Chapter 12:

Cold Harms

Dance of The Wind With A Flower

“Don't worry. We can catch the plan... Yeah... Right... We are going to finish it tomorrow...” Ando was lying face down on the bed and making a phone call with one of his classmates who was worried about their group project. There was no blanket on him and he was naked.

Eita was under the blanket and his back was turn to Ando. He turned suddenly and made the blanket fly. When the blanket was in the air, he slipped himself and lie down onto Ando and the blanket fell onto them. Eita hugged from behind and his head fell between Ando’s two shoulder blades. He waited for a while with patient.

After a few minutes, he took his lips to Ando’s ear was not on phone and “Come on, finish that call,” he whispered. Since Ando ignored him, Eita bitten Ando’s ear. Ando continued ignoring him but the thing that made him distract was the hard thing that was touching his hips, not that biting. He didn’t want to make a phone call right now, either.

After Ando finished the call, he turned to Eita and stared him with anger. Eita didn’t ignore that anger and hugged him one more time. “You are naked on the bed and I can’t wait, you know,” he said. Ando laughed and “I shall wear my clothes right after we finished sexing,” he said.

“No!” Eita answered by making his head up. Since he was whining, he fell onto Ando again and he bitten Ando’s back. He counted in his mind. That was the eighth bite which he gave Ando. He kissed where he bitten.

When he continued to kiss, “About that group project or something... If you need a place to work on it, you can study here with your classmates,” he said.

Ando was surprised to that offer. “How am I going to explain here to my friends then?” he asked. He smiled and “I don’t think I can explain this double bed in a 1+0 apartment,” he added.

Eita licked a place on Ando’s waist slowly and softly. That made Ando tickled. Then Eita got his head up. His head was seen under the blanket. “Then tell the truth.” he said and got lost under the blanket again. This time he was on Ando’s hips.

Since he was under the blanket, his voice was muffled. “‘My boyfriend lives in a yakuza mansion. We can’t find a place to make love so he rented this apartment.’ You can say it,” he explained. Ando was about to laughed but he startled because Eita gave him the ninth bite.

Even though he couldn’t see, he could sense what Eita was doing under the blanket. He closed his face with his pillow with embarrassment. They had been in a relationship for two years but Ando was not able to beat this embarrassing feeling. Yet Eita was raising the bar about doing embarrassing stuffs day by day.

While the bitten place on his hips were being licked, Ando tried to suppress his moan. “We did twice already,” he said. Eita continued what he was doing. Ando was not sure Eita was hearing him, though.

After Eita kissed a place which he bitten while previous sex, he got up and lied down on Ando again. He counted five more bitten place which he would kiss.

“Ando...” he whined like a little child. “Say it, big baby...” Ando answered with a kind tone. “We are out of condoms," Eita said. Ando rose his hips to touch Eita’s groin and turned to Eita while he was kissing his ears and he kissed Eita’s cheek. That meant “I know but you can still do it.” Eita smiled and thanked him by whispering.

Probably, he wouldn’t be able to see Ando for a few weeks. He thought doing too much was no harm for now. He needed to hear Ando’s sweet voices more. He could do something for Ando’s stomach in pain later.

He didn’t receive any messages from Ando until afternoon. Yet, he had texted two messages in morning. Messages weren’t seen even as read on Line. There were times when Eita couldn’t hear from Ando before but there was an uneasiness inside him this time.

He was drawing circles under a deciduous tree in the garden. “Eita-sama, we’re still on March. Weather is still cold. Do you want me to bring a cardigan for you?” one of maids said. Eita was in his pajamas but he couldn’t feel the cold weather. “Keep it,” he answered.

“I guess his lessons are over,” he muttered himself by turning his phone in his hand. Then he sulked and “But he texted in morning,” he added. It was not possible to make him angry so that Ando would not texted back. Ando was not a kind of person to revenge like that, either.

One of Ando’s friends knew their relationship. He was one of his friends who would go to the library with Ando after the classes. Eita had got his phone number in case of an emergency situation. He wanted to call him. Then he repeated that he was being so apprehensive and he gave up on that idea.

“I wish I didn’t graduate yet,” he thought. Thus, he could go to his school and control him. Since he didn’t have an excuse like school, he was dealing with most of family matters.

While he was in these thoughts, “Eita-sama, Yuu-sama ordered you,” a member called him from garden door. Eita scratched his head and “That geezer washes all works over me,” he muttered. As soon as he entered in house, his phone rang. The one who was calling was not his Ando, as he saw who was calling, he got worried more. “Sunichi / Ando’s Friend” was writing on the phone. He said that Ando had not attend the afternoon classes. And now, he didn’t come to the library for their group project. He was asking if Ando was with Eita or not.

In the evening, the door of Sakurai Mansion was knocked then Sakurai Ryunosuke was informed who was the uninvited guest in this hour. He was the young master of Fumikaze Family and he insisted on seeing Ryunosuke-sama immediately.

Ryunosuke was both angry and worried. Since he guessed that the guest was sat on the big hall, he headed there. But he startled to the noises at the entrée. It meant that a few family members didn’t welcome the guest.

When Ryunosuke saw the angry man with the stick at the entrée, “Kitagawa, what are you doing?” he asked. Everybody at the entrée turned and looked at him. A young man was holding his shoulder was looking at him, too. Ryunosuke recognized him from a picture which he saw on the Ando’s table two years ago.

Ryunosuke made an assessment of the situation. Young Fumikaze jumped in a hostile house in evening hours without calling for a permission. That Blockhead Kitagawa hit him with a stich without asking why he came. Ryunosuke got surprised why he came without a bodyguard and the made him worried more.

“What does Young Fumikaze want from us in this hour?” Ryunosuke asked. “Ryunosuke-sama, this man—” Kitagawa was about to say something but “Stop it!” Ryunosuke shouted angrily. Then he turned to Eita. Eita was still holding his shoulder. He bowed his head and “Ryunosuke-sama, let me talk to you alone, please.” he said. After he waited for a while, since he didn’t get an answer, he prostrated. That move made everybody surprised in the entrée.

Ryunosuke didn’t say anything. Then he laughed so hard. “When I saw you, I thought you look like Yuu. His grandchild who looks like him bowed his head in front of me. What a surprising view! I guess he couldn’t give his pride to you,” he said. “I beg you,” Eita answered without raising his head.

After a few minutes, Eita and Ryunosuke was sitting in a room. Eita guessed his arm was not broken because the pain is reducing. He thought what he was going to say.

“I’m listening to you, young man,” Ryunosuke said.

Eita hesitated for a while then “Sir, do you know where your grandchild can be right now?” he asked.

“Why do you ask?” Ryunosuke asked.

“I mean... Did you perhaps send him somewhere?” Eita asked again. He waited to hear a yes answer in hope. He didn’t know how he could say that something had happened to his grandchild. He heard that Sakurai Ryunosuke was so ill. Also, he didn’t know how he was going to explain why he knew Ando could be in danger.

Ryunosuke watched this worried young man for a while. Did something happen to Ando? He threw away his pride and “He was going to spend the night with his friends,” he said with a trembling voice. Eita’s pupils dilated with worry. Ryunosuke saw this and clenched his fists.

Eita was aware that Ryunosuke understood the situation. He couldn’t stand to crush under this worried and curious glare anymore. He bowed his head and “I beg you, tell me if there is an enemy who can have grudge for Ando,” he said.

Ryunosuke felt dizziness. He was about to collapse but he kept himself. “M-My men used to watch him closely. B-But sometimes, Ando is used to get lost and my men are not used to able to find him. Then, I thought he had a girlfriend and he was keeping secret her,” he explained.

“This time it’s not like that. I swear. I need your help to find him,” Eita said without raising his head.

“How can you know that?” Ryunosuke asked him. Eita couldn’t answer. But Ryunosuke knew this young man was sincere about Ando. He took a deep breath. He put his hand his heart. He had to stay calm. If he had a new heart attack, he was not going to be able to help his grandchild, that orphan.

“I was going to hand over all my property to him officially a week later,” Ryunosuke whispered. Then lightning flashed in Eita’s mind. He raised his head suddenly and “Do the all of the family members know this?” he asked.

Ryunosuke couldn’t find the pride that he wanted to keep secret this form a hostile. It seemed a hostile is more reliable than a family member now. He couldn’t solve this problem with his family. He was betrayed.

“Only my lawyer and five big members know this,” he answered. Eita relaxed a bit. Because his searching spectrum got narrowed. Then he asked permission to leave and got up. He thought to say Ryunosuke should keep his knowledge about Ando’s absence but he guessed that Ryunosuke was aware of that.

"I took him with me knowingly. I knew that I was never a real family for him. Poor child... He must hate me now because I made him suffer this much,” Ryunosuke muttered. He was saying this to himself not for Eita. A tear dropped from his cheeks.

Eita watched this old man who was holding his chest with pain for a while. Then he came closer to him and knelt down. “He never thinks negative things about you. He really loves you so much,” he said.

“How can you be so sure?” Ryunosuke asked with pain. Eita gulped once. Confessing how he could be so sure meant to confessing their relationship. If he said something about their relationship, even if Ando came back safely, Ando’s life could change forever. He kept in his mind whatever he wanted to say. “Because I always get jealous his love for you. His number one is always you,” he thought and left the room.

Eita got in the car in hurry. Whenever he moved his shoulder, he felt pain. But if he forced, he could use the car. He started to think. Where was he going to go? Who was he going to question? Where was Ando? What if everything was too late? He felt a heavy feeling on his heart. His heart was about to burst. His world became dark.

Suddenly, the car door was opened. A strong kick entered in and pulled Eita to side seat. Yamato sat on the driver side. At the same time, Tachibana entered in back side of the car. Yamato stepped on the gas and ran the car without saying anything.

Eita looked at Yamato first, Tachibana then with his wide-open eyes. Tachibana’s eyes were closed and his arms were folded. “Man, I couldn’t thing anything when Yamato-san said you had jumped in a hostile house. I don’t even remember how I could go out from home,” he said. Then he suddenly hit Eita’s head and “What the hell are you doing? Fool!” he shouted. “Breaking into a home is a serious crime,” he added with calmer voice.

Eita looked at him for a while with surprise. Tachibana was really wearing his pajamas and slippers. He couldn’t even change his clothes. Eita remembered Tachibana always wore his pajamas as soon as he went his home. Then he looked at Yamato with fear. He knew when Yamato was so angry, he was silent.

“Aren’t you going to say something?” Eita asked. “I’m used to your craziness,” Yamato answered calmly. After he drove the main road, “But... At last, I expected you to call me whenever you’re in trouble. You deserved that kick.” he added.

Eita didn’t say anything and looked at the road. Then “How did you learn?” he asked. “Tachibana-san said that he saw Sakurai-san had left the school with a car in this afternoon. He had wanted to greet him but Sakurai-san had been in hurry so much that he had been able to see him. At first, I didn’t ignore but when I learnt you had jump out of home with your pajamas, I doubted.” Yamato answered.

Tachibana was doing his master's degree at the faculty he graduated from. Thus, he was the last person who saw Ando incidentally. Before Eita ordered where, when, how questions, “It was after the lunch break. He was at main door of the campus. He got in the car in hurry. I didn’t care because I thought it was about his family matters,” Tachibana said.

Eita looked at the road again. “This supports my suspicions,” he muttered. If Ando had taken from the school with an excuse by his family members, of course he was going to get in car with his own wish. That proved that the enemy was in Sakurai Family. However, he was relaxed. If the enemy was in the family, they were less likely to take his life. He startled to the question. “So, what did you learn by wandering around?”

Eita thought for a while. Even though that was a Sakurai family secret, he decided to talk about. “When I was sure Ando was lost, at first, I look around the places where Ando went around the school. Library, a few cafés and book stores... (He even looked at their secret apartment but he couldn’t say that.) Then I sent a few guys to research and question the bangs who had a problem with Sakurai family. If there was a yakuza group had grudge for him and looked for revenge, I was planning to question them. Al last, when I couldn’t get any information from them, I couldn’t find any solutions except asking Ryunosuke-sama directly and jumped in Sakurai mansion.”

While he was telling these he suddenly remembered something. He called Kobe-san. “I hope you have a good excuse to call my personal phone in this hour,” said the voice who answered the phone. “Sensei!” Eita said. Kobe-san figured that a serious thing happened when he heard this unusual way of addressing.

“What happened?” he asked. “I can’t talk about all matters but... You need to check the Ryunosuke-sama's health condition,” Eita answered.

“Right now, Sensei, I beg you. He was holding his chest in pain. And I'm sure he was keeping this pain in inside of him. He can’t tell anyone this.” he added.

“Okay...” Kobe-san said. Before he finished the call, “Boy... Even if I have no idea, my senses are strong and sensitive.” he added. Eita kept his silence for a while.

“You know big members of Sakurai Family, right?” Eita asked.

“If you mean their names and faces, yes,” Kobe-san answered.

“Would my master who has strong senses tell me about the ones who he doesn’t trust?” Eita asked. Kobe-san told what he knew about Sakurai Family while he was on the road to check Ryunosuke.