Chapter 3:

A message from the author

18th(a fujoshi's secret)--a confession

Hellooo!!! I hope you liked this one-shot story. This is my first and I can't just get it out of my mind so I decided to write it! Did you like it? I hope you did. The second part is only a bonus part because I think I should pair Yuu and Claire and again, I wrote this story and author's note last August 2021 and just had a free time to edit and publish this now. The plot has something to do with me so I am really happy with how things turned out! Anyway, Claire privately asked Yuu that she will think about it for a while but they're still going out to date. It looks like they're trying to see whether they are compatible or nah.

I am satisfied with how this ended. If you have any confusion about the story, just mention it and I might answer it soon. I am sorry for any lack or unclear explanations about unfamiliar words in this story. Anime/manga characters that Claire's 18 roses cosplayed can be seen at the end of this note—looks like Claire threw a cosplay party instead of birthday debut, but well she enjoyed it.

Please remember that you can do what you love and be immersed with it but still getting a hold of reality and making a step to have a savory future. Why? Because you can live happily with them and have unlimited time to fully enjoy them. The feeling's really good doing something what you love and feeling relieved because you have nothing to worry about. I promise!

Also, please be matured enough and respect those people who have opposite interests with yours. Judging and attacking those people with insensitive words will be so immature and disrespectful of you and you'll have nothing to gain from it so stop. We're already in the modern world so let's learn how to mind our own businesses unless it'll do good on both parties.

I just turned fifteen last July 24, Happy Birthday to me! Mwehe. I'm really getting older, huh. Have a good life, okay?

Claire's 18 roses(names will not be mentioned as the author ran out of it but it is sure that it's her friends and family members).

> Benedict Blue (Violet Evergarden)

>Shusaku Shida (Bakuten)

>Erica Brown (Violet Evergarden)—note that Claire has the approval of her friend to cosplay Erica.

>Tomoe (Kamisama Hajimemashita(/kiss))

>Hitachiin Hikaru (Ouran highschool host club)

>Suoh Tamaki (Ouran highschool host club)

>Leon Stephanotis (Violet Evergarden)

>Hayato Shinomiya (Kiss him, not me)

>Gin (Hotarubi no Mori e)

>Mizaki (Kamisama Hajimemashita(/Kiss))

>Mikage (Kamisama Hajimemashita(/kiss))

>Inumaki Toge (Jujutsu Kaisen)

>Onagawa Nagayoshi (Bakuten)

>Asuma Mutsumi (Kiss him, not me)

>Claudia Hodgins (Violet Evergarden)

>Haru Yoshida (My little monster)

>Oreki Houtaro (Hyouka)

>Gilbert Bougainvilla (Violet Evergarden)

Thank you!!