Chapter 5:

The Uncontrollable Gate

An Unrealistic Day with A Realistic Love in Imaginary Ways

She is waiting in front of the window... The place where the gate showed up yesterday. She is wearing her ninja clothes, not the ones I bought for her or my sister’s pajamas.

She looks excited but nervous at the same time. Maybe sad a little... or maybe I wish that she feels sad for her returning. Anyway... I can’t convince her in only one day to stay with me. I can’t do that never. Because I know how she loves her lord and her nation.

I can see the clock. It’s 11.58 pm. “I hope you enjoy this day,” I said. She didn’t say anything. She smiled.

It’s my only chance to confess my feelings. I need to be selfish one more time and say those feelings. But these feelings are giving heaviness in my heart and making me look at the ground, not her.

I gathered my courage and looked at her again.

“Ino. I lo—”

Did she shushed me by hugging me? She is not saying anything yet. I can feel her tickled hairs and her smell of my shampoo.

“I know,” she said and whispered something. Then she disappeared.

(A month later)

I hope my rubbed eyes are not seen in the school. I recalled the news yesterday and got depressed again.

I don’t remember when I cried last in my life. I didn’t do that even after Ino-chan left. But that news...

Oh, how could they decide like that suddenly? Why does “Love of a Young Emperor” have to finish now? Universe was wide and Ino-chan had a lot of to do! I can’t cry now. Please my tears, stop.

With this news, I think the feelings that I have accumulated inside have popped up. Maybe when I watched that Ino-chan was living her life with happiness on TV, I was consoled myself.

But... There is nothing anymore. She is just a fictional character and 14th February that we spent together was an illusion made by that old lady. But memories are real. My friends and my family still remember her.

Oh no! Two girls from the next class are coming. I shouldn’t show my red eyes to them.

“Hello Akari-kun. How is it going?”

“Hi. Fine. You?”

“Thanks. We came to accept our White Day presents.” one of them said and chuckled.

“Is that so? Then please,” I said and showed the confectionery bag on my desk.

While one of the girls were taking a candy from the bag, she smiled and “Oh, that’s our Akari-kun! He has bought white day candies for all of us,” she said. As the bell rang, they thanked me and headed to their own classroom.

15th March 00.00... After the bathroom, while I am drying my hair with my towel, I'm looking at the gate in front of the window.

Maybe this door will continue to open a few times in a year. Maybe we can control this gate so it can be opened as our will. There is magic in Ino-chan's world. We can find a solution to this once I go in there.

Nobody came here from the gate. It looks like it's my turn to be a guest this time. And disappearing for a few days doesn’t harm anybody.