Hello, I'm Golden. I'm a writer of web novels and short stories, all set in my own original multiverse.

I'm a lifelong anime, comic book, and video game fan, and my fiction is often reminiscent of the series I grew up with.

registered at: Jul 04, 2021
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    Ah writing... it let's me smash metaphorical action figures together. What's not to like? Email:
    Just an ordinary traveler passing through worlds. Also, an amateur writer with a dream.
    I'am a 22 years old Brazilian I hope you enjoy my novels
    She/Her Idiot Asexual I am a Coffee/Milk Tea addicted Illustrator, who likes to write and draw comics!! Big fan of horror, romance, and comedy Currently trying to finish up my art degree! You can find me and my art on Instagram!
    just following some good authors. dont mind me.
    Hey, my name is Hussain Maknoon I'm a beginner story writer I like to write stories because it's fun and I feel like the more I write the more I get better at writing so be patient with me, please And try to give me advice if possible I hope you enjoy the journey with me.
    Live in the present and enjoy reading
    Hi, I’m Slater. I write stories that pop in my mind, hope you enjoy. For other inquires, my email is
    I am a character trying my best to level up with the right stats... Not so easy to so though... ~ Cours
    Just a lonely person writing what's on his mind Age:-18
    Get ideas by simulation and experiments. Maximum brainstorming around 11 PM - 12 AM while lying on the bed
    I am just your average guy who one day thought, "Why not I write a novel?" From there I started my very first novel, 'Along The Way.' Writing is something I do as a hobby, not because I am passionate about it, but it wouldn't be half bad trying to gain something from my writings. Please read my novel and give your honest reviews, I would like to read what you think about the stuff I have written.
    A self-published author of "The Guardian of Hope." Drafts available, up until Chapter 28~ Links below for the paperback and ebook~ Follow me on IG: erii1776 Find me on Discord: Erii#5151
    If you like my novel, I'll like yours, If you follow me I'll follow you, I'm nice like that
    I'm just a persistent scorpion grass on the internet. Indie cannon fodder author. Writing Boys' Love (BL), Fantasy, and other experiences. I write on SH, Google Play, Pixiv>
    Player Name: Hans Trondheim Level: 33 years Class: Teacher/Lawyer/Illustrator/Novelist/Animator/Businessman Skills Lv. 5 <Pen of Heavens>: able to write fantasy novels. Lv. 9 <Hand of Miyazaki>: able to draw, anime-style. Lv. 7 <Brush of Renoir>: able to paint, impressionist-style. Lv. 4 <2D Warrior>: can do basic animations. Lv. 9 <Eye of Herodotus>: loves history. Lv. 5 <Heir of Kissinger>: loves geopolitics. Lv. 9 <Unorthodox Teacher>: not a role model teacher, but gets the job done. Lv. 3 <Barrister>: gives counsel to clients; occasionally appears at courtrooms. Lv. 5 <Chef>: can cook average dishes. Equipment >0.5 Mechanical Pencil >Vinyl Eraser >Faber-Castell 12" Ruler >+200 gsm White Vellum Board >+8 Personal Desktop Computer >Brother 3-in-1 Printer/Scanner/Photocopier Guilds >Honeyfeed (Discord) >Syosetsu >Pixiv >WebNovel >Wattpad Buffs and Debuffs > Unlucky Lover (always ends up rejected by the girl he likes)
    “One day the world shall tremble beneath my feet! [Insert evil laugh]” Y’ello! I like anime, but I like free stuff even more; I see web novel, I click (I’ll try to write some too). Will stick around for as long as I can afford internet access. Life aspiration: world domination. See you around, mortal.
    A first-time writer hoping to gain more writing experience. I'd appreciate it if you'd give my story a read :)
    Just a newbie writer who's lost in a fantasy world.
    Hi. I like to write, but I wouldn't consider myself a writer. I hope you'll still enjoy!
    Truly Yours *On Hiatus Indefenitely I'm new to the world of writing and art, but I hope this journey can bring a bit of positivity and entertainment for you and I, thank you for checking out my content, also feel free to share your thoughts, any feedback is welcome!! Also here's my IG where I upload artwork: