Chapter 2:

Another Confession(of who??)

18th(a fujoshi's secret)--a confession

Later, that exact night. Claire's family is enjoying themselves. Claire is checking out every people on each table. Another confession has been held. And it's no other than—

"Claire, may I hold your hand?" Yuu asked Claire and offered his hand that she accepted without second thoughts.

Yuu escorted her to the middle of the stage and kneeled like he's proposing a marriage proposal. Claire was shocked by what he did and the crowd immediately cheered them.

"Yuu-chan? What are you doing?" Claire asked him.

"Claire, I spent time with you since you were fifteen years old as a friend and classmate. But you've shown me how sincere of a person you are, you don't mind what others think of you but you quite like being the center of attention, and I'll give you all of it."

"Remember that one time, 2 years ago, when you asked me to accompany you to a bookstore to purchase BL mangas? I was quite embarrassed that time while on the bookstore but it is the first time a friend invited me out and I was really happy and had a great time."

"That hang out was the time you unintentionally made me interested in you and it keeps growing bigger and bigger. Your love and dedication for something you love has caught my attention. You've expressed so much of yourself to me that made me fall for you. That's why, I LIKE YOU." Yuu had done it. He finally confessed his feelings with his great speech that he practiced for almost a week.

"WHAAATTTT??!!!" that's Claire's reaction. She. Is. Shocked. The words can't even sink in on her mind.

Her reaction is nothing compared to Yuu's face right now. His face is as red as a tomato.

"I like you, Claire. Will you go out with me?" Yuu said. Hoping to receive a 'yes' from it.

"EEEHHHHH???!!!!" that's still Claire. Shocked.

Although Claire loves BL, she's still envious of the main characters at every story she read. She thinks that she will never experience those kind of fluttering life with a partner because she thinks that no one like the seme's there exists in the real world.

She also literally cry sometimes at night while reading a manhwa because of that thought.

So she is surprised that someone likes her, especially a fujoshi.

Claire can't say anything because of shock. Yuu is the last person she expects to receive a confession from but is quite fluttered. Now her question is answered.

So that's why he's avoiding me lately, huh.

Yuu was a foreign Japanese classmate when she was still studying in the Philippines that she later befriended. When she's finally moving to Japan to study for senior high school, he said he'll tag along to guide her there and have someone she knows but Claire isn't convinced with that but didn't asked further questions.

She also developed a small crush on Yuu so she doesn't know what to do.

With that, everyone cheered.


end of final part