Chapter 13:

Looking for the Flower

Dance of The Wind With A Flower

Senior Chief of Police Kuchiki Atsushi woke up by swearing to the persistently ringing doorbell. He was certainly going to destroy the person on the door.

At first, he tried to figure where he was. He had fell asleep on his arm while he was drinking. He thanked to his left arm had been numb and opened the door with his gun on the right hand. When he saw who was at the door, he sighed once and returned to his room.

“Good evening, Chief! You started to drink early again today,” Eita said and got in. Kuchiki sat on his sofa and “Oh, shut up!” he answered. While he was massaging his numb arm, “Where was it seen that the mafia raided the house of the chief of police in this time?” he asked.

“But you’re calling me at nights to get intelligence...” Eita said with a ridiculous smile. Kuchiki jumped out from his place and closed Eita’s mouth. He was afraid of if somebody could hear it. “My being fired is not good for you, either,” he said. Then he sat again.

“Actually, I called you by phone but I suppose you didn’t hear because you were sleeping deeply,” Eita said. After a few minutes, Kuchiki realized that Eita was wearing bed clothes. Eita’s depressed and nervous expression woke Kuchiki up totally. He was sure the serious things were happening.

“So, what do you want?” Kuchiki asked. “I need a few camera screens belong to this afternoon. And probably a cellphone signal,” Eita answered.

After half an hour, The Technical Support and Communication Department of Central Police Station was discharged by Kuchiki. Only a reliable and self-contained officer stayed in the room. The officer couldn’t recognize the young man who was wearing pajamas and came with Manager Kuchiki.

At first, they checked the secure camera in front of the A University main door. Eita recognized Ando right away. Ando was on the exit with his phone. He walked quickly and got in a car. Only its corner was seen on camera. Another camera further the main door showed the car plate after a few minutes. At the same time where Ando’s phone signal got lost was being searched.

They found out the last camera screen was showed that car in Nakahara. Ando’s phone gave its last signal there, too. Kuchiki sighed once and “Probably they changed the cars on that point,” he said. “It’s too difficult to find them if we have not another trace,” the officer added.

Eita thought for a while by looking at the screen. He was leaning on the wall and his hand was holding his chin. “No, this information is enough for me,” he said. Then he turned to Kuchiki and “Thank you, Chief!” he added.

When he was about to leave the room, “If you know where they took your friend to, I suggest you to tell the police, young man,” Kuchiki said. Eita laughed and “I shall take you there so that you can catch them, right?” he said. Then he got serious suddenly. “The person who was kidnapped is dead or alive, it doesn’t matter. Since I am going to kick their asses and tear off their heads, you don’t need to do anything,” he added.

Kuchiki called but couldn’t stop him. He sighed and hit his forehead. He was not going to be able to sleep anymore.

The officer was still looking at the open door. He could manage to remember this pajama-wearing guy. “Fumikaze Eita...” he muttered. He had seen this name on the crime files before. When he felt his chief’s cold glares, he focused on the screen. He thought it was hard to understand the relationship between police and mafia.

Eita checked his behind in case someone could chase after him and got in a car further two streets. Yamato and Tachibana were waiting in the car. Before Eita talked, he checked his clothes if that Old Wolf Kuchiki put a listening bug on him. After he was sure that he was clean, “Drive Yokohama,” he said.

He told what he learnt in the police station. “How could you guess that Sakurai is in Yokohama although his last signal was lost in Nakahara?” Tachibana asked. “Half instinct, half knowledge,” Eita answered.

Then he startled. “We need men. Yamato, call four men. Tell them come quickly and not forget to bring my baby.” he said. He made a phone call with Kobe-san. He told him to send a few reliable Sakurai members to them.