Chapter 12:

Chapter 4: Mistakes Were Made Part III

Naruto: The Tale of Yuki Uchiha Volume 1 and 2

Chapter 4: Mistakes Were Made Part III

That time I had finally fallen face-first onto the soft floor.

Note to self: don’t make fun of her vocabulary. I pushed up against the ground and stood up, dusting off my pants. I noticed the Third Hokage’s stare, his hand rubbing against his temple. Great. First time meeting the Hokage, and I blew it. “You gotta stop pushing me through doors. People might actually think I’m a clown… why are you staring at me like that?”

Sui’s hair seemed to almost float from her death stare alone. “Listen… I understand you’re a bit of a pervert but could you at least not pretend you didn’t just grope a girl right in front of me!”

“I did what now?” I stared at her wholeheartedly, not knowing what she was talking about. Then a voice came from beside me, almost making me jump out of my skin. Not because it was a girl’s voice, and I didn’t notice another person in the room, but rather how nonchalant she sounded.

“It’s whatever. You get used to it after a while.” The girl just shrugged her shoulders and ignored us. Did she not just hear what she said?

“So boss man, these two trash here are my teammates?”

Trash? Who the hell is she? I turned to Sui, who looked even more surprised than me. “I thought you said it was only going to be us two?”

“That’s what I was told? Unless…” Sui bit at the tip of her thumbnail in thought. If Sui doesn’t know, then we’re in trouble.

“Alright, alright, settle down.” The Third Hokage stood up and slowly walked around his desk.

The only sound made came from the click-clack of his sandals. He wore a long red and white ceremonial kimono that covered his entire body with a triangular red hat that symbolized he was the Leaf Village’s Hokage. Even though he moved slow, and his voice was raspy from old age, his words forced even me to shut up. There was a sense of awe he inspired that made you immediately respect him.

So this was the Hokage… Geez, good luck with that dream Kiba— I caught myself before I fell to my knees. I loosened the collar of my shirt. My body was heating up. I could barely breathe, and I didn’t know why. I gritted my teeth and stared at the monster who emitted that pressure.

The Third Hokage stood in front of us, his eyes pierced through me without the use of a Dōjutsu. I glanced at the other two to see that they were also hunched over in pain; even the new girl seemed to be having trouble standing. I guess she wasn’t all talk.

“It looks like this year’s Genin have proven to be, exceptional.” His words rang into my ears, beating me down lower and lower towards the ground.

“The cream of the crop they called you three. I’m sure you’ve been praised all too often about your abilities.” My legs wobbled, becoming mush as I heard the click-clack of his sandals. Did he want us to fall? To kneel and give up? I couldn’t even look at him with both eyes open.

“A Hyūga, an Uchiha, and someone Danzō personally recommended.”

At the mention of Danzō, I finally started to understand why we were there. That meant I couldn’t kneel, not when I was so close. I activated my Sharingan, and I felt the pressure ease up, but it wasn’t enough. I glanced at the other two; they both seemed to also be aware of the test.

Sui’s Byakugan was active, and I saw her chakra flow into her hands as she was struggling to press them together. The new girl had pulled out a flute and pressed it against her lips. I couldn’t hear it, but she seemed to be standing up the fastest. I could disrupt my chakra flow with kai, but that would take a while…

“My last students were the legendary Sannin. Will you three even be able to light a fire under this old tree?” I knew he was trying to psyche us out with this Genjutsu of his, but those final words seemed to do the exact opposite. His words had lit a fire within me that burned with desire. I wanted him to acknowledge me. And with that, I lost control.

Combination Art: Disruption Jutsu!” It wasn’t a Jutsu per se; I was just sort of feeling the moment and called it that as lightning, earth, wind, water, and fire all burst forth from within me. A bit out of control, I might add, as my body started to heat up.

It felt as if I’d be consumed by the elements. I tried to scream, but no sound came out. The world around me began to crack. Darkness came over my eyes. I no longer heard the howling of my chakra, nor could I smell the burning of my flesh. I only felt the pain of it all.

It hurts! It hurts! It hurts! It hurts! It hurts! It hurts! It hurts!

But soon enough, even that faded. I was stupid and got overly excited. I had lost control, and that was the price... I would lose everything.

“Relax.” I heard a voice break through the silence. It was the Third Hokage. “Nature is not something to be caged or something you unleash onto the world. There is a balance that you seem to lack.”

I knew a bit of what he was talking about. My sister apparently had the same issue growing up. She was the one who taught me about my affinity to the five chakra natures. That she too had a Kekkei Kanri, but she had the help of so many others in mastering it. I didn’t have that. I was alone. Not even Sasuke could help me out with this.

“You did well in figuring out you were in a Genjutsu. Disrupting your chakra flow was also a good idea. But you must now reel it back in before you hurt yourself and those around you.”

Those around me? But don’t I already hurt them? What difference does it make? A flash of a memory came to mind. My father’s body face-first into the ground next to a pool of blood.

That was the difference. At least if Sui’s alive, she can forgive me for hurting her then I guess it’s been decided. Now, did he say to reel it back in?

“Isn’t that just another way of telling me to control it? You old man. I thought you told me not to control them!”

“Ha-ha, good. You can talk again. Now focus on releasing each element, and that should fix your chakra imbalance.”

…Was I just ignored? I let out a sigh and went back to concentrating. Well, my mind is already stable, so there goes earth. Which means water is next. Earth could be molded so it could be controlled, but water needed to flow to move and to feel— Fuck! It hurts! It hurts! I forgot that would happen when I got back my feelings.

“Old man, I appreciate the help, but… Can we save water for last next time!”

I heard a chuckle come from him in response. “You know I heard the rumors, but I never thought they were right. Maybe you do need an old man’s hand. Move on to the final two, and you might come back at the same time as the others.”

That’s right, the whole reason I got into this mess was because I got cocky. I wanted to show him what I could do. I wanted him to accept me, and yet here I am. I still can’t see, but… I took a deep breath and smelled…

Was that sage? Ok, I’m going to have to give the Third Hokage some pointers— The scent vanished along with every other smell. Ok, I get it. Wind is having an open mind, and he’s the Third Hokage who’s free to do whatever he wants.

My sense of smell returned, and so did the burning incense of sage. I accepted it, for now, focusing on the last element I needed under control: Lighting, and with it would come my sight. I still couldn’t see anything around me, and it was terrifying being trapped in darkness. I felt my body tremble. The memory of Kasai’s cold kunai against my eye still burned in my mind. The thought of losing my eyes is horrifying. Without them, would I even be an Uchiha?

“Is Yuki still trapped in the Genjutsu?” Sui’s voice cut through the darkness.

“I knew he was trash.”

“He’s still standing, meaning he hasn’t given up yet.” Sui still defended me even after I had clearly been trapped for way too long. She still believed in me… to do better.

“Give it a moment; he’ll be out shortly.” Said the Third Hokage.

Damn. I got beat by both of them. I started to laugh. I guess even without my eyes, I’d still be the Joke of the Uchiha.

A flash of white light entered my sight, and I was out of the illusion with what I was sure was a kick-ass smile. I stared forward at the Third Hokage, who was simply sitting down behind his desk doing paperwork as if nothing had happened. “To think none of you collapsed. Well done, my pupils.”

My breathing was ragged, and I could kill for a glass of water, but I shouted anyway. “That was amazing! Terrifying at first, but… We did it!” I wrapped my arms around both Sui and the new girl pulling them in close. Sui didn’t resist, but the new girl on the other hand, stared at me with hate-filled eyes.

“The first time, it’s an accident, but twice this trash touches me… is enough!” She blew into her flute. It didn’t make a sound I could hear, but some kind of small, bandages wrapped around its face, monster man appeared and punched me in the face. Sprawling me out on the floor. “Touch me again, and I’ll kill you.”

“First: Ow. And second: Who the hell is this girl?” I held onto my cheek as I sat up. Only to be met with a looming shadow overhead.

“You get all handsy with a girl whose name you don’t even know!” She spat against the ground and pulled the flute to her mouth. “Maybe this rat should die right now.”

I stared up at her and finally noticed how I had never seen her before. I would have definitely remembered a girl that hot walking around the village. Her hair was long and a dark shade of pink as if it was red. With a black bandaged wrapped cap on her head. She also had bandages wrapped around her legs with a nice simple black ninja shirt and white skintight shorts. Her forehead protector was even worn like a choker, and if it wasn’t for her rude mouth, I could see myself possibly falling for her. Then again, I also have a rude mouth, so maybe—

The little monster man jumped at me.

“Not the face!” I continued to struggle with whatever the hell that thing was while Sui just ignored me.

“Lord Third. I’d also like to know who she is? I was told Team 9 would only have three members.”

I only heard their conversation over the demon trying to claw at my face. That little shit was persistent.

“Please call me by my name, Hiruzen. You are my student, after all.”

“If that’s what you want Hiruzen-sensei, but that still doesn’t explain—”

I saw the Third Hokage hold his hand up and the little bandaged-up demon-looking piece of shit stopped clawing at my hands. If you hadn’t gotten the picture, I hated that thing. It can go burn in hell for all of eternity.

“Tayuya! Cease your little game. Those are your teammates now. Behave properly.” The Third seemed to have a way with her because the little demon disappeared immediately, allowing me to stand up.

“If that’s what it takes, I’ll try.” She said, bowing to Third Hokage.

“Good, now introduce yourself.”

“Giving trash my name is a waste of time, especially dead trash.” She once again looked at me when she said that.

“I can always send you back to Danzō and tell him you aren’t fit to be a ninja.”

“Tch. Fine.” She stared down at both of us even though we were taller than her. “My name is Tayuya Uzumaki. I’m an orphan taken in by Danzō. I’m slightly older than you two, but I’ve never been a part of a team. As such, I’m still a Genin making you trash, the first to be my teammates. It’s nice to make your acquaintance.” The entire time Tayuya looked as if she had to bite her tongue for every sentence. I was sure I saw blood dripping from her mouth. That was what it took for her to say it was nice meeting us.

“Good.” The Third Hokage nodded as if that was acceptable.

“Shouldn’t we also introduce ourselves since she’s new.” I said, pointing out the obvious. Sui placed her hand on our face and shook her head.

“As if I need names for trash.”

Ok this trash thing was starting to get to me. “You know you have a pretty rude mouth, you know that.”

“Really? Because from what I hear, you have the same problem, Trash Number 1.”

“Call me trash one more time.” I grabbed hold of the kunai in my pockets. Using all of my chakra releases might have been a part of the illusion but just imagining its destructive force. I could wipe that smile off her face. Or I could end up actually dying this time…

“Or what? You can’t even beat a baby Doki, let alone take me on if I got serious Traaash.”

Fuck it. Time to die, I guess. I sprang my hands forward, and she blew into her flute.

“Eight Trigrams Sixteen Palms!” Sui struck both of us with eight palm strikes, not knocking us out but preventing us from doing anything stupid. Well, anything more stupid. “What am I going to do with you two.” Sui said, shaking her head.

“Ahahaha.” The Third Hokage started to laugh, and it caught us off guard. “You remind me of my old team. Just excuse an old man for living through you.” He stood up with swiftness that did not suit his earlier old man comment. “We shall do a bell test—”

There was a Boom! That resounded from outside. It didn’t seem like an attack, but it did cut him off. The Third Hokage stared at us three and nodded before placing his hands on Tayuya and me. I felt my body go from sluggish to better than this morning. He can even do medical ninjutsu. How good is his chakra control?

“Team 9. Your first mission: D-Rank. Go and investigate the source of that explosion. And do not engage if in contact with an enemy ninja. I’ll be assembling a team that will need the info you gathered in case it is a threat. Got it?”


“Got it.”

“Yes sir.”

The Third Hokage gave us our first mission, and we weren’t about to let him down. My only problem was that he told us not to engage an enemy ninja. What would be the point of becoming a ninja if we couldn’t fight? But I didn’t have time to mull over my thoughts because my team and I were already out the window. 

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