Chapter 6:


The Demon Saint is Missing, so I Ran to Another World Vol. 11

***The Holy Palatial Gardens***

As the two Saints neared the Saint’s Palace, the thick miasma began to affect them, as well as the other paladins marching to escort them. It eventually became so strong that Seirna had to tell the others to back off—only she and Ruro would enter the room where Maddie was in.

“Wear this talisman, dog,” the Saint of the Flame handed the Beastman Saint a golden amulet, similar to what she’s using to absorb the miasma from the Human Saint.

“Should I thank you for it?”

“It’s unnecessary. We’re only together because we have a common enemy, so I understand the hard feelings.”

“We can only stay inside for a short time,” Seirna explained further. “I’d say around 15 minutes.”

Bah! I don’t know about those! I’d say let’s just break in and beat Maddie to a pulp.”

Haa…this is why you Beastmen are so…argh! Alright, dog, since you’re stupid, I’ll tell you when our time is up.”

“Got it. So how about beating Maddie?”

“If you can, then you should.”

The Beastman Saint grinned, “Okay! I always wanted to hit that Human Saint ever since she snatched my Master from me!”

“You guys…you really love that otherworlder…

Heh! You have no idea how charming my master is, Lady Seirna! You’re always so fixated on your responsibilities as our overseer. It’s no wonder why no one likes you for a long time.”

“I devoted my heart and mind to the service of the Lord Gaius.”

“Leave that mad god already!” Ruro pulled out a pair of iron gauntlets and put those on. “He’s power-hungry, and he’ll never look your way ever!”

Likewise, Seirna unsheathed her rapier, “I fucking hate you, you know that, Lady Ruro?”

Heh, the feeling is mutual, Lady Seirna!” the Beastman Saint then kicked the door of the Saint’s Palace, releasing the thick, dark miasma from the inside. “However, let’s watch each other’s ass inside, can we?”


The first of the dark creatures born from the miasma emerged and attacked the saints. Ruro immediately drew the first blood, punching through a pair of their enemies, ‘killing’ both. Seirna followed her with a slash that destroyed the others who tried to surround them.

“What are these things?” disgusted, the Beastman Saint asked.

“Those are the minions of the ‘Seductress’, her shadows,” the Saint of the Flame answered. “Careful of when throwing your punches; their ‘essence’ can cling to your skin, and slowly possess you.”

Fuck, you should tell me that sooner! Look, my hands are full of their miasma!”

Seirna immediately brought out another pair of amulets and threw it towards Ruro, “Hold on to those for a while; that would help.”

Using their skills in battle and magic spells, the two saints cut through the sea of the shadows of the Seductress. The Beastman Saint threw her fists, sent flying kicks, and even cast wind magic to blow her enemies away. For her part, the Saint of the Flame wreaked havoc through her proficient swordplay, never letting down her guard, in combination with her own magic spells.


However, though they cut down a good number of the Seductress’ shadows, it seemed that they were not dwindling. In fact, the shadows were even numerous than when they first entered the Saint’s Palace. Seirna had to shell out a generous amount of her amulets just to ward off the miasma clinging on their skins, and she was starting to run out of her supply of it.

Damn it! At this rate, we won’t be able to reach Maddie before our time limit!”

“Lady Ruro, can you run the gauntlet through these shadows?”

“I can, but what’s your plan?”

“Go before me, and run down anything that is in your path. Then once we’re near Lady Rubinforth’s room, I’ll switch with you!”

“Got it!” the Beastman Saint nodded, and began her charge, with Seirna following closely behind. With the two of them working together, they carved a path of destruction against their enemies, until the amulets of Ruro were black as soot—a sign that she needed to switch with Seirna.

“I’ll take over from here! Throw those used talismans away.”


The Saint of the Flame resumed their offensive, this time, dancing amidst the shadows and cutting them down with her blade and magic spells. Like Ruro, Seirna wore several amulets on her body and her weapons. However, those were soon used up, too. And Ruro had to switch with her again.

“How long ’till we reach Lady Madelaine’s room?”

“It’s a stone’s throw away from here!”

“Alright, then throw me!”


“You heard me right, dog! Throw me towards Lady Rubinforth’s room!”

“I like your idea, yes, but I might throw you too hard!”

“It doesn’t matter, just do it! I can still summon a few of my mana left to redirect my flight.”

“If the situation is normal…” the Beastman Saint was laughing, “…I’d enjoy throwing you more! Can we repeat this once everything settles down?”

“Don’t get so full of yourself!” the Saint of the Flame countered, “I’m only allowing you because this is an emergency. Otherwise, you’re long dead by now, skewered by the tip of my sword.”


With no further qualms, Ruro picked Seirna and threw her towards their destination. With the few mana left in her, the Saint of the Flame cast a spell on her body, just before she crashed on the doors and breaking those down. It released a huge amount of miasma scattering through the air, which she nearly avoided by slumping down and crawling inside.


Seirna could still feel her legs, but she was too weak to stand straight. With the help of her sword, she propped herself up. However…

“I’ve been waiting for quite a while for you, Seirna Stephanie! It’s been long since we last talked to one another like this.”


On the other end of the room, just above the bed, was Maddie, smirking and clad in a dark miasma. The Saint of the Flame could barely raised her sword, but she did it anyway, though she’s having a difficulty to stand.

“You’re tired,” Maddie commented.

“Mind your own business, Seductress! I’ll kick you out of that body you’re using.”

“Your senses are still sharp, after all these ages, Seirna Stephanie. I commend you for that. I only wish that my daughter is as cunning as you.”

The Saint of the Flame tried to attack her. However, much to the former’s surprise, the miasma gripped both of the saint’s legs, restraining her movement.

“Thank you for coming to meet me!” the Seductress, speaking through Maddie’s tongue, told her. “You didn’t make it hard for me to get your god-powers, and that Beastman Saint outside, too. Soon, I’ll have three god-powers at my disposal!”

“Like I would let you!”

“And who would stop me? You’re tired and restrained. The Beastman outside is also about to fall. And I possess this body,” the Seductress then began to choke the Saint of the Flame while she continued to talk. “Ah! After all the eons that I’ve waited, this is the closest I’ve been to godhood! And no one will—!!!”

Her speech was interrupted when the walls of the room exploded, and a sword cut through the smoke and debris, severing the miasma choking Seirna. Gasping for air, the Saint of the Flame realized that another person—or persons—had entered the scene.

“It’s a good thing we managed to arrive in time!”

“Yeah, and it’s all thanks to this skill, Bloodbath.”

Seirna’s hope was buoyed the moment she recognized the figures who stood in front of her, the Iron Princess, Lilyhaven Tamriel, and the Captain of the Paladin Guards, Sylvia Henristone.

“Are you fine, Your Holiness?” Princess Lily asked.

“It’d take a lot before someone can kill me,” she answered. “But I’ll return the question to you. Are you okay now?”

“Yes, Your Holiness,” it was the Lady Henristone who replied. “Her Highness and I woke up just in time, when the paladins are already panicking about containing this problem. Good thing the other girls told us about you joining us, and we decided to break through here instead of fighting those creepy shadow-like creatures.”

“Yes, it was a good call, I’d give you that. At least you don’t need much of my amulets,” the Saint of the Flame acknowledged, giving them each a talisman. “However, our enemy is an ancient monster; how can you defeat her?”

“No, Your Holiness…” Lily raised her sword on guard position, “We’ll help you by distracting this Seductress you speak of, you’ll be the one who will deal with her!”

“Sounds like a plan, then!” Seirna began to chant a magic spell. “Listen, that thing before you isn’t Lady Rubinforth. Someone possessed her body, and I’m working to seal that monster. However, let me just cast a recovery magic; hold her off until my mana is restored.”

The Iron Princess and the Paladin Guards Captain nodded. Switching with the Saint of the Flame, they resumed their attacks against the ‘Seductress’ and the possessed Maddie.