Chapter 0:


If I Had the Chance!

~No matter the heights, no matter the challenge, with enough will and motivation anything is possible! The tallest mountains, the deepest rivers. All in the name of ambition. Or at least this is how we tend to imagine it~

~The reality of our human scenario is quite different than this. While we all make the claim, the idea of having the opportunity to be enough motivation is quite false. We see this all the time. 'I just need to study and then I'll pass that test!' And then they hang out with friends and forget their studies. 'I'd be just as well off if I had it as good as you!' But the person they envied started off far worst.~

~The point always stands that people tend to find excuses as for why they do no act.~

~A group of people will see an elderly lady fall to the ground. She breathes heavily and reaches for her cane with little success. Everyone's eyes dart left to right as they try to figure out who is going to be the one to help, sometimes to the point that no one helps at all. The all watch and let it happen; the Bystander effect.~

~Surely though this should have been the odd situation out, right? I mean this is less about their own desires but about helping some random person that they do not know. They have no moral responsibility to help, and you can't really blame someone for not taking action against something that isn't their job to begin with. But this sadly isn't just that random occurrence; that and the prior scenarios are just the beginning. ~

!This lethargy and inability to act seems to be a part of everyday life. A vice that has grown to almost just be a part of man.~ 

~You just need to try in order to complete your goals—enough effort will get you there. But it seems that we cannot even put that effort in for ourselves. Our goals and aspirations seem to be just as dissociated from people's to-do lists as are stranger's problems.~

~Of course people will have some of their desires there, but they tend to be quite simple, carnal, or in the moment. Some people will study, but only enough to get to college and get that job. They never go to make those discoveries and enact those changes that they want in the world. They just yell at their T.V's about how someone else should be dealing with it. Other's will play a sport or game but never truly hone their skill, only losing their right to the stage because of their lack of will.~

~And many people simply give up on their feelings of love...~

~Throughout the histories and bits of remaining lore, we find every article and philosophy to at some point return back to affection and love. Every movie, every book, every tale talks about how love in the end is one of the true aspirations of life. To meet that perfect person is the same as to obtaining Heaven on Earth. ~

~Paradise in your grasps...~

~But while we dream about that special someone, and sometimes see them before us, we never seem to get there. While it sounds tragic and cynical, many of our significant others are not our dream person nor the one we thought we would end up with. Some of us are lucky, other's just didn't have high expectations. But regardless, we have these rather clear goals but seem to hardly reach out our hands.~

~While aiming for the stars, most of us prefer to just keep our heads in the stars. Dreaming and thinking of these ends as fantasies. You can't truly feel bad about not obtaining the unobtainable. And so begins the lies that we tell ourselves.~

~Foolish humans who do foolish things. ~

~What would happen if a more 'entertaining' scenario were to arise?~

~We have seen time and time again that people who are faced with just simply going through exceptional effort will not act by their own will unless forced. Nearly no child will practice piano everyday, better yet, no adult will unless there is enough pressure placed upon them. The only time we see people put in this effort is when they know that the effort is more transactional. There must be some sort of easily foreseeable chance of success or a great enough sense of immediateness to their reward.~

~But this condition seems to only count as an affliction for those who are not truly of a clear ambition. Anyone who really knows what they want tends to act towards it in some fashion. Maybe they give up, maybe they despair, but at least they try.~

~But what if one's ambitions were previously impossible?~

~We are well aware that in terms of dealings and barter, we find that when someone tells you something is half off then it becomes more enticing. If something previously acclaimed to be difficult than there is a glory to obtain. This here proves first our lethargic vices again, but also another thing.~

~That if someone is to help out with these struggles than it is something attemptable. The poor student from a violent neighborhood doesn't consider college whatsoever. But with a scholarship and welcoming faces they might try a little.~

~The sluggish and weak nerd may fear honing their physique, but if welcomed by those within the gym instead of being looked down upon, they might know only the smallest bit of shaming, leaving them to have the will to continue.~

~If they were to show interest, maybe I'd have the courage to ask them out...~

~Yes that is it! that feeling, the idea of success. The reason why we so often lack this desire, ambition, and calling is because we fear failure! The mountain is too tall! The Ocean too deep! The Universe to vast!~

~Despite the possibility we deem it impossible...~

~So I ask again. But what if one's ambitions were previously impossible?~

~You didn't simply get 50% off, you were given the very right to it. The blind if they could see would try. The Mute would speak. The crippled run. When you lacked an inability your first desire to go for it with all of your heart as it is an ambition that you had no right to!~

~And that is where this story will begin; a young man who's goals were impossible. A man who only learned to love a girl who never actually existed.~

~Until one day she did...~