the Mother Cube.'Bookmark here

The abyss closed up so the floor was whole again. Bookmark here

A big silver cube the size of a bed phased out of the ceiling. Bookmark here

It started to spin. It shot out dozens of flying little silver cubes which floated towards Ruby. Bookmark here

She screamed and ran away. The longer she ran, however, the more baby cubes the Mother Cube produced. Soon, she was trapped in a corner of the room with hundreds of baby cubes closing in on her.Bookmark here

A baby cube touched her hand; a cube-sized chunk of her hand vanished.Bookmark here

Ruby shrieked as the rest of the baby cubes closed in on her.Bookmark here

They ate her arms, leaving her defenceless.Bookmark here

They ate her legs, making her fall.Bookmark here

They ate her eyes, blinding her.Bookmark here

They ate her mouth, taking away her ability to scream.Bookmark here

*Bookmark here

Ruby woke up angry. Bookmark here

Her skin was red.Bookmark here

Rubik floated up to her. 'Four lives left.'Bookmark here

She punched the little bastard in his flat face and sent him crashing into the wall. 'FUCK YOU, ASSHOLE!'Bookmark here

The Mother Cube phased out of the ceiling again. Bookmark here

This time, Ruby ran in and fly kicked it before the bitch had time to give birth. It crashed against the far wall and cracked slightly. Bookmark here

Ruby grinned. 'I SMELL BLOOD!'Bookmark here

The Mother Cube began spinning out its baby cubes. They floated towards Ruby.Bookmark here

She ran straight through them. Bookmark here

Though she lost chunks of her right shoulder, stomach, and left hip in the process, she managed to reach the Mother Cube.Bookmark here

Ruby hammered her fists into the big silver cube again and again and again. The spinning stopped, and the cracks spread. As the baby cubes closed in on her, she lost chunks of her left forearm, upper right leg, and even her left eye so she was half blinded. She powered on with the punches, driven by pure rage. Soon, the cracks were everywhere. Bookmark here

A group of baby cubes ate her left foot and made her fall. Bookmark here

The Mother Cube floated away.Bookmark here

'OH NO YOU DON'T!' Ruby kicked out her right foot and caught the Mother Cube on its corner.Bookmark here

The Mother Cube shattered to pieces along with its babies.Bookmark here

Rubik hovered up to her. 'Well done. You've solved the second puzzle. Now for the third and final puzzle. You must find a way to!'Bookmark here

Rubik morphed into a tall, dark, handsome man wearing a gold suit.Bookmark here

It was Ulrich Voigt!Bookmark here

'OH, FUCK OFF!'Bookmark here

The floor parted between them so that there was an abyss in the middle of it again. Once more, the three bronze cubes floated up.Bookmark here

Rubik smirked and produced a baby cube from his pocket. 'Watch your brain!' He threw it at Ruby.Bookmark here

'WAIT, WAIT! I CAN'T EVEN STAND!'Bookmark here

The baby cube ate her brain.Bookmark here

*Bookmark here

Ruby woke up. Bookmark here

She was green with envy. Bookmark here

She stood and pointed at Rubik. 'Why do you get to start with the baby cube, huh?! How's that fair?! I should start with it!'Bookmark here

'Three lives left.' Rubik drew his arm back. 'Watch your heart!' He threw the baby cube at her.Bookmark here

Ruby held out her hands to block it—and caught it!Bookmark here

Looking at her undamaged hands in amazement, she noticed her nails were silver like the baby cube. Maybe it couldn't eat her hands in this puzzle?Bookmark here

She looked at Rubik. She envied the guy's throwing skills; he'd managed to fastball it at her twice, giving her no time to dodge. She couldn't replicate his talent...but she could fake it.Bookmark here

'Watch your brain!' She feinted throwing it at his head, grinned evilly as he held his hands high, and then threw it at his heart.Bookmark here

Rubik snapped his hands down and caught it. He grinned. 'Nice try! Watch your right knee!' He fastballed it at her.Bookmark here

Ruby leapt to her left.Bookmark here

The baby cube barely missed her knee.Bookmark here

She banged her head on the side wall and fell into the abyss.Bookmark here

*Bookmark here

When Ruby woke up, she was yellow, mellow, and oddly happy.Bookmark here

She sighed.Bookmark here

I don't know what mood I'll have on my final life, but since this one is so serene, this is probably my best chance of beating Rubik.Bookmark here

She scanned the room, noticed the floating bronze cubes, and smiled. Bookmark here

'Two lives,' said Rubik.Bookmark here

Ruby jumped up. 'Ready when you are, partner!'Bookmark here

'Watch your—' Bookmark here

Ruby took a run up and hopped onto the first, second, third bronze cubes—Bookmark here

Startled, Rubik threw the baby cube at her head. Bookmark here

Ruby jumped at him.Bookmark here

The baby cube ate her chest.Bookmark here

She caught Rubik by the shirt. 'You're coming with me!' She pulled him down into the abyss laughing.Bookmark here

*Bookmark here

Ruby woke up. Bookmark here

OrangeBookmark here

Curious.Bookmark here

Relieved.Bookmark here

Rubik rose out of the abyss, once more a Rubik's Cube. 'Well done, young lady. You have solved the third and final puzzle and solved the Cube, albeit in a rather unorthodox manner. I really wasn't expecting you to throw one of your lives away.'Bookmark here

The abyss closed up so the floor was whole again. Bookmark here

A white door materialised on the wall.Bookmark here

'You may return safely to your own world now.'Bookmark here

Ruby exhaled. 'That's good.... But I'm curious about something, Rubik. What was the meaning behind all this?'Bookmark here

Rubik spun in the air. 'Come, come. A puzzle with an obvious answer is not worth solving.'Bookmark here

Ruby got up. 'I suppose.' Bookmark here

She walked over to the white door and opened it. Bookmark here

White light.Bookmark here

*Bookmark here

Ruby woke up. Bookmark here

She was back in her bed in Budapest. Bookmark here

The sun was shining in through the window.Bookmark here

She got up and rubbed her eyes.Bookmark here

What a weird dream...or at least, I hope it was a dream... Well, whatever. Now I have the right mindset to defeat and marry Ulrich Voigt! Bookmark here

She smiled to herself.Bookmark here

Wait, what?!  Bookmark here

Rubik's World

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