Chapter 0:

A Letter Home

Arc Incidents: Volume 2

Dear Mom and Dad,

I know that it’s been a while since I sent you a letter this long. Or sent you a letter at all. Most of our messages have been very short and lacking any real thoughts or detail. I’m sorry about that. I mean, how long has it been Since I’ve started my journey from Noah 3? I’m very sorry, but my life as a captain has been hectic as hell. Since the rest of my crew and I are taking some time off from flying around the galaxy from one place to another, it is time that I’ve written to you guys for once. I hope that you guys have been ok and the Earth has been treating you well.

So, where to begin. Ok, let’s talk about this week. My crew has two weeks off while I only have one and a half weeks off after spending some time for some important elections. The first couple days of this vacation have been filled with me hanging out with Susan and generally relaxing. Not the most exciting thing, but it feels necessary for my own mental health. For those elections themselves, well they were alright. Out of the eight who signed up only four showed up and the best one for the job, Amanda Waters, was elected to represent the civilians of Noah 3 City. Still have one week left to do this and I am very excited about this fact.

Before all that, it was rather interesting. Solar System AXZ was pretty empty, but we did find a dead alien spacecraft and that certainly brought a lot of interesting things. Things that I am not sure that you guys, even being my parents, would believe me. I’m sorry for not telling you but please let me know if you guys want to find out after I send you this letter anyway. Just know that it has changed my life in some ways. For instance, I have started getting closer to Susan Ray again. Just going to take it a lot slower this time because what happened at the academy was too much for me. I know you both liked her and will be happy to hear this news. Me too actually. I think we have matured since the academy days.

Next week when our journey starts again, the Noah 3 will head towards another solar system for exploration and hopefully finding a new home. I don’t know what to expect anymore. U suppose that keeps everything interesting even if that “interesting” can be a bit nerve wracking. I mean, how does one plan for the unpredictable? It’s kind of impossible and that is what worries me and keeps me up at night sometimes. I suppose it's ok now because I can sleep as much as I want now, but when on duty I think I will have to get some sleep aids. Some of the really easy kind because I think you both know how my mind works by now.

One thing that I am still unsure about is why I have been placed in the captain’s chair position. I mean, that was never up to me right? Well, yeah and yet I am here and I think that I am doing ok. On a personal level, I feel like I have always been a better behind the scenes kind of person instead of doing everything up front. I don’t have the kind of charisma that most captains have in those old shows that I watch all the time. Yes, I do realize that there is some plan that I don’t know about yet. Maybe there is something I need to discover about myself yet that the E.G.C. does know. The best that I can say is that Noah 3 hasn’t fallen apart yet.

Anyway, I just wanted to write this and let you know that I love you both. There was never a time where that wasn’t true at all. I promise that I will be as safe as I can. This is not a goodbye letter. I just wanted to talk to you guys and next time I want to see If I can talk to you both using an FTL channel. Something for me to check into with the E.G.C. before I actually try it. You know, the usual reasons. I hope to hear from you soon.

Once again, I love you!

Your Daughter,
Charlotte Medina