Chapter 34:

Chapter 34: Pack.

The Master and The Slave

After a long night of rest, the morning sun comes, and illuminate the fog once again, while the fog still not showing any progress of it dispersing or fading. There a small disappointment that Nesto feels when he realizes that the fog is showing no sign of improvement. He shakes that small feeling away and begins his regular morning stretch at the maw of the cave.

Alongside him, Vizrez stood and join him in morning stretch. As she stretches her body, Nesto finally sees the muscled bodied woman with a few claw mark on her tan skin.

Her muscle was hard just from the sight and glistening with the dim morning light reflected on it. Even though her body is filled with muscle, she still has her femininity shaped body accompany that strong muscled body. Nesto couldn't help himself but look away because of her attire underneath—Leathery beast skin loincloth, and a long stretch of that beast skin covering her breasts.

Nesto just realized that Vizrez doesn't realize the skimpy clothing that she wears is not the norm of Arorona. Why Nesto think that is because she doesn't show any slight of embarrassment when he glances at her body.

But something else catches Nesto's attention, the glimpse of her bone weapon hiding behind her cloak. He really wanted to the see the weapon, it interests him on what kind of weapon it actually is, maybe he could ask Vizrez to show it to him.

Some other time maybe.

The cute groan coming from the wagon behind Nesto, tell him that his master is beginning to wake up from her sleep, and they could finally continue on with their journey. After his last stretch of the day, Nesto jogs to the wagon and begin to prepare his master for the journey.

After a moderate time of preparing his master, they all are set for the rest of their journey. With his saber in a sheath beside him while he held the reign and Vizrez is standing beside the horse. He wiggles the reign, signaling the horse to move while the tall hooded woman beside it is guiding the horse.

Neya let out a yawn as the wagon finally move.

"Did you have a great sleep, last night?" Nesto ask.

"I did..." Neya said while her eyelids on the border of closing.

"What kind of dream you had?" Nesto ask.

"It was a dream of—"

Just a few steps out of the cave, the horse comes to an abrupt stop just outside of the cave, interrupting Neya from answering her butler questions. Neya was confused, so she wipes her eyes and looks at her butler's face.

Nesto shows a look of concern as he kept on looking around him, its like he is searching for something. She then looks at Vizrez, and the hooded woman also shows the same behaviors Nesto had. Neya begins to worry when she sees her butler hand going for his saber.

And there was terrifying, hissing roar that echoed in the unseen sky above them. The sound of it scared Neya but what change from just being simply scared to terrify was many of the same roars that came with it. The monster that above was not alone, and it had many friends with it.

"Miss Neya, go inside!" Nesto order.

Despite her terror-stricken mind, she stays beside her butler, "No, I won't run or hide anymore."

"That many roars don't sound good at all," Vizrez said as she guards her self.

Something shift in the air that causes Vizrez to turn her head toward the source. Nesto also turns his attention to where the hooded woman is looking. Neya was stunned when she saw a snake head appear out of the fog, followed by a lizard body with wings for arms, it stands on two legs, and spikes running down its back.

It was a Wyvern just like the book describe it and its size as big as the wagon itself maybe even bigger.

The Wyvern open its mouth, showing its fangs, and snake tongue while letting out a hissing roar. Vizrez removes her cloak revealing herself, Neya was surprised again that the hooded woman was not an elf or a human.

Vizrez had one large blue eye, a small horn poking out her forehead and messy blond hair—Vizrez is a cyclops. She let out a roar by opening her mouth, a yellow light covers her body before disappearing inside her. Nesto felt the Mana change in the air, Vizrez was using magic.

The Wyvern charges toward the wagon at that moment Vizrez rush toward the Wyvern while taking out her bone-made sword with a long handle. The two of them clash, but only one of them stood still while the other flew back—Vizrez stood still unaffected by the Wyvern charge.

The Wyvern shakes its head before standing up again and charge toward Vizrez. She smiles the moment the beast get closer to her, taking a few steps to the left, she brought the weapon at its belly. The blade breaks through the Wyvern skin and causes a huge cut, in which, it spills the Wyvern gut to the ground; killing it with a single slash.

Nesto was certainly impressed by her strength, but it was not the time to lose focus. While another Wyvern dives from the sky and leaves a claw mark on the wagon before flying up again. He was torn on the situation that he is in right now, he kept glancing around while searching for an escape route.

"Nesto, go back to the cave. I have a plan," Neya said while pulling on his jacket.

He was distracted by the sudden strong wind from above that cause the entire fog around them to vanish. The cause of that strong winds is the Wyvern that even bigger than the rest of them, hovering in the sky with four wings. Its wings cause the fog to disappear around the wagon just by flapping it.

"It's the queen!" Vizrez yell.

"Vizrez climb on!" Neya shout, Vizrez runs to the wagon and climbs on its side. Neya took the reign off her butler's hands.

She whips the horse causing it to gallop and steer it toward the cave behind them. One of the Wyvern begins to circle and follow the wagon. Nesto shakes his head and notices her master is steering the horse. After gathering his own focus, he let Neya handle the horse while he climbs on top of the wagon.

He took out his saber and mutter "I open the second gate 'Lagior'."

"Incernium," the saber blade was engulfed in a silver fire. He points it at the Wyvern chasing after them and whips it. The slash turn into a ranged attack as the fire slash flew toward the Wyvern and exploded in impact. Bit and pieces of the Wyvern decorate around the impact area.

Out of nowhere, Nesto could hear Vizrez laughing her ass off as she clings to the wagon side. The wagon enters the cave again and keeps on diving deeper into the cave before stopping. The pack of Wyvern was cautious as its stops following the wagon.

"This peace won't last," Neya said as she steers the wagon slowly back facing the cave entrance.

"Your right, Miss Neya," Nesto agrees.

"What we do now?" Vizrez ask.

"We won't last in this fight if we face them straight on, I have my limit," Nesto said.

"I once try before, even I can't fight through that pack of Wyvern," Vizrez comment.

"I have a plan, but both of you won't like it," Neya said as she stares at the cave entrance with intense focus.

"Since when do I ever dislike anything you do?" Nesto jest, his master only roll her eyes at her butler comment with a smile.

"I'll do it if you gave me all of your cupcakes," Vizrez said as she licks her lips thinking about those delicious cupcakes.

"It's a deal," Neya agree.

"What's the plan, chief?" Vizrez ask.

"It's a simple plan, both of you will bait the pack Wyvern inside the cave, then when all of them are in the cave. I will ride the wagon picking you both on the way and escape the cave. That's when Nesto blew up the entrance and trap them in there," Neya said.

"How do you plan on riding the wagon pass the pack of Wyvern on the way out?" Vizrez ask.

"You guys will after I pick you up, well I hope so, besides they will sure to have a hard time turning their body in the cave," Neya said.

Nesto let out a laugh, then he jumps down the wagon with his saber sheath. "That sound crazy, but somehow I believe the plan will work."

Vizrez let out a groan while she jumps off the wagon, "for the cupcakes."

She rests the weapon on her shoulder and starts walking toward the cave entrance. With a smile on his face, Nesto starts walking alongside Vizrez while unbuttoning his jacket and cracking his knuckles.

"This will be the first time I fought alongside someone," Vizrez comment.

"That's mean I'll be the one to pop your cherry," Nesto joke.

"What does 'popping cherry' mean? I haven't heard of that joke before, can you explain it to me?" Vizrez asks with a straight face.

"Uhm... You know what, its complicated or better yet forget what I say," Nesto try to deflect her question.

"Tell me before I pop your cherry. Is that how you use it in a sentence?" Vizrez ask.

"What? Uhmm, what, no don't use it like that. It a bad slang to use, I shouldn't make jokes like that, I'm sorry" Vizrez question cause Nesto to flusters.

Vizrez starts laughing when she sees the small man beside her starts to panic, "I know what it means, I'm just teasing you."

"I blame myself for that," Nesto comment as he places a hand on his face.

"Enough joking around, you ready?" Vizrez ask.

"As much I can be," Nesto said.

Vizrez takes a long inhale breath into her mouth, then she lets out a roar which causes the same yellow light to appear around her body, and disappear back into her body. The road traveled to the cave mouth and one by one, the Wyvern start to pile into the cave.

The first to get close to Vizrez got slash by her weapons while Nesto aims for the other Wyvern beside it. He dodges the gaping mouth of the beast and uses his saber to land a shallow cut at it leg joints, belly and eyes. After they land an attack on the beasts, they both start to step backward causing more and more Wyvern to enter the cave.

Vizrez charges and slams her body to the Wyvern closest to her, sending it flying to the left side of the cave wall. Nesto also baits the Wyvern to move to the left by jabbing his saber into the Wyvern and making it angry. Nesto was surprised when a tail came out of nowhere and send him flying.

But before he crashes into the wall, Vizrez catches him mid-air and set him down in a few swift movements. Nesto nods his head to thank the cyclops woman and continue on baiting the Wyvern to come closer to them.

The cave tremble as the Wyvern queen finally enter and let out a loud hissing roar. The roar echoed through the cave, giving the signal to Neya. She whips the reign and the horse launch into a gallop while pulling the wagon with it.

Neya whistle to them when the wagon almost closing on them.

"Here comes our ride!" Vizrez said aloud as she stabs her weapon through the Wyvern jaw.

"Let's go!" Nesto shouts as he dashes toward the running wagon. After taking her blade out, Vizrez also joins in the run.

Nesto jumps and grabs on to the wagon side then he pulls up on the roof while Vizrez just holds on to the side. Neya kept steering the horse while avoiding the Wyvern.

"Incernium" He mutter and Nesto's blade is engulfed in a silver fire again.

He uses his fiery blade to cut the incoming tail of the Wyvern from hitting the wagon. Vizrez swung her weapon to keep the tail attack at bay. While the wagon speed past the middle section of the Wyvern pack, the front of the pack has begun to turn and chase after them from behind.

When the wagon closing on the cave entrance, the tighter the route is getting because the Wyvern pack has begun to close in on them from the side. The wagon shook and almost topple over when the queen tail slams into the wagon. Vizrez manages to avoid the spiky tail by climbing on the roof.

"Incernium!" Nesto shout and three silver fireballs appear around Nesto.

With a gesture of his hand, the fireballs flew toward the Wyvern queen and hitting it. The fireballs manage to distract the queen, but soon another tail flew in and hit the wagon. The tail hit almost manage to take out the wagon wheel, leaving the wheel to wobble.

Behind the wagon, large numbers of Wyvern are getting closer to the wagon. The moment they pass through the entrance, Nesto shouts "Incernium!"

And a large fireball appears above him, it flew at the cave upper maw causing destruction and burying the cave entrance in heaps of massive rubble. The wagons slow down as Neya pull the reign when the horse finally stops, so do the wagon. She looks behind at the buried cave entrance and exhales out the air from her lungs.

Vizrez looks at the buried entrance and starts laughing because the plan actually works; then she lay on top of the wagon with her hands behind her head. Nesto drops down from the wagon and whips his saber to throw the blood off the blade before sheathing it. He walks closer to the rubble, inspect it and let out a smile while Neya let out an abrupt cheer after getting down the wagon.

"My plans work!!" She yells out her happiness.

Nesto turns to face his master with a proud smile on his face. The rubble suddenly shakes and tremble before Nesto could found what happens behind him. The Wyvern queen smashes through the rubble, and keep on charging toward Nesto while it opens its mouth with the intention of killing the human in front of it.

He tries to reach for his saber, but it was too late the Wyvern queen was too fast for him. In his mind, he can imagine himself going to get eaten by the Wyvern queen. Neya's mind begins to panic while she screams her heart out, and trying to reach her butler with her hand.