Chapter 10:


The Demon Saint is Missing, so I Ran to Another World Vol. 11

Before we went on our way, the lord of the Ghouls, Vitalis, asked this one important question to Lady Noir.


“Lord Vitalis?”

“I was wondering if you would give your permission for us to convert the corpses of your enemies,” the ghoul leader pointed towards the battlefield, where the dead—along with other debris—strewn around. “I mean, our clan could put them to good use.”

I stared at the demon princess as she pondered on the proposal. Honestly, as I came from a deeply-religious, and superstitious, country, I’d prefer to leave the corpses alone. I mean, though they were our enemies, I still respect them…at least, their remains. However, remembering the situation of the ghouls relative to the strength of the ‘Knights’, I guess Lord Vitalis’ suggestion made sense.

They need to increase their numbers, after all.

“Very well,” Lady Noir nodded, “but make sure they are with you, for I—I mean, my brother—would never show mercy to repeating traitors.”

“Y-Yes, milady!” Lord Vitalis took a bow.

“And don’t forget to remove the debris,” Shevaun reminded them. “Gather the weapons they have and turn it over to our guards for safekeeping.”

Once they received the demon princess’ permission, the ghouls immediately set to work, while our group prepared to depart to Darkmoor as well. Since the chamberlain was the one in-charge, Lady Noir and I were left with nothing else to do. Well, I did try to help, but the demon princess stopped me.

“Let Shevaun do her work,” she quipped, as she pulled the hem of my clothes towards where she was sitting.

“Alright,” so I sat beside her, though I kept a considerable distance. And Lady Noir poured a glass of wine for me.

“Have you ever seen how a ghoul is ‘born’, Sir?” she suddenly asked.

“Well, in my world, a ghoul is almost similar to a zombie. And back there, the idea is that zombies transmit their virus by biting their victim.”

“Heh,” the demon princess chuckled. “You and Lady Cassandra really have the same knowledge. I’d say, you’re both correct, though it’s not a virus that’s being transmitted here…”



She directed my eyes towards the ghouls, who dragged the corpses in line, as if in a queue. Then, much to my shock—and horror—they began feasting on the corpses. It was a grisly sight, with fresh blood splattering their dirty clothes, and guts flying around. I nearly threw up; good thing I got my god-powers with me, and healed myself.

The disgusting affair lasted for a few moments. While I turned away from them, Lady Noir casually watched the ghouls in their gruesome feast. I bet if those humans were alive, their screams would be unimaginable.

The smirk on her face is unnerving…

And then, I heard the demon princess’ voice, “You can turn around now, Sir.”


Slowly looking back at them, I saw around 20-30 new ghouls, still in a daze. Their wounds were fresh; one could tell they were just recently devoured. Nevertheless, I think they added to the numbers of the Ghoul clan.

Hmm…ever since our intervention in the Grand Rising of the Dead in Chersea,” Lady Noir began, “people seem to forget that—while they helped crushing Lady Seirna’s zombies—they are still ghouls. Creatures that hunger for mortal flesh and blood. And what’s funny is that, the ghouls themselves adapted that view. They have no idea of what they can accomplish with an undying, rotten body like that.”

“Is that why you let me watched that?”

“Well, just a little reminder that while Vitalis and his people helped you, the craving for flesh is still there.”

“Th-Thanks for the reminder then…” I couldn’t help but imagine the ‘what ifs’; like, what if Vitalis was unable to hold back his desires while I was sleeping, and bit me back then? I could only shiver at the thought!

“You’re welcome, Sir!” Lady Noir winked at me. “So now you know that the only place safe for you in this land is with me.”


***Jules’ place, somewhere in the five realms…***

Oh my!” Jules quickly removed the pair of Bluetooth headphones on his ears the moment his eyes caught sight of a beaten and weary Seirna, who had just arrived in his place. “What happened to you?”

Milord, just as you say…” the Saint of the Flame said in-between her breaths, “the ‘Seductress’…she’s even more powerful than before.”

“And you can’t defeat her that easy…”

Seirna nodded, before nearly collapsing; fortunately, she held on to a nearby post to help herself. The former god moved in to assist her to his chair.

“Please…” she tried to refuse his kindness, but Jules insisted.

He took a jar of water and a glass, then gave it to his saint. While Seirna rested, he asked, “Anyway, has the Lady Madelaine woke up already?”

“She did. However, the Seductress had fully possessed her, and we can’t get her in her right mind.”

“That’s expected,” Jules muttered. “After all, that evil can control everyone’s hearts and minds…including me.”

Milord, please don’t blame yourself for what happened before,” the Saint of the Flame told him. “What is important is that you’re trying to correct your mistakes.”

Heh, you sound like someone I know…”

“The otherworlder?

“Yes,” the former god chuckled. “Your words reminded me of him. I wonder where he is at, right now.”

“As far as I know, the Lord Kuro is with the Usarved princess in Cherflammen. His memories are still in chaos.”


Seirna stared at Jules for a few moments, trying to read his thoughts. However, she gained nothing, so she asked, “Do…you need something from that man?”

“All the bad events happening, and Kuro is still out of it,” the former god sighed. “I guess I should move on without him, then.”

“You got a new plan for us, milord?

“Not for you, I’m afraid, Seirna. Focus on your task in trying to keep the seal within Madelaine Rubinforth, and make sure your agent is safely back from his botched mission to kidnap the Usarved princess.”

“Botched mission? You mean, Umberto, milord?

Jules nodded, “He just got sent out, together with a demon ‘Knight’—whose task is to kill him and instigate a war between humans and demons. My ‘friends’ told me about this a little while ago.”

Seirna’s face grew pale when she heard that. Nevertheless, she kept her emotions within her, so as not to distract Jules.

“As for me,” the former god continued, “I need to talk to a few people I know. The Seductress is growing stronger with every minute passing, yet the poor people of this realm, and of the others, still opt to keep at it with their petty disagreements and stupid quarrels. I am but a mortal now, Seirna; and if these lands are consumed by that vile creature, then my name as Gaius would be soiled for eternity.”

“I pray for your success, milord!” the Saint of the Flame bowed.

“Yes…prayers. I still need them even though I’m not a god anymore,” Jules smirked, raising his hands towards the heavens. “Look at this, Seirna…the stage is set, and the actors are here. The play of the former god and dictator, Lord Gaius Julius Caesar, has finally come to life once again!”