Chapter 1:

What confession, huh?

18th(a fujoshi's secret)--a confession



Note; just imagine this scene as a manga/manhwa/manhua.

"N-Noya-kun, w-what are you doing?"

"Just stay still and let me do the work, love"

"What did you just call me?"


"No! I-I mean, you only call that your lover!"

"Isn't it obvious, Mitsu? " *whispers* "I.Like.You"

Nishinoya kissed Mitsukuni's neck after he said that.


"KYAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!" I squealed out of excitement from a manhwa I'm currently reading, 'Is It Wrong To Love You?'.

What genre? What else, of course it's BL.

"Fuck." I heard my sister cuss. Maybe because she got surprised by my squeal.

Well, hello—

"What the hell, Claire? Why are you so loud? It's already 2 o'clock in the morning and I'm still hearing that annoying squeal. You didn't even think that we're already sleeping." my mom greeted me with such words right after she opened the door.

"Wait, what are you even doing?" she said and walked towards me. I was startled by what she did and immediately minimized the reading app.

"Nothing, I was just happy I got to make my crush's photo my wallpaper, mwhehehehe." I answered and showed her my homescreen with Yohan's picture from the manhwa 'I love you, still.'

"That's all? You don't need to squeal that loud just for that especially in the middle of the night. And who said you can stay up late? Stop what you're doing and just go to sleep." she said and finally left our room. I also got a glimpse of my sister removing her blanket. Think that's for acting asleep.

Well then, let's continue my introduction. I am Claire Talia, a fujoshi in a closet. Of course, being a fujoushi, I love bl anime, movies, or even novels and mangas.


I'm hiding it from my family. All of it.

I always come up with any reasonable reasons every time they caught me. And of course, I'm not planning on hiding it for the rest of my life. I still want to have someone I can lash out on, you know?

So, I'm turning 18 the day after tomorrow, and I'm planning on confessing about my obsessions on BL on the exact day of my debut. Does it sound crazy? I hope not.

Well, my family's aware that I'm reading bl since the time I turned 16 years old. But it's because I bought a BL manga and ask for permission from my mother if I'm already allowed for that kind of stuffs.

But it's only light BL. You know? the difference between shounen ai and yaoi. The manga's like a shounen ai.

Then what's the point of confessing about bl if they already knew about it 2 years ago? That's what you're thinking, huh. Well then, I'll make a big 'common' revelation on my debut.


It's already Wednesday and tomorrow's my big day. They're already busy with decorating the venue and additional plans for tomorrow. Meanwhile, I'm currently adding finishing touches on the costumes for the visitors. However, I'm feeling slightly cold because the aircon temperature here might be too high or maybe it's just because it is usually cold here in Japan.

Yes, we're in Japan. we'll celebrate my 18th birthday here.

Wait, isn't it obvious? I mean, what kind of idiot would prepare their birthday here and spend it on another country? That aside, it's also to my request that we'll celebrate it here because I studied here for Senior high school and of course, it is my dream to debut here.

A day passed so quickly and I didn't even noticed it. It's already night time when I finished all the costumes and tiredly dove into my bed. I still tried to open my reading app but my tiredness and sleepiness swallowed me and ended up falling asleep.



A knock on the door woke me up. I saw my younger sister, Kiearra, with our older brother, Zaleo, entering our room.

"Good morning, my royal highness. Happy birthday!" Kiearra greeted me while holding a crepe cake with '1' candle at the top.

"Happy birthday, Claire. Hahahahaha." Kuya Zaleo greeted me--why laugh though? He's holding a tray with cupcakes that's lined 'C' and an '8' candle at the middle.

"Wooowwww." that's all I can say and blew the candles. "Thank youuu." I laughed.

I am amazed by their effort. I am sure they're the only ones who made those.

"Ate Claire, let's eat these before mommy and daddy wakes up." Kiearra said and placed the crepe cake at the bed and sat. Kuya Zaleo copied her.

"Wait, what time is it?" I asked them.


Fuck it.

Not too long after that, our parents finally woke up and became busy for the final touches of the event. My party's going to start at 5:30 later and I already gave my 18 roses bros their costumes they needed to wear while dancin' with me.

My friends also brought me to Akihabara because my mom told them to--it's also our last hangout with me as a minor.

I definitely enjoyed our time together that I didn't even notice that it is already 3:55 PM if my friends didn't told me to get ready. They brought me into a hotel and it's 1 hour and 30 minutes before the party.

We're chatting and laughing while they're putting makeup on me and dressed up afterwards.

I looked at the mirror. Oh my gosh! Why do I look so stunning? I am cosplaying Violet Evergarden from the anime 'Violet Evergarden'. And it literally matched me very well. I kept wondering about how beautiful my cosplay is while waiting for them to finish getting ready.

Only 20 minutes are left before the party begins so we left the hotel. It's not that far so I'm sure we'll arrive just in time. We are separated in two vans and my Japanese boy friend wearing a maid costume, with my girl friend cosplaying as Sebastian Michaelis are the only three in this van.

The van finally stopped so I'm assuming we're already at the venue also because I can here people murmuring. Yuu and Mika were the first to come out before they opened the door for me. And a red carpet leading to the entrance hall greeted me.

Mika held my hand to support me from falling down and Yuu held my props for me. I started walking on the red carpet with a pounding heart. Clapping, greeting, and all sorts of cheering greeted me right after I entered.

The party went on and on, my 18 roses and candles are also finished. Now, the time has come.

My speech.

"Um, I'm not really good at making speeches but I would like to thank you all who attended my 18th birthday today. I am really happy to feel your presence here. And to my 18 roses, thank you so much for accepting my request to cosplay or cross-dress. I really appreciate it." I sincerely said.

"But! Before we start enjoying ourselves again, may I invite my family that I live with to come in front?" I said and looked at my family on the right side and they followed what I said.

"Ahhhh, what now..." rinig kong sabi ni mommy.

"Well, I have an announcement to say." I just said.

Wait, am I ready? Yes? No?

Ugh, fuck it.

"But before I start, can I hear your cheerings?" my prolongation.

And they 'Woo'ed.

"How about your claps?"

And they clapped.

"Thank you. Well then, shall I say it?"

"Okayyyyy" they answered in synch.


Omg!! Will I really say it?!!!

"I'm a fujoushi." And the whole venue got quiet.


My family has this questioned look so Narumi interfered—my another fujoshi Japanese friend.

"A fujoushi is a Japanese term for female fans of manga, anime and novels that feature romantic relationships between men. In short, they love bl." she explained.

The questioned look on my family's faces turned into an unexplainable look. It looks like they have no reaction but they have. It looks like 'really' but it's sarcastic.

"Huh? We already know it. I mean, didn't you asked for permission to buy a BL manga? So what do you mean?" my mom was the first one to recover.

"No, that's not the point." I said.


"Just stop beating around the bush, Claire. Just say it." Kuya Wrence said, our eldest half-brother.

"I was a fujoushi in a closet since I was 14 years old." there. I said it. I had courage!

"Now she had done it."

"Goodluck, girl"

"Omg yes"

I heard my friends whispering--they're my friends since I was 14 so some of them already know it because I ask them for 'sauce'.

"Oh, is that so?" -mommy.

"Eh?" -Kiearra.


"Haha, I already know it." -kuya Zaleo.--what!?

"wews" -Kuya Wrence.

"ayy hahahahahaha" it's ate Cahrina. She's Kuya Wrence's wife and also an otaku.

That's their only response. What the fuck, say something!

"Uhm, so?" I tried to squeeze even a tiny 'lil bit of their response.

"Well Claire, I can't say anything more. I mean, it's not like that I don't like them, neither I like them. I'm okay with it. Besides, isn't it one of your motivations? How can I stop you from doing what you love when it's giving you strength? It doesn't work like that. And, isn't it the reason why you started a business, to buy stuffs you wanted--whether or not it is BL." Mom was the first one to speak.

"However, don't stray from the right path because of it. If your life ended up like that, then I would've been mad. But it's the other way around. It became your strength and motivation to go this far. You didn't mind what others said because you know it yourself, there's nothing wrong with doing what you love. And you're already at the right age to know what's right and wrong. So, no worries." She added and hugged me.

"I agree. And we cannot stop you in case we didn't allow you. Because we know that you're not asking for permission, you're just informing us. And we know what you'll feel in case this turned out bad. You're a sad soul, aren't you? Not all people can accept someone who loves bl, rather, other people hates them. You're a brave fujoshi, Claire." Dad was the next one to speak and join the hug.

Kiearra, Kuya Zaleo, Kuya Wrence, and Ate Cahrina also agreed.

It made me cry so bad. It feels like the other part of your self is being accepted.

I didn't know it would feel this good. I can now be a free fujoushi in front of my family.

Now, it's time to recruit someone. Mwehehehehehe. The party has just began.

--Do you know that, that same exact night, another confession has been held. Whose confession? Yuu? Mika?? Kaninoo??????



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