Chapter 3:

My new brother only has 1 arm, lol Part 3


Mrs. Mathews sat at the kitchen table, and lit a cigarette, looking out the window. Dillion walked down the stairs, and stood by her. "Mom. When can I play with my brother?" She looked at him, and put the cigarette out in the ashtray.
"Damien is in a tough place right now, and it's a little hard for him to open up. I want to try talking with him during lunch. If that doesn't work, then we can try over dinner. If that doesn't work, maybe we should give him some space." she said.
"Whats wrong with his arm?" Dillion asked. Mrs. Mathews looked away.
"I don't know. I guess we'll just wait for him to tell us." she said.

"Dillion! Damien! Lunch is ready!" Mrs. Mathews yelled. Momentarily, Dillion ran down the stairs while Damien walked down the stairs, slowly, and looking down. He looked up, to see some fries and chicken tenders on each plate.
"I didn't know what kind of condiments you would want Damien, so I'll just let you choose." Mrs. Mathews said. Damien looked up.
"What's a condiment?" He asked. Mrs. Mathews smiled.
"A condiment is something you eat with your food. Like ketchup, or mustard." she said. Damien looked down again.
"Do you have any hot sauce?" He asked. Mrs. Mathews opened the refrigerator.
"Lets see... Yes, we do." She set it on the table. Damien picked it up, and squirted it on everything. Mrs. Mathews and Dillion stared in disbelief. Damien looked up, and leaned his head on his hand, looking away. Mrs. Mathews turned to Dillion, nudging towards Damien.
"So, Damien. Have you ever seen One Punch Guy?" Dillion asked. Damien glanced over to him, then closed his eyes, annoyed.
"No, I have not."
"Oh, you should, then. It's about this guy, he's bald, but he's still really cool. He can beat everything with one punch. I have it all on dvd, if you think you might want to watch it with," he paused, as Damien stood up. "Me."
"I'm done eating. Thanks for the food." Damien started to walk away, as Mrs. Mathews stood up.
"Damien. Sit down, and eat." Mrs. Mathews said. Damien paused, then turned around, glaring at her. He sat down, and picked up a hot sauce infected chicken tender, and ate it, never looking away from Mrs. Mathews. He continued to do this, one after another.
"You don't want any water with that?" Dillion asked, nervously. Damien just kept glaring at her, till he was finished. He got up, and put the plate away.
"I'm done eating. I'm going to my room." He said, turning to the stairs. Mrs. Mathews sighed. Damien smiled a little bit as he made his way to his new room. He opened the door, throwing himself on the bed. He looked at the wall, and more tears shed down his cheeks, as he started to think about his old family. He quickly feel asleep afterwards.

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