Chapter 35:

Chapter 35: Cards.

The Master and The Slave

A single word appears in her mind.Bookmark here

"Moric!"Bookmark here

Neya scream aloud, her hairs begin to glow an orange hue same as her eyes, and hand that is trying to reach her butler. Nesto notices the bright orange light is covering his master hand. The orange light causes the Wyvern queen to be distracted and giving time for Nesto to evade. He lay down to the ground as fast as he can, missing the beast mouth.Bookmark here

Instead of a regular spell that conjures light, what happens was the orange light that's covering Neya hand brighten to the point of turning the light into a stream of burning ray, that pierce through the Wyvern's mouth like a blade. Her hands tremble as she felt the light begin to heat up her own, she panics, and redirects the ray upward; cutting the Wyvern queen in half.Bookmark here

Destroying the rock formation above the cave entrance, causing rock slides, and burying the cave maw again. Nesto coughs out a tar black substance out of his mouth as he laid down on the ground. Neya felt the burning pain in her glowing hand, she wanted to stop, but have no idea of stopping it.Bookmark here

"Neya! Calm your mind!" Nesto yell.Bookmark here

"I can't!!" She screams while her hand trembles and smoke begin to rise as her glove catch on fire.Bookmark here

"Nesto help me! Please, It's painful!" She screams.Bookmark here

Nesto rolls away from under the ray of burning light and lifts himself up into a run toward his master. There was a terrified expression on her face as she looks at her butler that is trying to get to her, then a sudden head pain crawls over her brain, and knocking her unconscious.Bookmark here

There was darkness.Bookmark here

*Bookmark here

She opens her eyes, seeing her butler worried face above her and the familiar wagon wooden ceiling behind him. Underneath her head, she felt the firm yet soft feel of her butler lap. Her head feels fuzzy and throbbing, she notices Nesto is holding one of her hand, but the other hand felt something wrap around it.Bookmark here

Neya raises her other hand and found that it is covered by bandages. She gazes at her butler's face, "What happen?", and lower her hand back down.Bookmark here

"You overuse your magic, and fainted as a result of it," Nesto answers while his grip tighten.Bookmark here

"What's wrong, Nesto?" Neya ask.Bookmark here

"You were screaming for my help, and I fail you. Your hand is proof of my failure," Nesto voice shaken as he felt guilt overwhelm his heart.Bookmark here

She lifts her bandaged hand, "Can I see it?" Neya ask.Bookmark here

"Are you sure, Miss Neya?" Nesto ask.Bookmark here

"Yes, I'm sure," Neya reply.Bookmark here

Nesto let go of her hand, and begin to unwrapped her bandaged hand. The bandage rotates around her hand, loosening the cotton when it finally undone. There it was, her skin has thickened with a red color covering it, and a few numbers of small blisters on her palm.Bookmark here

Neya notices her butler looking away shameful of his failure to protect her. Despite the moderate damage looking hand that will eventually leave a burn mark, there was no pain, her hand feels numb. She looks closely and sees a cream of mix herbs is rubbed over her hands.Bookmark here

Her butler must have rubbed the medicine on her hand to keep her pain at bay, she looks down at the floor and notices the small mortar beside him. Her guess was proven, she let out a smiling sigh, and place her other hand on her butler's cheek.Bookmark here

"Thank you for treating my injured hand," Neya said.Bookmark here

"It's going to leave a mark, I'm sorry," Nesto apologizes.Bookmark here

"One more scar among the collection I had, It doesn't make any difference except learning from its mistake," Neya said as she let go of her butler's cheek.Bookmark here

The wagon shakes as it a small rock on the rock, Neya notice while her butler is covering her injured hand again.Bookmark here

"Is the wagon moving?" Neya ask.Bookmark here

"It is," Nesto reply.Bookmark here

"Who is steering it?" Neya ask.Bookmark here

The wagon slowly stops, then Vizrez head pops out between the curtain with a giant smile and said: "We have arrived."Bookmark here

Vizrez pulls back her head and jumps off the wagon causing the wagon to wobble. After finish covering Neya hand with bandages, Nesto helps his master get off the wagon. Sunlight once again laid rest upon her face, She looks back at the path they took, and see the thick fog covering it with the dead trees around it.Bookmark here

"Thank you for guiding us through the mountain pass," Neya said to the cyclops woman.Bookmark here

"No, thank you for saving my ass," Vizrez reply.Bookmark here

"What are going to do now?" Neya ask.Bookmark here

"I have no idea, the Wyvern queen is dead. The infestation will surely be gone in a few months unless it finds another queen to reproduce their number. The Wyvern species will go extinct or migrate to other places to find other queens," Vizrez said.Bookmark here

Neya let out a smile when a brilliant idea pops into her heads, "What about you come with us?"Bookmark here

"Follow the Queen killer? Tempting..." Vizrez comment as she laid her hand on her chin.Bookmark here

"Queen killer?" Neya ask.Bookmark here

"A title I gave you for killing the Wyvern queen, a feat that even I can't achieve," Vizrez said.Bookmark here

Neya let out a giggle after hearing the ridiculous title that bestows upon her, "What about this, you follow me and Nesto will provide you with every kind of delicious food you want."Bookmark here

"That's certainly sound good since we have tons of Wyvern meat that I can use to prepare a feast," Nesto comment.Bookmark here

"A feast?" That word alone makes her stomach grumble with anticipation.Bookmark here

"I'm all in for the feast!" Vizrez said excitedly.Bookmark here

"Okay then, our next stop is Hardersfield," Neya said.Bookmark here

*Bookmark here

A day has passed.Bookmark here

Somewhere in the small town of Hardersfield, a tavern is filled to the brim with jolly cheers by the town residents after a long day of work and despite the heavy rain pouring outside. In that small tavern with all the cheers and merry drunken townspeople; a table is holding a card game in the corner of the room.Bookmark here

A large number of coins laid on the center.Bookmark here

People gather at the table to witness the intense battle of cards that's been happening from the earlier evening. The battle consist of four people, a Satyr from Materna, an elf from Rochia, a local elf, and a hooded young girl with gloves on her hand.Bookmark here

The hooded girl doesn't come alone though, with her a tall woman with hooded cloak is enjoying her meal with a mead in her hands while singing songs with others drunken patron. The other one is a hooded male vigilantly stand beside the young girl.Bookmark here

"As I was saying from before, the queen is certainly better than the greed king. She cares for her people despite her strict nature, her people love her," The elf from Rochia said.Bookmark here

"Her people love her? Even though there is a rumor about the queen throwing out her only daughter," the Satyr ask from Materna,Bookmark here

"It's not a rumor, it did happen," the local elf said.Bookmark here

"How do you know that?" The Satyr ask.Bookmark here

"Haven't you heard about the bounty that she placed on her daughter's head?" The local elf said.Bookmark here

"What bounty?" The Satyr ask.Bookmark here

"10,000 gold coins for her to be brought to the kingdom alive," the local elf said.Bookmark here

The elf from Rochia whistle, "that's a lot of coins."Bookmark here

"It certainly is," the Satyr comment.Bookmark here

"Speaking of Elven kingdom, have you heard of the new law enforced by Targia," the elf from Rochia said.Bookmark here

"I heard, the new law is absurd, I tell you," the local elf scoff.Bookmark here

"Too many problems already rise from that law. Slaves are starting to run away, thinking they could be free," the local elf said while shaking his head in a disapproving manner.Bookmark here

"I could agree the new law has put the realm in a bind spot, losing our slave mean losing almost our entire workforce," the elf from Rochia agrees.Bookmark here

"I disagree with you on that. This new law, I could certainly see an advantage in it," The Satyr said.Bookmark here

"Advantage?" The elf from Rochia said.Bookmark here

"New business will rise from the free slave and improvement in our economy, but I will say that it won't be easy to make it work in a short time," the Satyr said.Bookmark here

The hooded girl pushes all of her coins to the center of the table, "all in."Bookmark here

"Bold move, I call," the elf from Rochia said as he pushes his coins to the center.Bookmark here

"So do I," the Satyr said.Bookmark here

"I fold, my wife is going to kill me if I lose any more coins," the local elf said.Bookmark here

"Straight! Lass, better pay up," the elf from Rochia reveals his cards.Bookmark here

"It will be you that will pay me, Straight flush," the Satyr reveal his cards.Bookmark here

"Royal flush," the hooded girl said, revealing her cards with a small grin under her hood.Bookmark here

The crowd cheers, the mysterious girl has just won 100 gold coins. The local elf laughs his ass off, while the elf from Rochia facepalm himself, and the Satyr also join in the laugh while impress by the hooded girl skill.Bookmark here

"You got skill kid, but this is it. My last game, better head soon or my wife will murder me," the local elf leave a couple coins for his drink and walk away from the table.Bookmark here

The crowd around them begins to disperse, each heading to their own table, and continue to enjoy their drinks.Bookmark here

"I'm heading out too, got a delivery tomorrow straight to Sanestria," The elf from Rochia said.Bookmark here

"Wolics kingdom, the land that bleeds. Good luck old friend," the Satyr said.Bookmark here

"I don't need any luck, but thanks anyway," the elf from Rochia said as he walks away from the table after leaving coins for his drink.Bookmark here

"I'm heading out too, I have a business errand at Rochia," the Satyr said.Bookmark here

"Wait, sir. Do you know where I can sell Wyvern skin for a good amount of coins?" the hooded girl ask.Bookmark here

"Wyvern skin, Hmm... You certainly won't find other places that offer as good as The Kingdom of Iron," the Satyr said.Bookmark here

"Materna?" The hooded girl let out.Bookmark here

"Yep, I may sound a bit like I'm bragging about the place, but I'm sure that you will certainly find a price you want at Materna," The Satyr said leaving coins for his drinks before walking away.Bookmark here

The other hooded woman sits at the table, her body sways from left to right because of the mead she drank earlier, "Did you found what you're looking for, Chief?" Vizrez ask.Bookmark here

"Materna is a good place to head, If mom put a bounty on my head then we need to be as far away from the elven kingdom," Neya said.Bookmark here

"Materna, I have never been there before," Nesto said.Bookmark here

Neya let out a smile, before saying "Materna is our next destination then."Bookmark here

Vizrez continues to sing, joining the other merry bands of drunks in their inappropriate song about a beautiful Strumpet. Neya let out a laugh knowing full well that Vizrez knows what the meaning of the song is. Nesto let out a grin as he stays beside his master.Bookmark here

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