Chapter 12:


The Demon Saint is Missing, so I Ran to Another World Vol. 11

***Somewhere in Chersea…***

In the same manor where Seirna’s spy, Umberto Benicci, would enter to receive instructions from the members of the ‘Knights of Cassandra David’, lived a nobleman. He was bound in a wheelchair for nearly all his life, since a strange sickness struck the use of his legs when he was young. However, though he was like that, this noble was a formidable one. It was because of his leadership that the ‘Knights’ became a powerful force throughout the land of Cherflammen, with a reach in Chersea as well.

“Lord Haya…”

“Yes, did you receive any news from the Lord Themis?”

The human maidservant shook her head. Instead, she gave him a folded piece of paper, sealed with wax. Before he opened it, the nobleman made sure that the maid had left the room, and it was securely locked.

“I see…just like what I expected,” Lord Haya closed his eyes, and let the letter fell from his hands. “Of course, Umberto will ensure the failure of that mission. He’s working with that accursed Saint of the Flame, anyway.”

“What about the Lord Themis’ corpse? Wouldn’t it start another conflict because of his complicity with the ‘Knights’?” said another voice in the room.

“I made sure that it was a disgraced noble who went with Umberto, don’t worry,” he replied. “The Lord Themis may be a demon from the clan of ogres, but he was cut-off from them, after some incident.”

“I see…so you really planned this well.”

The Lord Haya removed his glasses, and stroke his white hair. He always did this whenever he accomplished something he was proud of, and this time’s event was of no exception. Not only did he successfully removed a problematic member of his own circle, he purged the ‘Knights’ of spies without compromising his leadership. He doubted if Umberto would ever return to him, since he knew his cover was already exposed.

However, problems still remain…


“You’re still after the Usarved princess?”

“Of course. My goals have never changed ever since I set my eyes on her.”

“Heh,” the disembodied voice never hid its disgust. “Such a repulsive desire, Lord Haya, I give you that. Your lust for your own sister has known no bounds.”

“Perhaps to others, it is revolting. However, I needed no one’s approval in the first place. I move according to my whims, not for the interest of others.”

“Fair point. But then, perhaps you already know of the other news?”

“Other news?”

“The Lord Kuro of Arles, the Commoner General of Chersea. The god-king of the humans and beastmen of Cherwind. I’m sure you are aware that your sister has already brought him to Cherflammen.”

There was a considerable amount of time that passed before the leader of the ‘Knights’ could say anything, “I didn’t know of this news!”

“It’s because you didn’t consider him as your rival. You focused only on killing the Human Saint, and your sister!”

“Cease your talk! I didn’t ask for your opinion; in the first place, it was your idea to eliminate the Human Saint, not mine! You even provided strange weapons for this undertaking of yours!”

“And because of my support, your ‘Knights’ grew from a pathetic bunch of bookish losers, to a power rivalling that of your sister’s clan. It is not my fault that you overlooked an enemy like the Lord Kuro.”

Ugh, whatever. I guess I’ll eliminate him as well, but my sister comes first.”

“Suit yourself. But you should know: the Lord Kuro may not pose a threat to you for now, however, once you leave him, soon he’ll come knocking at your door…with a united army of demons behind him.”

“Impossible! He’s a human…our people hated the children of Ava ever since the first Human-Demon War! They will never cooperate, nor allow, a human to lead them.”

“May I remind you, your hero, Cassandra David, is originally a human.”

“She became a demon in the end,” the leader of the ‘Knights’ countered. “Enough of this talk, I’ll retire to my room.”

“I’m telling you, Lord Haya, you have no idea how powerful that human can become given proper guidance and support. He even possess god-powers now! If you leave him be, who knows? Your beloved sister will fall for him, and you have no way of snatching her away from his hands!”

“I said enough!” Although he was in his wheelchair, the Lord Haya picked a nearby vase nearly the size of his arm and threw it on the floor.

“Calm down, Lord Haya,” the disembodied voice chuckled. “I’m only warning you. What I said is just a ‘what-if’; it doesn’t mean it already happened. Well…it won’t happen if you make your move in earnest. Time is of the essence. Your sister is a demon, yet she’s also human; and you know how fast they fall for someone.”

The leader of the ‘Knights’ took several deep breaths to calm himself. Although he may be collected when it comes to other matters, it was different if his sister, Noir, was involved. He would kill everyone—including their parents—if they touched her.


And yet…this puny human, the Lord Kuro of Arles, dares to make her fall for him? Preposterous!

“What do you want me to do then?” the demon noble asked the voice.

“Stand your ground, and gather more supporters to strengthen your forces,” the voice replied. “I’ll keep on supplying you with weapons to defeat the Usarved clan. Unite the demons against our common enemy.”

“Yes, you said it yourself. The ‘Seductress’…that monster from the ancient times, has returned.”

“And no one can match her power, except the people she sired from her union with my son, Hanno.”

“Of course…” the Lord Haya’s hands were clenched; a determined resolve was rising from within him. “We demons are an exceptional race; the fact that you’re trying to negotiate an alliance with us is the proof of our power. It is a grave mistake to fight us in the first place… You know this truth yourself, Lord Gaius.”