Chapter 0:



The sound of a man taking his last breath rang out from the forest, yet, the question remained – did anyone ever hear it? Two figures stood over the now dead man. A large wolf with fur as black as mid-night and its mouth covered in blood looked over to the young girl at its side. Her blond hair fell down below her chest with pink highlights that accented the tips. She smiled cheerfully, bearing a small fang as she petted the wolf’s head gently. The girl was dressed in a black corset that stood out with the various purple flowers that accented the clothes and skirt.

In her hand she held a grimoire that was bound in a black leather with gold-trimmed decorations around the edges of the binding and spine. She watched as the wolf before her changed its shape into a human form that was bordering between the boundaries of male and female. It’s long black hair fell far longer than the girl’s to the point the wolf had to tie it’s hair into a pair of twin-tails – keeping them in place with a pair of ribbons, one a cyan colour and the other a pink colour. The wolf was dressed in a simple black top with a short purple plaid skirt that stood out from the fantasy clothes the girl wore, giving off a modern-day tone.

“You look like you’re bored, nii-nii.”

“Can you blame me, sis? We’ve been struck in this game for so many years now that even murder has lost its unique spark. No one can beat us, we will likely be considered criminals when and if we return to the real world. Plus, what else is there to do. We completed everything in this game.”

The popular game massively multi-player online roleplaying game (MMORPG) entitled Phantasia had become the first of its kind. It was not like a standard computer game, nor was it virtual reality, it was able to inject the player’s consciousness into the game data itself. In essence, the players were apart of the game and able to move their bodies like they would in the real world. Everything that humans could feel in the real world could be felt in the game, even if it wasn’t real.

In the span of a day, the player count for the game reached just over a billion. Of these nearly billion players, only a few stood out on the ranking board that players had made themselves throughout the various settlements. The two known and feared players had simple names, Wolfy and Mariya. They had created the only two person guild called Ideasthesia and managed to reach the number one spot on the guild leader boards.

“I know. Maybe we should turn this into a game.”

“What kind of game did you have in mind?” Wolfy asked with a grin.

“We will make a public announcement to the whole world that we will hunt them down and murder them. Afterwards, we tell them where to find us and hope they come to the location we specify.”

“Us versus a large army of players. That actually sounds like fun.”

Mariya waved her hand to the side and brought up several menus along with a map. She took note of where they were were and exactly what the two of them would call home. From their position, the map showed a settlement that appeared to be floating over the sea.

“So, what’s the plan, sis?”

“For now, we take down the guild that resides in the floating city of Sylveria. After that, we make the worldwide announcement and then wait for any heroes to show up first. When people begin realising they can’t beat us they will flee and it’ll be then that the true hunt begins.”

“Let’s go then!”

Wolfy quickly took to the form of the wolf that they had been in before and looked up to Mariya.

“I know you’re ready to go but let’s wait, okay, nii?”

“But I’m so bored.”

Mariya smiled and made her way over to one of the trees. Pulling out a ripe apple from her bag, she sat down motioned for Wolfy to sit down beside her. Wolfy sat down beside Mariya and watched as she held the apple in her hand. Downing the apple, he rested his head on her lap and closed his eyes as she gently pat his head.

“I hate apples.”

“Yeah, sorry. Not a lot of food choices in this game. I’ll cook you something when we get out of this game.”

“So long as it isn’t apples. Hot dogs would be nice or pizza.”

“Nii… You can’t live off of microwave food forever.”

“Well, you always had to work. Leaving me to cook anything is a disaster, you know this. So, I got microwave food. Easy.”

Mariya looked up to the sky and began to recall how she and Wolfy had came to be in this world.

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